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Sorry Danny (Part 2)

I know you haven't seen part one yet, but its great after-shaddowing!

This morning we got up bright and early to hit Pearl Harbor. We've heard horror stories about getting into Pearl Harbor, and that if you don't go early, you'll be waiting in line all day. Well, the 2 times I've been to Pearl Harbor have been in the early mornings, but even after we left the lines didn't seem that long. So sorry Danielle, I know you really wanted to see Pearl Harbor. Oh well, I got you a magnet on this trip. I was going to buy you a keychain the first time I went to Pearl Harbor, but they wanted like $8 for it! I know... I'm cheep.

We also wanted to leave really early so we could get Dan to his Magic tournament. I know, we ragged him about it too. He wanted to do it yesterday, but we didn't realize he had an exact time he needed to be there (which was 11am), and we went out to breakfast at Cinnamon's. But that is another story for the next blog. All in all, I'd like to say sorry to Dan for missing his magic tournament yesterday, and that we will get him there on this day! (trumpets: Berrr ba ba BERRR!)


Now this guy was a riot. First of all, Claire gives a blush when she sees him. Then Chrissy taps me on my shoulder and points him out. Then from my other side, Laura did the same. OMG, I didn't think he was that good looking, but I guess man in uniform just isn't my type. Or maybe Navy is just the wrong uniform for me. Anywho, a mom who was sitting at the front of the boat asked him if he gave driving lessons. He said sure, and motioned for her to take the wheel.


"This makes the boat go forward, this is backwards, in the middle is idle, turn the wheel to go left or right."

And he left! He turned around and walked to the back of the boat with the woman at the helm. For about 2 minutes she thought he turned the boat off, and she kept looking back to him for support, but he was just another passenger. Then she finally pushed the lever with enough force to make the boat go. There was another guy at the front of the ship who sat down in the row behind us, so he was only like 4 rows back just in case. But they let the woman drive it for a few minutes before the one guy came up to the helm as her kids began to take the wheel. The "cute" one was still sitting in the back of the ship though. When he came up he went straight to the life saver and hung it over his head as he came to the kids at the wheel.


They were giggling so hard at this point. Then the shortest of the 3 kids was obviously the captan, so his older brother and sister just annoyed the second Navy guy by hanging on the railings and walking around. But the "cute" Navy guy and the youngest boy were just making a spectacle at the wheel.


"Noooo! Your other left!"

Then he told the kid to put it in full gear and to turn the wheel all the way to the right. We did a full 360 and then some. Then he had the kid put it all the way to the left, and my tummy got a little queasy. But then I noticed that the boat that was at the dock letting people on was ready to head out, and the "cute" Navy guy started telling the kid how to sail the boat into the dock. So we weren't just messing around for nothing, we did have time to kill, but I was worried that Dan was sitting in the back ready to curse the kid with some sort of Magic nerdome so he wouldn't miss his game for the second time. I over exaggerated with that whole Magic nerdome comment. Dan is actually a really cool guy (nobody ever tell him I said that!) I don't mean cool as in he didn't use to do Spike impersonations for his whole life in high school (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but cool as in you wouldn't peg him for a Magic player. A lot of magic players these days are deceiving like that. They walk amongst us, they could be that guy who works at Game Stop (he worked there), or the mechanic fixing your car (he worked there too), or the guy LOOK OUT HE'S BEHIND YOU!

Okay, so being out of the blogging for a while, I've come back a little quirkier then usual. Just give me time, and I'll be trite agin. Maybe trite is not the right word, I'm probably more looking for a word that describes one as possibly interesting, just not achingly eccentric.

Anyways, Dan, Claire, Jon and I headed out to get Dan to his Magic game. The rest of the gang paid the extra money to tour the Missouri. Meanwhile, Susan gets the LOST "Sideflash." For those of you not into LOST, a Sideflash is not a back-flash where you (well, you know what that is), or a forward-flash where you get to see future events, but an event that is happing in the present, but a different reality than your own. The day before we dropped Susan at the airport to head to the Big Island for a few days, and these are some of my friends travels:


Can you tell which one I was most interested in? A lot of what she took pictures of Joe and I saw too (thats to come in about a week before this blog). We unfortunately didn't blog about those places in time though, so when our stuff was stolen (still in blogs to come), we lost all our photos from these places. So I will probably reference some of the photos a little later, but here is a quick overview:
Susan starts out at the lava tubes. Joe and I meant to go to these, but you have to have a car to drive to them, and we kinda lost our touring spunk after we got robbed, so we never made it there (looks like I may have been too afraid to go into them anyhow... I suck). Then we have the Volcano National Park where you can see the volcano venting "vog" (like fog, but from a volcano - the Hawaiians coined it, not me). You can also see the steam vents all around the park (I stuck my head over the one with the railing just to see what I could see. Sulfur, and I didn't see it so much as I choked on it and cried a little. Next we have almost any shore on the Big Island. There aren't m petrogliphs any beaches on this side of the island (Hilo), so its mostly lava rock right into the ocean. Joe and I never went to this particular part of the shoreline though because I would defiantly remember that Monet-esque archway. Next we have the petroglyphs which are awesome, and Joe and I never got to see them either (we really didn't do much on the island without our friends to take us there, so after this week, we become kinda beach bums again... not much to say). Then a typical Big Island road, and a rainbow (somewhat typical, but we never saw one this well defined). And then the black sand beach. This place used to be bigger, but then after the eruption in '83 it went from being a mile to only a hundred feet. So the locals started planting palm trees to help hold the sand in place and start creating the beach front again for their grandchildren. Then finally we have Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world (if you don't count sea level). It has the observatories that mean so much to me, and yes, it is very cold up there.

The pictures from my journey to the Ala Moana center after dropping off Dan will have to wait for b/c I didn't bring a camera, so all we have is Claire's disposable. We didn't take that many pictures (it is only a mall after all), but we did get to see Pohai dancing on the stage they have at the center of the mall! (Pahai is this Hawaiian girl I met around Christmas).

Then we returned to Pearl Harbor to pick up the rest of the gang, and we drove back to Kailua to get some lunch. Surprisingly it was sill sunny when we got to Kailua, so we decided to lounge on the beach after lunch. An unfortunate discovery about this side of the mountains is that it isn't 100% sunny like it seemed to be over in Waikiki, and so we hit a cloudy patch that kinda lasted most of the week near our house. But when we would travel over the mountains to Honolulu, it would get sunny again. But it must be a good spot still because Chris pointed out where Obama stayed when she took us to the Kailua beach, and it was a ways down from where we were, but it was still in sight from our part of the beach.


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I like the way you're writing. it sounds like you.

and the navy boy was hot. don't deny it. the giant hickey was priceless. It rivaled John 2's.

by laurr

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