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The Big Island Part 2

Hare Krisna (Originally Part 5, but Joe brought up a good point about my naming scheme... I didn't have one. I wanted it to be part 1, 2, and 3, but that went over my length limit. Now I'm trying to make a title compromise, and confuse you.)

I wake up to rain fall. I should have listened to Joe and went out on that walk in the sun with him yesterday. Oh well. We headed out in the drizzle to downtown Hilo to shop around for some more groceries and hit up the salvation army. Joe found a little blue fanny pack to wear around his waist and stick under his shirt to put our passports in... when we get them back that is. We also tried to hit up the library to get onto the internet to do things like check our credit cards and my bank to make sure everything was alright, also to just be connected with people again because our prepaid phone was eating up a dollar a day plus 25 cents a min, and 20 cents a text. We only had $15 on the phone, and in order to reload it we would have to get on the internet, or waist probably $2 explaining to my mom how to get onto the internet and log into our phone account as us and put more money onto its min. plan, which just seemed counter productive. "ID please" What? Are you fringing kidding me? You need an ID to PAY $5 a half hour to use the internet at the library?! I showed them the police report saying that I was Vanessa Rancour and I had my identity stolen. "Ummm, I'm going to have to give this to my boss, can you wait here?" I almost felt bad for the guy. So powerless he couldn't even give me a guest password, take my $5 and let me on the internet to sort out things after being robbed and all. Hell, he would be less sad if he had the power to let me on for free since he couldn't record my drivers license info. That way it would be like I never existed, just our little secret. But no, 20 min. of waiting later while Joe went to the grocery store... I get a phone call. Its Josiah. He was checking in with us to see if we were okay and found a place to stay (he had offered his place again if we couldn't find somewhere else to stay other than spending money we didn't have on another night at the hostel). Yes I told him, yes we found a place we could stay and some work we could do for them in exchange. Then while I was telling him that we were safe the manager of the library walked over, folded his arms in front of his chest, and then nodded at the sign posted on the wall next to the door frame I was leaning against. Yes, I really did have to peer around the corner to see what he was referring to (kill me now, I'm already brain dead). You guessed it, it was a sign with a red circles with a red diagonal line through it superimposed over a depiction of a cell phone. *F-U library man* I thought as I stormed out of the library.

After hanging up with Josiah I couldn't find the willpower to go back inside the library. How fucking stupid am I? And all that anger and pain I wanted to push off onto the *library man* but I couldn't. I knew that this was just life, and I made it what it is, and just because this guy has better things to do than deal with me... that sucks to think of how low you are on so many peoples list of concerns. Well, I guess I wasn't that low, because he came out and found me. "No!" was the gist of long and drawn out explanation that he could have inferred that I had already been told this once. Maybe he did know this, but I wasn't a concern of his, I was sought out after in the rain outside his library so that he could give the ridiculous girl with no identity on her cell phone the proper lecture about how there are people in this world who have worth... and people who don't. Some time later, I think I would realize which side of the Libra I measured up to, and which side he was left wanting. But not in the moment. No, in the moment, I turned, dejected, mad, and upset to the point of tears as I wondered away from his passive aggressive rantings.

Richard Castle: "Good," she thought, as the wind gathered up her hair, "No one will see my tears."

Then I saw Joe heading up the street towards me. I guess I don't hide well in the rain. He saw right through the rain to Rain, and I got an arm around the shoulder and a seat on a railing under the cover of a building's awning. I told him what happened, and then we walked over to Bueno Burrito for lunch. Then we wondered. We had nothing we could think of to do, and we didn't want to go home either, because there we would realize how helpless we were. This was our day off, we should enjoy it together doing something other than sitting at home wallowing in self pity on this rainy day. We passed some shops that sold the same Hawaiian stuff we've seen everywhere, and then we found the store called Beautiful Things. It was beautiful. Inside were all sorts of worldly items from the far east... our point of crossing so far north across this ocean on our way down under. Shopping for a new purse is hard for me, but after days of peering though shop windows and being upset with my poor set of selection possibilities... I found it! This purse was perfect, it was green with golden embroidery with Indian looking designees and the occasional elephant, and the straps were made of that black strap like you see on camera bags which I find really comfortable. But the most perfect part was all the compartments! I love compartments, and this one had a sown in coin pouch, then a zipper on that same side into another pouch, then a top zipper that was separated between the 2 sides of the purse which was like a folded piece of cloth that when you unfold becomes lone long pouch, but folded becomes 2 separate compartments, and finally on the back side is another zipper into another compartment. The only problem was it cost $20. We couldn't waist $20 on a little purse like this. I held onto it as Joe called me over to look though the store. We found so many cool things there.

The woman working there saw me clinging to the purse, and she asked me if maybe I liked the style. I told her I thought it was really unique and we discussed why designed as it was. She didn't really know either, but we had fun guessing. Then she asked me if I wanted to buy it, and I told her that I really shouldn't because we needed to conserve our cash. Then I just opened up to her and told her everything that just happened to us. She said "Ahhhhh" the moment I mentioned Akkaka falls (I guess the place is really notorious... now we find out). She said she understood and told me about how a guy stole a jewel out of her case once, and he thought it was worth something, but when he found out that it was just costume jewelry he somehow was able to put it back into her case without being seen either time. Maybe something like that would happen with our things since none of them would work without the plugs (which we left in the tent) I told her as I placed the purse back where I found it. And then I thought to ask her if there was a discount for the fraying on the sides. She came to look at the purse, and ripped the extra strings off. "No, those are just extra threads, the purse is fine." Really? I thought. I didn't tell her that story to get a discount, but after the fact, I thought that maybe she would have some sort of pity. Then she showed me the 2 other purses, blue and purple, which were better made maybe. I told her naw, and that green really was my favorite color, and so I hid the green one under the blue and purple one. "Maybe we'll be back for the green one once my mom mails my friend my new credit cards. She said she already has my Discovercard, so when we get it in a few days we'll come back for this one." She nodded and walked back to the main part of the store, and then she turned around and picked up the purse and pushed it to me. "Take it now, my gift to you, to help balance thinks, to make some Karma." I told her that I didn't want it for free, and that I could pay her in a few days for it, but she said that it wouldn't be a balancing agent on my Libra scales if I paid for it, and I needed to accept it as her gift to help cleanse our mirky spirits. I was still trying to give her the purse as she physically walked us out of her store and told us to take it and enjoy filling it back up with all our things as we rebuilt. So nice, so uplifting, and I felt really happy having a purse again (I told you this trip has made me more girly).

Then as we turned the corner I saw the possibility of a Mac store being down the street. I remembered seeing a blue sign earlier that had a white apple with a bight out of it, and while that could mean almost anything, now I was almost positive it meant Mac. "Lets buy a computer!" He looked at me with surprise, happiness, and maybe a little caution. I wasn't really considering replacing my computer all that soon. Just like how when Joe lost the electric toothbrush at the Starbucks back in September. We only replaced it with a normal toothbrush because he needed to learn a lesson about taking care of his things which he wouldn't learn if we just threw money at the problem and got him a new one. Also, he is incredibly picky about what kind of electric toothbrush he uses, and we weren't going to waste days trying to find him one. But this I felt was a different situation, and we have been punished enough for it. So with the lure of the free wifi internet at our grasp, and the lour of Mr. *library man* that had burnt 2 out of focus holes into the back of my head... we said to hell with money! If we don't spend our money, than somone else would, and they would probably only spend it on drugs! Joe doubly agreed with this. Its funny, but having our stuff stolen has kinda put us on the same page. We both wanted a place to stay rather than camp, we both wanted smaller backpacks that don't scream “take me,” we both wanted a secure pouch to hide under our clothes to put our passports and cash, and we both really wanted a new computer to log onto the internet with. "But we don't have enough money to buy a new computer." Joe? Being the reasonable one? No way! But I told him that I bought my VAIO on the internet, and all they needed were my card numbers, so maybe if my mom didn't mail the Discovercard yet, we cold get her to read the numbers to us!

Into the Mac store we went with a few hundred dollars in our pockets, proof that our identities were stolen, and a phone call from my mom that said she already received my new Discovercard and would be mailing it to Josiah with my birth certificate and some American Express gift cards. Looking through the Macs Joe really wanted to buy the computer with no tower, but just a huge screen with the computer built into the probably 42 inch widescreen LCD monitor. However, the practical side of me went right to the Mac air. "Where is the CD drive?" I asked, and the guy working there quickly pulled me away from the laptop. The Mac air is only for people who have a Mac at home and just want to be able to transport their home computer around with them. It is not a full computer, as in it doesn't have any ports or drives on it, and your home computer can be downloaded to it wirelessly. Yeah, not what we were looking for. Then he showed us the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The only difference being that the Pro addition had a more breakable shell because of the colored plastic they used and the keyboard was black and it lights up in the dark. All of that for an extra $200. The hard drives were the same, the processors were the same, the video cars were the same, everything seemed the same except for the looks. We decided to save the $200 and go with the original white MacBook. Now, the problem of paying for it...

Complication on top of our own complications, they were just scammed last week out of $3,000 worth of Mac merchandise by a phony credit card. So, my proposition of giving him my credit card numbers from my mom over the phone wansn't really flying with him. He called his boss and she said not to sell anything without the credit card in his hand and the ID to go with it. I nodded. "I want to help you, but I just don't want to loose my job..." he began, but we cut him off. We didn't want to cause him any trouble, we were just really excited to get a new computer, but we also didn't think it would work. We could just buy the computer after we get the Discovercard... as we walked back into the rain and down the street a bit I realized that even that wouldn't fly b/c I still didn't have a proper ID. Enter round number 2. Joe and I brainstormed a bit and then rushed back into the Mac store, and we weren't leaving this time without a laptop! I gave him the puppy dog eyes and tried again. This time we added that we could allow him to see those same account numbers on my Discovercard account page online which would link that number to my name which is on the police report thereby proving that the sheet of paper that has my name on it from the police is the person with the credit card number and the online password to the account with the blablablalbalba, I confuse myself even thinking about what I got this kid to do. He was hesitant, and got on the computer, did some checking of his own, was about to call his boss again, but then didn't, and then did, but this time not in front of us. He took the call in back, and when he returned he said that he shouldn't probably do this, but she didn't seem to explicitly say he couldn't... so he was going to give this thing a go. I called my mom and had her read me the numbers on the front and back of the card while I pulled up my account online on his computer. We matched the last 4 digits of the account from online with the number we gave him, and my name was on the online account along with the police report, and I could sign the receipt with the same signature as on the police report! The card went through, and he gave me the receipt to sign. I also gave him our new phone number should anything happen like it gets declined b/c of theft protection or something. This seemed to make him feel a little better, but at the same time, he was ready for us to be on our way too. "Enjoy." he said, and we were ready to. We put in in our little string bag and raced home though the rain. Turning it on was a breeze and Joe can't get over how fun the smart pad is to use (2 finger scrolling, 2 finger rotating to flip pictures, 4 finger swipe down to see all the windows you have open, 4 finger swipe up to see you desktop, etc.) We downloaded skype and talked with my mom right then and there. *Heavy sigh of relief, and a big F-U to the Hilo public library.* The to both my delight and dismay, it was time to go to temple, and I had to turn off our new beautiful MacBook.

The temple gathering was similar to Sunday, but it was not at the "temple." They only go there on Sundays and Wednesdays. On Saturdays they go to the old bike shop where Stephanie was supposed to set up her art gallery, but it was too damp there so she lets them use the space for outreach gatherings. Then every other day during the week we go to someones house, but usually they don't have so many gatherings to go over other peoples houses, but this Thursday was their Gurudev's birthday. I always refereed to him as Guru Dave because thats what I thought they were saying for the longest time, which I thought Dave was is English name because the man they were talking about was this very old, thin but tallish man who is very Indian looking except for the fact that he has these amazing blue eyes. Stephanie told me that the original Guru that Jean and her father followed was a great man, but that all his disciples were twisted and bad, so after he died she disagreed with those people rising to fill his place. She knew a lot of this because her brother was right there in the midst of it and saw what was going on behind the guise of red cloth (and yes, in India they adorn red cloth if they are very holy and have taken a vow of abstinence to devote all their love to everyone equally, but above all else, to their religion). However, I think that their red cloth is mostly a orange-ish peach. The woman who are devotees like this wear all white, but the men who wear all white say that they devote their way of life to the religion, but they still want to marry and have a family. The man I was telling you about with the permanent smile from Strongsville always wore all white, and he was the only one of the group I saw at the beginning who dressed like this, so I thought he was the leader (that, and he had a really dark tan that I thought he may have been from India (yes I was surprised to find out he was from my hometown, and I felt a bit racist for it)). So I was very surprised when I saw this pale white guy in a pinkish T-shirt and khaki shorts lead the temple meeting on Sunday. This evening that man just participated like everyone else though, and I guess they only have lectures on Sunday, and then he holds a discussion group on Wednesday. So the evening was just filled with music and eating, which was exactly what I needed, even though I liked his speech very much.

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