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Photographing Nessy

Our first Saturday together (day before Valentines Day) we decided to go on a hike. John wanted to go on the hike near "Stairway to Heaven" (the hike we did on Sunday), but we didn't get up early enough to start it on Saturday. So instead we hiked up the short trail to the lighthouse in hopes of seeing the whales. I guess the whales come down from Alaska to mate and or have babies, and its the babies that you always get to see jumping out of the water, playing around as kids do. We got to see several whales, it was amazing, but none of our shots really capture them, not even in the slightest. Its kinda like shooting the Loch Ness Monster. I totally believe in its existence now. Its almost impossible to get a shot of a whale as it peaks out of the water. Well, I'll let you see for yourselves.


There in that last picture you could see the "blow hole" where water gets trapped in a hole, and then pushed out of it with tremendous force by the incoming waves that it comes out like a vapor. John said after we finish whale watching he will take us to THE blow hole a little ways down the road from here.


That last pic of the interesting plant life has a butterfly in it. Chris said that it was rare to see butterflies up so high at this time of year (too windy and cold for them).


And we got to see 2 hang gliders, and they just milled around for our entire hike. I took so many photos of them that I think I may have gotten a stop action looking film going on staring them.


And do you see that white "wave" in the distance, yeah, thats a whale splashing. John got closer pics with his zoom, but they are kinda faked looking. My dolphin shots rock though, so we will start there.


And lastly, before the hike back down, we have to do the blurry film of these mysterious creatures. And the sad thing is, I'm not even subjecting you to the bad videos Joe took. This was his best one.

Then the hike back down... and I know I already showed you these pictures on the way up... but sunset in Hawaii is just something else. It was like a whole new hike on the way back down.


Then we hit the real blow hole, but it wasn't high tide, so it wasn't as cool as John made it out to be. What I was excited about was this area they filmed LOST when the 2nd half of the plane was taken back to the beach where the front of the plane crashed. They had to avoid crossing through the center of the island because of the Others, so they were forced onto the treacherous rocks near the ocean, with that really great journey music.


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Fabulous pictures, and I'm glad you included the video since it at least suggested how windy it was. Nice to see pix of Chris and John too. I've been curious about these generous people who seem to be enjoying having you guys around. And I did recognize the Lost scenery--must be a thrill to be there in person. With hang-gliders and dolphins too, what a place!

by Sheryl S

I forgot my username and password-whatever! Cool pics and video-so beautiful!

by BritterBee

I do love the journey music in LOST. and I'm glad someone finally figured out where that damn Dharma station was in your last post. See, now you're getting to do some extra cool things. I'm jealous of the whales and the blowhole. I knew it existed! I was explaining it to someone and they were like what??? But now I can't remember who it was.
I guess I'll just have to wait for alaska for some whales. Heavy sigh.

by laurr

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