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I came, I saw, I conquered

By myself I conquered myself

I get up; pack for the day; tear through the bush and make the straight path really obvious; Oh man! I forgot that there was that little twenty foot canyon at the bottom. I would have found it last night had I gone a bit further. That's life.


I fish at a spot that is a calm pool. The fish are swimming around I watch them for hours while holding Kung Fu stances. They never come close to the sides where my hobo fishing line and Justin's spear can get them.


Time to trip my trap and take it down. It was a great setup and it would have worked pretty well.

Goodbye, Walnut Creek.


I learned my lesson and go ahead and wind my way all the way back through the long Telephone trail. I can't tell if this is a failure or a success. Would I win if I had persevered and finally gotten back to the camp the direct way? Or, did I win by finally conquoring myself; my own pride; knowing myself and my Achilles' heel (I have two of them. They are. . . attached to my feet). It doesn't matter.

In the end I had conquered so many things about myself. I am not extraordinary. I accept myself. I am stronger. . .and smarter. . . and faster (when I need to be). Your issues are solved by perseverance. . . not in your path or purpose. . . but in yourself. You can't be hurt by what happens, because those issues will solve themselves and help you in the end once you grasp the important concept: It is only YOU that must keep going.


The English translation of the I Ching made this word the most predominant idea. I feel like it has the word patience inside it. I get it now. It doesn't mean keep doing exactly what your doing. It means keep doing what you do. Keep lioving yourself (that's loving and living; Living love and loving life); whether you change or stay the same.

The I Ching has a great point. Most people believe that all you need is love. But, they try and try. They don't get enough love. They are mad at themselves for not giving enough love. I'm afraid love is not the answer. Love is the result. Love is the question: Why isn't there enough love? The answer. . . is perseverance.

I am home; in my camp. Why do I feel sad? Why wouldn't I feel sad? I'm leaving tomorrow, and this trip was a bit of a failure! I know. . . Let's celebrate!

I gathered more good wood and started the second fire of the trip (only two!) I grabbed the last orange and took a big bite out of the top. While chewing loudly I poured the 80 proof Vodka that I brought for spirits and emergency first aid (I think their the same thing, right?). I poured it slowly right into the orange. It soaked down in and I put it by the fire to warm; made some tea; toasted the bread that I was saving to make a fish or rabbit sandwich. I put the vinegar soaked little onions on it after roasting them with some peanuts. I made more tea, until the fire broke my tea jar. I lifted it up and the bottom rim stayed in the fire. The tea gushed out and sizzled turning the fire into a glowing donut. I laughed. I got up and danced around the fire and did kung fu around the fire (burn the witch!) I finished my warm Vodka orange. It was amazing.

I covered the fire with sand and did core exercises on it. Then, I just lay and roasted happily; staring at the stars.


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i'm so glad you didn't cry over spilled tea! i thought you would have been so sad. good attitude or it could have been the 80 proof vodka orange dance. i also love when you tried to trap your foot, just kidding. thank you for sharing your revelations with us, as most of us will never be as brave as to literally venture into the wild. now, i can enjoy your blogs about it, now that i know you lived through it! (breathe, Sheryl:)

by georgi r

I share Georgi's feelings here. The stories of your off-the-road trip were engrossing and even exciting at times, but only because we knew you had made it through safely. Seems like a highly successful adventure, in that you were out on your own, away from any conveniences or people. You managed to stay warm and not get hurt. You seemed to gain a good bit of wisdom and self-knowledge. Who can ask for more?

by Sheryl S

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