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Week 1

Chris took us to their place in Kailua on Monday, February 8th. The next few days we spent with John going grocery shopping and hanging out at the house. Joe will do Kung Fu with me sometimes, but then others he would be working out and I would be working on my Japanese. Turned out that Chris has some Japanese books, so I've been looking into those. She has so many cool stories she tells us when she gets home from work about her travels all over Asia. I guess her and Peggy (the woman who connected us to John and Chris from Master Yong's studio) won a trip from a radio trivia contest to all these stops over the Pacific for 3 weeks. All rooms and airfare paid in full! So their house is decorated with all sorts of cool things she picked up overseas. John too, since he was in Vietnam.

We get a lot of these stories at night Joe would cook dinner. Occasionally we would watch some tv, but usually by the time Chris would get home from work we would have time to eat dinner, talk at the table about all sorts of crazy adventures Chris had with her travels and John from when he was in the military during Vietnam. Then we would all be pooped and hit the sack.

One day John took us to preview the hike we would take on the weekend with Chris. We went up a separate trail that shot off from the main trail where one of the big business men, who helped in over throwing the queen, used to have a mansion. I have to say, I like what they've done with the place.


And then there was this really cool banyan tree on our way out of the park near the trail entrance. It ate a palm tree!


And then it was finally time to go home. This is a view of the house across the street at sunset.


Later in the week we decided to have a movie night. John and Chris really wanted to show us this movie called Once, but they couldn't find it, so we settled with Across the Universe (I loved that movie even more the second time through). Then the next day, after much searching and several phone calls, John found it in his things. It was a really great movie, another musical, but one like Across the Universe, not a song and dance type of a thing. Well, the trailer will explain it better:

So, I highly recommend the movie, and John was saying that their story is slightly true where she is really Czech, and he is really a struggling musician, and so the movie really is them singing and writing. Very beautiful/

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Oops-your video was removed. By the way-so cool you saw Dharma! And now it looks like you were walking through a jungle-wooooo

by BritterBee

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