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Plane Reck

Its like a train wreck, but with planes as a not so funny pun

Friends are here!

Its wonderful, but really stressful. I am nervous about going to China, and I am worried that this is the last time I will get to see many of my friends. I am not too worried about Laura, which makes things easier. She has been my close friend since, well, lets put it at high school. She unfortunately disliked me intently in Junior High because she felt I was stealing our mutual friend Katie, when really I didn't want to monopolize all her time with me and my friends, and I really wanted her friends to mix in and we could be a whole group. Needless to say (for anyone who knew me back then) I kinda sucked in Junior High (who didn't?) so these feeling of friendship weren't really realized until I stopped sucking (aka got the hell out of Junior High). Anyways, I have a strong feeling that if I never make enough money to visit Ohio often, that she will be able to visit us in Australia or New Zealand. She is a future world traveler herself, and I think I would be a great excuse for her to find time for the land down under.

But still, when I found out the Chrissy, Laura, Dan, Claire, and Justin's flight was accidentally somehow a day late; I wasn't too upset trying to find a hotel for us to stay in. The house Corey and John rented on the beach had the "rent up" on Feb. 2nd at 10 am, and they flew out later that day. But the rest of my friends didn't leave until Feb. 3rd, and Joe and I were supposedly leaving for Guangzhou on Feb 4th, so it was perfect.

The morning we were kicked out of the place was a mad scene. There was a baby staying with us that week which added the baby stress to the situation, and there was all sorts of left over food from the week because we over bought for everyone when we went to the bulk food store, so that stresses people, and then there were too many hands to do the cleaning, so there was stress about "Get out of my way!" mixed with "Why aren't you helping!" mixed with "This is probably goodbye for the last time!" which is the one that I didn't think a lot of people cared about. I broke down and cried twice that morning, both times rather publicly. Chrissy even asked if she should leave so I could talk with Laura about it alone. I really didn't mean to cry that first time, I was just getting out of the situation by going to the crowd just chilling at the side of the house. But then the sigh of relief was followed by inquisitive looks, that then led to me thinking on it, which led to a build up of water in the eyes, and then you know what happens from there.

The second time I was on my way to the car to leave the house, and words couldn't even describe how much I lost it then. I tried earlier in the week to give people what they needed, knowing that they would do the same for me after the wedding. I tried to take whatever lumps were given to me knowing how stressful the wedding and the baby were making people. But at the end of the week, I really thought that tensions would loosen up, and people would start taking my feelings under sensitivity. But tensions never loosened after the wedding, and people were just as stressed pretty much the whole week. No time for sorrowful goodbyes for me. No time to miss seeing me, because it was the end of their vacation. A new stress I had not foreseen. The grump of having to pack up and leave Hawaii and go back to everyday stresses and life in Ohio. It overshadowed me, and I needed to get over it.

Corey and John took the cars back to the rental company after dropping us at the hotel I found, and we also dropped Joe off at the park near the Hilton. So it was just me and the gang staying at the hotel, and we chilled in Waikiki. First, shopping! I took Chrissy to the dress shop where I bought my skirt my first day in Waikiki, and she ended up getting one for her mom, and one for herself. Then I found one for Laura, and she was going to just buy that one, but I talked her into getting a second one for her sister, because 2 was a really good deal! All in all, I felt a little bad for the 3 of us dropping that much money at the one store, but the skirts are awesome, and they really didn't get to do a lot of souvenir shopping the previous week.

Then, drinks at Margaritaville.


Then tromping around Waikiki and hitting up the International Market Place where I took them to see the queen's banyan tree. The market place used to be the queens gardens, and I would have really loved the place had that not been the case. Once again, greed and capitalism rearing its ugly face in the eyes of Hawaiian lush beauty. But for being a shopping area, you didn't get any prettier. I hope one day they turn it back into a garden, but being in the hart of Waikiki, I doubt it.


Then the next morning Joe and I ran out to get our passports, and we hung out with the gang again in Waikiki until it was time for them to head out to catch their afternoon plane.


Laura had to take that picture. She was so mad at Joe for getting in her pic. earlier in the week as she tried to get a pic. of a hot surfer dude. (And when I say so mad, I mean she laughed and slapped him in the arm. It was a Laura mad, and thats why I think she was one of the few people to piss off anyone all week.)


Then they headed out around 2pm, and Joe and I stayed in Waikiki until around 10pm when we caught the bus to the airport. That night we slept on the benches waiting for 5am to get in line for our 7:15am flight to China, and your up to date on that (or you will be if you haven't read the 3 other posts I've done in the past day).

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Truth is, they were probably stressed about all of that-not seeing you, wedding aftermath, and having to leave Hawaii. We all do it-which we should it-but we take it out on the ones we love. it just happens

by BritterBee

I pissed off the baby when I hit her with the door that morning. God I felt bad.

I think most people weren't even thinking that they weren't going to see you ever again/very sporatically. I think people kinda assume you're going to be dropping back for visits and that sort of thing. But if you settle in australia that won't really be practical. While that sucks horribly, I respect that decision. Plus, I know I'll see you again, cuz I will SO be there, but it was a very low point to realize that after only a week of having you back I had to lose you again for a long period of time. But yeah, that got lost in the shuffle of the lets get 12 people and a baby out of here in one morning, morning. Large groups take a lot of maintenance, which we all learned the hard way. Especially Corey and John who shared their honeymoon suite with us fools.

by laurr

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