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This was our last night in the beach house, and it was well spent. In the morning Laura got a lot of us to go to the Japanese Temple on the island, and it was simply fantastic. I am 100% pumped for Japan now, and I can't wait to get back to places like this:


Inappropriate, I know, but it was in front of the gift shop, so I figured that a gift shop was just as inappropriate, so I must be okay.


I had to take that last pic. of Laura b/c a girl at her work ordered her to have a picture taken of her with a flower in her hair. I added the crouched position with the turned head peering at the coy-fish all on my own artistic whim (I'm actually kinda surprised she let me play with her like a little model).


Then after the temple we met up with the rest of the gang and hit the north shore again since the last time we went Claire didn't come, and we saw the most amazing tidal pools which she had been asking to see this whole trip. We didn't know where they were, otherwise we would have brought her along in the first place. We just kinda stumbled upon them as we were checking out the huge waves that the north shore beaches have.


That last one was the infamous pic. of Joe getting in the way of Laura's sexy surfer pic. I had to agree a little with Joe on this one, she could have done a lot better. But I'm also with Laura, he wasn't bad enough not to get a lousy pic. of.


And after the north shore, we split up again, and some of us went to Dharma-ville where they shot the Dharma community that then became the Other's housing area for LOST, and then the rest went to the Dole plantation where they entered into a very large and confusing maze where they had to get their tickets stamped with the most locations within the maze. Yeah, I totally when to Dharma-ville. You'll have to ask Joe about the maze.


The thing is, its a regular YMCA camp for kids! There were all sorts of kids running around the place, and all we had to do was check in with the camp councilors and get a wrist band that tells the other councilors why we are wondering around their camp. They ask for a donation for the camp, and I thought a 10 would do it for all of us, but then others chipped in too. Oh well, I guess its for the good of the kids right? But the Temple only cost $3, and it was kinda a lot cooler place. And these kids probably already have gold toothbrushes from the LOST people. I mean, look at their jungle gym!


Not bad huh?


Any of that look familiar? Yeah, it kinda ruined the magic for me a bit this season. I mean, inside these buildings were usually about 4 to 6 bunk beds, and thats it. So all the interiors are sets somewhere else, because these things are tiny. I guess I feel that a lot now that I've been to Hawaii. I watched the season premiere the next night in our hotel with the gang who got their flight on the wrong day, and I was thinking the whole time "They aren't lost, I recognize exactly where they are!" Even just wondering through the trees, it all looks so familiar. I asked John and Chris if they feel a little disillusioned because they are Hawaiians, and they both agreed that they were not and in fact adore the show. And at one time or another they both have seen Kate and Hurley at the Safeway (east coast and Hawaii's version of Giant Eagle) in Kailua (because they live in Kailua! I don't know about you, but I think thats awesome!). Unfortunately, John said that both times he saw Evangeline Lilly that she was about as pissed looking as she was storming away from those guys trying to mess with her at the temple. But I guess you'd be pissed too if you on in LOST and it was over.

Okay, I was kinda hoping to end with something a little more profound than that, so lets try at it again.

L is for the way you look at me
O is your the only one I see
S is very very... serendipitous (I watch too much Castle, and they like that word)
T is ta ta for now...

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haha nice poem I hate you. P.S. The temple is amazing and you all look like angels! So cool your friends got to see Hawaii with you!

by BritterBee

I totally missed the surfer I wanted to get a shot of, when Claire had my camera for awhile. Bad timing! He was personifying the stereotype in an extremely good way. The one Joe blocked was merely a substitute.

That pic of the two of you at the temple turned out good <pats herself on the back>

by laurr

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