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So, wondering where we are and when? Well you can stalk us on a map!

Go to the Navigation panel on the right and look at More Photos... because we upload more than we put in our blogs, and your missing out.

Click on the Map tab at the top right of the page.

After that:
Double click on the map to zoom in, and hover the mouse over a particular dot to see a preview thumbnail and brief description.

Click on the photo or date at the bottom of the page to zoom on a specific picture or day.

Posted by - Rain 15:56

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Wow! I really like some of the photos in the latest "More Photos" batch. #2163, showing Joe standing next to the motorcycle in a huge open landscape, looks like a painting. #2166, Vanessa looking over what appears to be the Badlands, captures the winds that I remember being so powerful in that area. You've gotten to a really fantastic area. Are you trying to camp in all that wind? What's it like riding in that?

by alan w

That last comment (like this one) was actually from Sheryl.

by alan w

I was wondering why Alan's voice was so high-pitch.

by ndwitkin

Oh, by the way, this comment and the last are from Maggie. That's right--I don't just lie around all day.

(I actually do)

by ndwitkin

wow-so high tech, thanks for the pics v

by BritterBee

Yep, those latest are the Badlands, yes, the wind was powerful, and yes, we did camp in all that wind. Falling asleep was hard b/c it constantly sounded like someone (or some Bison!) was attacking our tent. But you are just going to have to wait for us to catch up with our blogging for other details.

by - Rain

hooray for technology!

by buddy-JC

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