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Never ! Trust the Internet

where the exclamation symbol ( ! ) is the logical negation ( NOT ) operator in computer code... yeah, I never found it really all that logical either.

In this day in age, we are slowly learning to never trust what you hear from the police, the post office, the owner of the Hostel, the governor's office, anywhere! Only trust what you research in the internet. But first, lets rewind a bit.

Morning at the couchsurfer's house we stayed at on the Big Island 3 days before we were to fly back to Oahu. Trent wakes up bright and early to drive us to the airport, and Erin says goodbye to us with a big hug. Then we show our brand new Hawaiian ID's to the security guards at the airport, and we board for the 40 min. plane ride. Goodbye Mauna Kea:


Goodbye Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa:


And hello again to Oahu, and a sigh of relief.


The Big Island, as wonderful as everyone was to us after the "incident," I just never could quite feel stable there. Now, stable on solid ground where nothing bad ever happened to us (and I can't jinx that now, b/c we are presently in China), we were ready to get our identities back... again. We were told by the governor's office and by the owner of the Hostel who helped take care of us our first unstable week on the island, that we should go back to Oahu to get our passports in Honolulu. They said that if we went to the Ala Moana Center that we could get our passports back in one day for some extra change. The governors office may have said the federal building, but regardless, they both told us to wait to get our passports until we went back to Oahu.

It was a Saturday, so the federal building was closed, so we decided to go to that Ala Moana Center. Corey, John, Susan and Ruth were flying in latter this same day, so we could have just waited for them at the airport, but we wanted to get the passports done before my friends arrived so we wouldn't have to lose time. At the Ala Moana Center neither the post office nor the satellite city hall knew why anyone would send us to the center to get our passports, and that the only place we could do that was the federal building open M-F. I cried a little. I cry a little a lot these days. Our pre-paid cell phone was also out of minutes, and we didn't want to reload it with $15 since my friends would be in this afternoon armed with a swarm of cell phones. So we did what we always do in situations like this. We went to Starbucks. Online I tried to find the exact time Corey's flight was coming in, but I was stressed and simply wasn't functioning enough to be able to find her email. We skyped with my mom and asked her if she could call them and leave a message for us, so when they turned their phones back on they would know to call her, who could then skype us, and then we would know when to leave Starbucks for a meeting place.

Until they arrived, Joe and I made camp in Starbucks. I got one large (yes, I still say large, even after all the Starbucks's (?) we have been to) frappachino, and Joe got us a pizza from Sbarro, and we watched 2 episodes of Castle (my ultimate de-stress-ifying recipe). Unfortunately, telephone (the game), works bad cell to cell to cell to cell, and works even worse computer to cell to cell to computer. I asked my mom to ask John when he landed to tell her if we should stay at the Ala Moana Center (easy spot to get directions to) and they could pick us up with their rental car, or if they wanted us to hop on a bus to another location on the way (still not sure what rute they were planning to drive to Kailua on), or if we should just take the bus back to the airport. It wasn't a problem money wise for us to take the bus, b/c it would be free since we still had 2 transfer tickets. We were just hoping to avoid the stress of waiting in the airport by staying at this shopping center where we had wifi to keep in touch with people (no wifi at the airport). One thing led to another, and I got the message from my mom that they wanted us to stay put, but when I asked John about this later, he said that it would have been great if we took the bus back to the airport b/c they took so long getting the rental car that they wouldn't have had to wait for us to get back to the airport. But instead, we waited at the Ala Moana Center until hours after they landed b/c they got lost and stuck in traffic. What would have been a free 30 min. bus ride for us, became Corey's worst driving nightmare. Needless to say after flying in from Cleveland, struggling to get the rental car, trying to find a place in a city the've never been with loads of one way streets, and not being able to call us directly to get instructions... Corey was a little stressed herself.

Tonight, we made it to the rental house after much driving stress there too, and then we crashed.

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hi guys! don't really have a comment on this blog, you are in china as i am writing this and i can't seem to get hold of you, so let us know you are ok, i'm thinking the sandstorm there has messed up cell phones and internet, so you might not be able to get us. So, we are thinking about you, and I'm assuming Master Yang's cousin would get hold of Master somehow if there was a problem, so I figure, probably no problem! We love ya! Brittany was in Canterbury yesterday, and is in Dover today on her way to London, then home (here- yay!) for awhile!

by georgi r

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