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The Big Island (Hawaii) Part 1.3

Time to let loose

The next morning... I didn't want to wake up. None of us did. Finally, Luna, being the bigger person of the 2 of us, got up and started getting ready. Soon after I noticed she was done with the bathroom in the basement, I dragged myself out from underneath our sleeping bag. I wasn't drowsy at all, I was actually really awake, which made sleeping in all the more difficult. Now for the first time, we started sorting through what was left of our things. Luna grudgingly opened her first bag, but then to her over zealous excitement she jumped in the air, and then proceeded to jump up and down with something balled up in her fists. “Underwear! I have underwear!” she exclaimed as she opened her fists and displayed her underwear for both Joe and myself. “Isn't it great?!” I couldn't help but laugh. “Jesus Luna, I thought you found a wad of cash or something.” Then my smile faded. I knew that there was nothing in my bags that would cause me to jump for joy. They could have everything I own if I could just have an hour with the external hard drive. Hell, I would buy them a brand new one and exchange it for my old beat up one. But anyhow, it was time to head upstairs and face the day.

Josiah was already up, and Guyer would soon follow. They let us use the internet again while Joe made breakfast, and then we avoided the inevitable for a while. But then after we had shot the shit for as long as we could, we decided it was time to start getting our shit together and heading out. This process took even longer than usual because it turned out that Luna had a bit of Joe in her. Our first stop was going to be the Save-A-Lot where there was a Western Union, and Luna was really upset that she wouldn't be able to get her mom to send her money too until she got to another payphone. But Josiah said his phone can call internationally, so we waited for her to explain to her mom how to do a wire transfer. Now I can't understand German, but I knew that her mom had worked some sort of magic, because after the first few minutes of Luna rather harshly talking about what happened and what she needs done, she started laughing. Then the two of them were going back and forth, laughing and giggling, and then Luna started jumping up and down again. I never did find out what they were talking about, but it did let me know that wherever Luna was going, and whatever she would end up doing, that she would be good and happy. And, knowing that, I felt like my problems should wash away the same as hers. They will still be with us, and weeks later she would still check in with us if there was any news about finding our stuff, but the dark cloud only rolled in an out, she would never live in overcast.

Unfortunately her mom wouldn't be able to wire her money until later this afternoon because the banks weren't open in Germany. We would have some problems getting the wire transfers too, so Joe left with Guyer and Luna to get prepaid cell phones while I waited in the grocery store for the wire transfers. I wanted to buy a Take5 candy bar because they were on sale, and I could really have used some chocolate just then, but the $1 I had left in my pocket didn't cover the tax... so I put it back on the shelf and continued waiting for the wire transfer. When Joe and Luna came back he had a new AT&T cell phone and we were $480 richer. There was some confusion about Joe's mom doing all the wire transfers even though it cost more to do it form Canada, and then they had a deal for $200 wire transfers for only $8 (I thought that was a rip, but I guess the same thing goes for using ATM's that are not with your bank. They rip you off because with out them you're kinda SOL.)

Luna's friend's friend had the techno music festival tonight, so she still couldn't take her in until the next day (kinda shitty if you ask me). What was also kinda shitty was that the guy stole our tickets to the festival, and they were $40! Luna said that her mom told her that she needs to go to the concert to unwind from everything she'd been through, and that her mom would willingly send her extra cash so she could go to the concert. Lunda hoped that her friend could get us in for free since we already paid for the tickets, and Joe and I agreed that we would only go if they took pity on us after we showed them the police report. I mean, come on! Even if we didn't buy the tickets already, I would let someone into a music festival if they showed me that they were just robbed.

So, just as we had planned before we were robbed, Luna came with Joe and I to stay one more night at the Backpackers Hostel. I didn't have any change to give him $60, so I gave him 2 $50's and he promptly gave me $50 back. He wanted to help take care of us, and the $10 he knew would mean a lot more to us at this point. Luna stayed in the dorm room, but she left her bags of things with us in our private locked room. Nothing we had anymore was worth stealing, but at his point, everything we had was important to us, so we didn't want to take any chances. It was unfortunately not the room we stayed in the first night, the Australian's had that one. But I pretty much knew that we weren't going to get the same room because I hung out with the Australian guy before we left some, and he was excited to know we were leaving before his wife was going to come so the two of them could get our room for their vacation (we lucked out with the really nice room). The room we stayed in was also nice, but it wasn't all done up like a ritzy establishment.

Then Charles gave us the low down. He told us that he had been thinking over what we said about sending Josiah our birth certificates, and he didn't like it one bit. "Send them here to me." he told me in a demanding way that reminded me of Mr. Echo from LOST. "Ummm, send them to a Hostel? Wouldn't it be more secure sending them to a residence rather than a business?" "No," he began, "Josiah was probably in on it, and you don't know what he is really after. He may want your birth certificates..." and the sinking feeling in my stomach almost dropped it to the floor and then "Power Tower"-ed it back up into my throat before plunging it back down again. I didn't want to hear any more speculative talk about what dangerous plots may be afoot. But he wouldn't take no for an answer. "Here," he said shoving his business card in my hand. "Send them to my home in Oahu." He lived in Oahu? I guess he lives at the hostel while he is in Hilo, but has a family back home on Oahu that he visits often. "But if we send them to Oahu, then we won't be able to start getting new ID's while we are in Hilo." "You don't need to, you can get them on Oahu, and if you go to the Ala Moana Center you can get new passports same day, for a price." Really? That sounded pretty good, but I still wanted to at least get our photo ID's started while we were here, and I didn't like sending all of our stuff to a guy almost as much of a stranger as Josiah. "Okay, we'll think about it." I told him, and then he let it go at that because he had also agreed to take Luna to the Wal-Mart to try and find a new backpack, so the two of them had to head out soon to get across town and back before Bearguard came to pick her up. Joe and I decided to go to the police station to see if they had any new information for us. It took a while to walk there (we got lost), and when we finally got there (2 emotional breakdowns later), we found out that they didn't even know who we were. The police operated on shifts that worked apparently separate from on another, and the cop who was dealing with our case wouldn't be in until 2pm. Joe asked if we should come back at 2pm, and the cop told him that if we didn't receive a phone call from the officer, that he didn't have any new information for us. Yeah... I felt that one coming.

On the way back we decided that we should hit up the grocery store, but we stopped at McDonald's for lunch first. We got our usual yogurt parfaits, the Joe got his double cheeseburger and I got a frozen carmel mocha. I probably only decided to tell you exactly what we got, because it is now March 29th, and I am writing about food we bought over 2 months ago. Thats how much this meal meant to us. It was the first meal we purchased since the robbery. It was something that yesterday, we couldn't have done. It was a little taste of home and security, even though we never used to go to McDonalds at home. I guess its just the thought of McDonalds thats homey. Like you see them all the time at home, even if you don't eat there, so going to one you can almost pretend that you are at the one down the street from you house. Then we went to the police station again... I broke down again... and they had no info for us... again. Finally made it over to the KTV to pick up a gallon of milk (the health food store only had really expensive organic milk, and we were now on a bit of a budget).

Now it was time to head back to the hostel, but then we heard this really great chanting. It got louder and louder as we walked along the store fronts, and then we stopped in front of a the shop window and found maybe 2 dozen or so people sitting on carpet squares and playing all sorts of musical instruments wile they chanted. As we stood there watching I noticed one of the women calling us in. At first I waved my hand and started to walk away (I can be that way a lot), but then she stood up and ran to the door and asked us if we would like to join them. Now I couldn't say no, and I really didn't want to anyways. Sitting there I got accustomed to the chorus of some of the songs (Hare Krisna) and began to sing along. Then after a really evoking climax a man dressed in white with that face that said This smile don't go away often, asked one of the other girls to sing the final chant, and she said “Not after that performance!” but she eventually excepted. Joe and I were going to head out so we wouldn't spoil the milk while they were changing positions over the piano/ eaquordian looking instrument, but then Joe asked if I wanted to stay a bit longer, and I couldn't be happier. Let the milk get warm, I didn't want to leave this place. I liked how it felt, and I think the essence of the place liked that I liked how it made me feel.

It was a good thing we stayed though, because I thought she was fantastic, and we got even louder than we were the first time. She practically began screaming at one point, but it wasn't like scremo music. It was more like really freeing sex, but without sexuality. Does that make any sense? It was a loudness that said I love what I'm doing without sounding like you're trying to talk to people who aren't listening to you. Everyone listened to her just as a lover listens to their love. I make this reference as platonically as I can, and must insist that this music is just something you have to experience to know what I'm talking about. It doesn't have to be Indian music either, just music that you've been touched by that is passionate and free formed. It was very relaxing because after the woman would sing a variation of Hare Krisna or Hare Rama, and then we would repeat it back to her screaming at the top of our lungs. I couldn't really hear myself and I felt free to squeeze out all of my tensions by ringing out my lungs and then hanging them to dry after every song.

At the end of the chanting they had a few minutes of talking. The man with the permanent smile told us about peace and love and singing the name of God to worship him, and then there was desert and tea! One of the women made this really good purple desert that reminded me of cookie dough if instead of making cookies, it made pudding. Really different from anything I've had before, but really good. And good for you. It was a little sweet, but not too sweet, and it was made from beans, roots, and from cow's milk from her own cow that she milked that day (it doesn't get much more organic than that). Then their tea was already mixed in with milk and sugar, and again, the milk was from her cow. And they also gave us a free book which made me think, oh no, not another cult! But as far as my experience with cults goes, I think that maybe right now was a good time for me to drink the cool-aid. Thinking back to my days at Green Dragon, I can't imagine better people to go to when you need help. I needed to get into college quickly because Cincinnati University was screwing around too much, and they got me into Akron that day. I needed an apartment because I didn't get the RA job and I couldn't afford to pay for the dorms, and they got me one.

So, if we needed a place to stay and maybe a job to preform, I couldn't think of any place better than joining up with the ranks of organized religion (and yes, I think the Catholic Church is a cult, and I say this not to offend anyone because I think Catholics are really good people, I only say this to point out that sometimes the word cult gets a bad wrap). So I asked one of the girls who came up to talk to us newbies if she knew of anyone in the group who needed work done in exchange for a place to stay. She told me that she could probably find us something, and that we should check back at their temple the next day (Sunday). They only chant in downtown Hilo on Saturday nights, so we would have to find them at a different place, but Joe seemed to understand the directions (scary thought, leaving directions in his hands, but we did have to get back to the hostel to put the milk away, so I left the directions up to him.) Then Luna showed up! "What are you doing here?" we asked each other. I guess she saw us through the window and came in to see what was going on (I think she just really wanted the purple pudding mash, chips and chi).

Back at the hostel Joe made some dinner and I attempted to speak some more Japanese to Naioke (didn't go so well again), and then we got ready to head out for the music festival. I was rushing Joe out the door so we would get there early to meet Luna in front of the Palace Theater before they started letting everyone in. But Joe felt like I was controlling him and he didn't feel like even going to this thing b/c we didn't have our ticket anymore, so he was doing me a favor by coming with me, and the least I could do is let him finnish what he was doing. I let him, but then I was rushing us again as we walked (it was only 2 streets over). He left into the trees by the road and started doing Kung Fu. I had had it. We got into a huge blow up fight about why he was purposefully making us late now, and I guess I never told him about my plans to meet Luna so he didn't know why I was in such a hurry, and he assumed something dark and it just got out of hand. No communication what so ever on top of some really stressful shit led us both to thinking the other one had it out for us. Good thing this festival was drug and alcohol free. We didn't need any external substances to scramble our brains. We were doing that fine all on our own.

When we finally cooled down and apologized to one another for the misunderstanding, and made it to the front doors, I felt like I missed something again. I had my pretty hawaiian skirt on that had blended me in with everyone else from day one, but now I felt highly over dressed. Most girls (and a few guys) showed up in sparkly bras, mini skirts or hot pants, and 3 inch spike heeled boots. It reminded me of the good old days at Kent State on Halloween. I only had my usual Hawaiian skirt and black tank top. We tried to show them our police report and say that we had our tickets stolen, but they needed to wait for the woman who maybe sold us our tickets to arrive and confirm 2 tickets she sold to one person (she didn't meet Joe) 2 days ago (and btw, the Palace Theater was almost sold out). Luckily Joe had the nerve to ask one of the bouncers if he knew Luna or Bearguard, and he did! The people at the ticket office didn't know them, but he did, and he'd seen Luna only a few minutes ago, and she was already inside. He asked us to wait for him for a few minutes, and when he came back he had 2 green wristbands that indicated that we were part of the help. Beirgood had heard from Luna what happened to our tickets so she arranged for us to get in for free by being “servers,” but she didn't want us to actually help. We told Luna when we got inside that we would be happy to take turns helping, but Luna said that she was the only extra person they could use help from.

It was hard to get dancing for me for the first half hour or so because of our fight, because of the robbery, and because I usually have a stick right up my bottom. Thats right, I said bottom. But after seeing everyone else really get into the music, and Joe asking if we could just have fun tonight and forget our problems, just for this one night; I started loosening up. I also got rid of my tank top (whooooo! I am really getting feeling this place!) and made the skirt into a halter dress. The dress still went to my knees, so I wasn't totally getting into the spirit of the dress code, but at least I had a dress on now, and that was enough to make me feel free and pretty. And now I could finally let all my inhibitions sweat away (it was really hot with all of us packed in there) and I danced as if what happened yesterday, and what would become of me tomorrow, didn't matter in the slightest.

Then I started noticing that everyone was walking around with bottles of water, and I thought that would be heaven. I didn't think I could afford it since we were only living off of cash for the next few weeks, but I figured we could at lest get one and then fill it with tap water after that. Guess what? It was free! For $20 a person they had 2 rooms (one of them was the lobby, the other was at the full blown opera house stage) with live DJ's playing techo music from 7pm to 3am, bottles of water, huge sports team sized kegs of either apple or grape juice, and Luna tipped us off that around 10pm they would be serving snacks (her duties for the night). Probably needless to say at this point, but I choked up a little.

Around midnight Joe decided that the food (crackers, cheese, fruit and veggies) wasn't cutting it for him to keep dancing for 3 more hours (he needed some meat), so we took a break (I needed to shower, not that I wasn't already soaking) and headed over to the hostel (about a 2 min. walk). Joe made himself some food while I washed off all my sweat and tried to start the night over again with a clean slate of smell, but when I got downstairs Luna was there. “What's up? You done for the night?” I could hardly believe it because she was like the energizer rabbit when it came to dancing. “No, its over.” Over? She explained that while she was dancing on the main floor next to the stage a guy fell over had bashed his head into the ground! They called the police, but she doesn't think he is going to live. He was overdosing on drugs which made him fall, but his head hit the ground so hard that she thinks he might die from a brain hemorrhage! WTF?

We headed back to the Palace to see what was going on, and almost everyone was outside. “Why is everyone acting like this?” she asked us regarding how people were crying and huddling in hugs. “These people don't even know him.” I tried to explain to her that the feel bad that someone might be dead, but she understood that completely, and she was the one who explained to me that this guy came to a alcohol and drug free event and took enough drugs that he passed out on the ground and probably killed himself, so why should we feel sorry for him? Don't get me wrong, I don't think her point is very P.C. but I have to go against my P.C. upbringing on this one and side with the rationaly thinking German (see? 2 un-P.C. things make a right). Then Luna got us back inside where the workers were still allowed in and out, and then we found Bearguard who told Luna that the police wanted to speak with her since she was near the guy when he fell. Eventually more people started filling back in, and they kept up with the somber and slow music that the DJ's were playing. But then the music eventually started picking up, and for the last hour the place was thumping like nothing had happened (something that brought a confident smile to Luna's face).

Back on the dance floor we found Charles who was getting down with his bad self (and usually with someone about ½ his age). He kept trying to dance with Luna, but she was a lone dancer, and if she danced with anyone, it wouldn't be with the 50 some year old hostel owner. Joe kept telling me that Charels was saying that he was like a father to all of us, and that he wanted to keep us safe, and that he wasn't trying to lead Luna to the dance floor, but lead her away from it and get her to go home (he told Joe that we were not to let Luna walk home at this hour by herself, which was fatherly, but who is ever that one sided?) His less chivalrous side shown through as he perused dancing with Luna after she blew him off several times. Eventually (not that this kid needs saving) I asked her if she would go and get some water with me. I wasn't at all thirsty because I had just gotten back from a water break, and Luna only caught onto my scheme when she came back with some water and I was just wiating for her. Thankfully she thought it was funny, unnecessary, but funny. Sometimes when hanging out with foreign people I'm never quite sure how they feel about what I say and do. But back on the dance floor (actually, standing in the rows of theater chairs b/c the dance floor was full) I felt that she appreciated me saving her the first time. I was dancing in the row, and she was dancing in the isle where Charles kept coming up to her and asking her to dance. But then after a few minutes of this routine I noticed that she had walked through 2 rows above mine where there were less people, and then climbed over the seats to get into my row on the inside so I would be a buffer between her and the isle. Apparently I've got a good offensive “No hitting on zone” vibe because we danced there uninterrupted the rest of the night.

When the music stopped and the lights came back on Luna and I went in search for Joe who was sitting way up in the seats massaging his feet (poor guy with flat feet). When he was feeling up to walking again we went outside to get some of Luna's things out of Bearguard's car (Luna actually ran out without us saying she would be right back, and we had to follow her at 3am down a dark alley to a deserted parking lot between the backs of all the buildings almost unseeable from the road. Then we headed back to the hostel and crashed until late the next morning.

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