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We are so behind on blogging. We will catch up when V isn't a gimp and when I get a lobotomy.

So, we're still in the day of september 5th and we are all fixed up. I put the aluminum seal in the radiator and it makes it run hotter and plug up holes.
We get back on those wonderful windy roads through the heart of Wisconsin. These little farms are small and beautiful, with free-range cows walking through little meadows surrounded by trees and with little creeks winding through them.

We decide "Enough of this crap! Let's get on a straight road and get our butts moving again. We're behind schedule."

So we get on highway 151 and we start heading straight north. Then, the universe decided that was a bad decision and that we needed more windy roads. The road was completely gone. It was being repaved. The GPS detour button totally didn't work like always so I headed east and took the curves up a different route.

We kept trying to hit 151 again, but it was still closed. We were nervous now because we were going down a somewhat private road that was barely big enough for cars. We drove it fast and it was beautiful and scary. The road was in a constant canopy of forest and little farm houses.

We popped out back onto 151 and hit 18 and went past a development of nice boxy modern houses literally in the middle of nowhere. I was thinking, "Where do all these people work?" Then we passed a huge Chrysler plant. I went Oh, that's where they work, but not for long. Then we come to a huge wal-mart and V tells me that's where they are going to work. Ha ha.

It's sad, but we cope by joking. We got $2 gloves with the fingers cut off to replace the left one I lost. Now I drive with one fingerless nylon and one whole leather glove. I'm super-cool. We call a campground and the scratchy annoying voiced lady tells me no they don't have any forests, sights, or anything pleasant whatsoever. She says "Look do you want to camp or not." I say not. We look at the map and I say lets camp at this lake.

So, we did.

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When you ended up on the scary, seemingly private road--beautiful but sparsely inhabited--my mind was saying, Oh,no, not a scene from Deliverance. So then it was funny that you almost immediately encountered oddly placed suburban houses (without the suburbs), and then the oh-so-familiar outpost of contemporary civilization. Very ironic how things have changed since the movie Deliverance was made. (another comment from Sheryl, aka "alan w")

by alan w

Way to use a male pseudonym, George Eliot. And yes, how interesting that the real life world is nothing like the fictional movie Deliverance.

And to answer your question--I eat bran muffins and coffee, and that is why I feel the need to crap on your and Joe's posts. THHPPPPPPPTT!!!

by ndwitkin

oh fun...I hope you got pictures of the modern houses...I bet rich publishers and writers live in those homes and they retreat there for sanctuary...or they work at the Chrysler plant...

by CoreyAnn

but everyone works at Walmart! The lake looks great!

by buddy-JC

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