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Sorry Danny (Part 1.0)

So many apologies, so little time

This morning we woke up and decided to have a leisurely breakfast at the hottest eatery around: Cinnamons! In Hawaii the service at most places is pretty ridiculous. Even people who live here agree that they don't like eating out much, because they could get dirty looks and heavy sighs and just plain be ignored at home. But not only is the food fantastic at Cinnamons, but the people who work there are some of the best people people I've ever seen. I guess they are making up for the backwards industry outside paying thousands of dollars for service. Maybe thats it though, maybe they feel like if their state is going to be over run buy tourists, that they should very well cough up the change to get good service. But like I said, not at Cinnamons. Eating there is like a sigh of relief with the best cup of coffee on the island and a great breakfast all reasonably priced (including the sigh of relief).


But check out Dan's face. He is not too enthused to be at his favorite eatery. Unbeknownst to us, but knownst to Dan, he needed to be in downtown Honolulu by 11am. We did not get back to Cinnamons until around 10:15, and then we were still not in a rush until Dan brought up that if we were going to Honolulu, we needed to leave 5 min. ago to get him to the Magic tournament by 11am. We all starred at him in wonderment "Then why did we go out to breakfast?" He didn't want to impose on the rest of us (really? Dan?), so he let us do our thing thinking that he would still have time. So, sorry Dan, we would have rushed if we knew we were going to make you miss your tournament. Luckily they were having part 2 tomorrow, so we promised we'd get him to the tournament on time.

Since we were already late to take Dan to his tournament, we had a slow morning before heading out to Honolulu. Some people wanted to see the queen's palace, see Waikiki for the first time, and also do a little shopping. Getting to Honolulu was an amazing drive through the mountains, but getting a parking spot, was an amazing drive around one way streets. I tried to explain to everyone that Joe and I only knew walking an bus directions, and we never had one way street problems, but I don't think they believed me. Then after eventually parking at ridiculously priced meters (it was seriously like a quarter every 10 minutes), we sorted out who was on parking meter duty (kids not going into the palace), and we headed out to what I believe used to be the fort, but was now the ticketing booth and gift shop.


Then some of us hit the palace, and others, well, you'll see.


And yes, that is the extent of the palace pictures you get to see. Laura's legs btw are the one with the Cutie sticker on them (thats what our clementines are called out here). The palace is really protected against tourists, so we got to wear "booties" to keep the hard wood floors clean, and we weren't allowed to take any pictures once inside.


On that site you can find some pictures of the palace and get some of the history. I'm sorry Brittany, I know she would have liked to go to the palace. I'll give a brief tour for her behalf. We got the audio tour for an extra buck (totally worth it), so I have a little knowledge about Hawaii now.
1.) Did you know that this was the first palace to have electricity? We think that maybe it was easier to install electricity in a new palace, because to install it in Buckingham they would have to butcher up a lot of the walls and ceilings.
2.) The king was taken ill with tuberculosis and send to San Francisco for treatment, but when he arrived back at the docks at Honolulu harbor to balloons and crowds of his subjects eagerly awaiting his return... he was dead.
3.) American businessmen basically came to the island with mercenaries and forced the queen to surrender her authority to them, which she did to prevent bloodshed. Then she sent a letter to the President stating that she reluctantly relinquished her leadership, and that he should restore her to the thrown. He wrote back that he agreed with her, and that he recognized Hawaii as a sovereign nation. However, somehow these business men had the power to ignore the will of the President of the United States (aka, do as he does, not as he says).
4.) The queen was imprisoned in her own bedroom for conspiracy to overthrow the government.

On a happier side, it turns out that the trees in the palace's lovely courtyard:


that India had given to the queen as gifts...


eat people.


But we made it out alright...


...because Laura and I are super saiyans.


(Kamehameha wave in front of the King Kamehameha statue)

Then it was time to go shopping and hit the Waikiki beach. I wanted to just head straight for the beach, but first I had to show Jon where to buy really cheap swim trunks because he didn't bring his to Honolulu. Then I pointed out where there is some really good shopping at the Hilton's Hawaiian Village. Its all styled Chinese, so I don't know why they call it the Hawaiian Village, but the place is awesome regardless. They of course have their Louis Vuitton type stores, but they also have tuns of Waikiki souvenir stores that I personally liked browsing though. They missed the turn off by the waterfalls and kept going along the beach though, so they never really made it shopping. But we never really made it swimming either. Just as we hit the beach... the clouds rolled in (I swear, Hawaii knew they came from 4 degree weather and thought, hey now, lets not shock the poor bastards with all this sun).


Yeah, Claire and I were cold. But hey, there was a rainbow, so... yeah, rain is cool.


And those clouds did rock.


Then we all went shopping with the shoppers though the Hawaiian Village.


And I think we thoroughly pooped everyone out for the day.

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