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A week of secrets


We left for this trip 08/27/2009, and we toured all over the continental United States, specifically the Southwest. But the whole time we did this, we had our eyes set on traveling to Asia. During our trip we hit up every Starbucks we could to get on their internet and post blogs on this, our traveller's point. However, California, Thanksgiving Day, 11/26/2009, was our last blog update before 01/10/2010 when we informed everyone that our identities were lost and our hearts were broken.

About a month later we began posting blogs again, but rather than picking up where we left off on Thanksgiving, we started with our present day story, and began working our way backwards. For the Big Island saga I started with the plane flight there, and ended with the plane back to Oahu. Today, I'm thinking that the week before our flight to the Big Island... will be a mystery. A secret from all those who don't know the magic words to unlock this block of time.

As for what happened in California and Hawaii between Thanksgiving and Christmas... well, I'm thinking I'll tell that story all in good time. But for now, I'm thinking we skip ahead a bit. You already know about what happened when we were trapped in paradise with that small matter about not having visas. So I'll let you in on a quick outline before we get to the point.

I. We got our passports back with China visa's inside and ready to be used
II. We booked a flight to China with a layover in Taiwan
III. John dropped us off at the airport and we had a 2 min. line, got checked in, and waited outside our gate
IV. We boarded our ticket to the discovery we had been searching for all this time

What is the title of this outline? The point I'm trying to get across?

Discovery of the Far East

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