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Apreciate Your Oranges

I was thinking about going to the road, and walking or hitching a ride to the awesome mountain spring spouts a mile and a half away. I found these before the trip. It is a real mountain spring that the city built a four foot brick column over. They put water spouts and the natural water pressure keeps them flowing always.
However, I’m tired of doing so much work. There’s only about six hours of warmth from the Sun, and not much more time in the light. I’m out here for the freedom and free time. I wanted to do Kung Fu every day; Chi Gong, carving, hunting, relaxing. I felt like I was always working. This is just like my experience with travelling on this trip. It’s a friggin’ full time job.
I decide to skip getting water till tomorrow. I have a couple cups left in the gallon jug. I can fast and drink little water because I’m not having to digest food. I didn’t have a ton of food left anyways. I decide that I’ll have only an orange all day, which provides its own water for digestion.
It was wonderful. I ate nothing in the morning and relaxed in my boxers in the Sun. I did Chi Gong and Tai Chi, but no Kung Fu to conserve my water. I leveled my camp more and left the tent up higher on my ledge so that the Sun would heat up the sand and dirt. I did carving on presents. Hunting was unsuccessful because there were no little animals out at this time of year; only birds. I practiced throwing knives against the fallen tree next to the camp on the other side in the shade.


Towards the end of the day I was getting thirsty, but I wasn’t going to finish the water jug in case of emergencies.

In the late afternoon, I finally had my orange. I was very thirsty and I slowly nibbled on the outside in my traditional method. After I removed the leftover peel, I slowly parted the orange slivers and nibbled and tongued the sweet nectar. I must admit I considered the sexual reference. It certainly was ecstasy; best orange of my life. I felt it was so worth the fasting and thirst.

I went to bed early with no fire because I didn't feel like it. Too bad, because that night was the peak of the meteor shower. I had less than a cup of water left. My pis was such a dark yellow that it could be classified as brown. While we're on gross subjects I also had to go number 2 in various places in the woods. When we left Sedona for the trip I forgot toilet paper, but thank God I remembered and we stopped and grabbed some at an outhouse in the expensive campground (aren't they all, these days). I didn't have a lot, so I conserved.

I curled up deep in the sleeping bag, comfortably stuffed with all extra clothing, and drifted off.

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by georgi r

dude, dark urine is one of the signs of dehydration...get some water

by tzimmer

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