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We ride into Blackhawk Lake Recreation area in Wisconsin at 4ish on September 5th. We get the last woods campsite because the place is packed for Labor Day weekend.
We finally have some free-time before nightfall so we walk to the beautiful lake hoping to find water because there was none in the camp.
We get to the very nice lake, but we can't quench our thirst because there is no drinkable water (Just say no to Diarrhea kids). So we walk more and get to water. After all that, we've wasted daylight and we have to hurry to get the fire going, but not before getting distracted climbing rocks (ADD).
In the beginning of the trip we never had free-time. We're getting the hang of it.

We try to get the fire going in this little crappy hole with no fire ring. In case you didn't notice we also had no picnic table that night. We were totally squatters and we paid :(
Sorry that's the only emoticon you'll see from now on.
Fire didn't start easy. "Damn Teepee!" I learn more each fire, but I tend to overcompensate. One night too much preparation, this night not enough(Don't expect a couple pieces of paper to light any twigs).

We had an amazing dinner of toasted bread with oats, nuts, and seeds, toasted cookie, and roasted carrots. You can see the french loaf in this pic:
Awesome bread from a family owned organic market we went to that morning. Yeah we spent some money on the organic fresh food, but we made up for it by having an entire meal of free samples. Mmmm, Wisconsin soft cheese spread with blueberries and peanut butter.

The next morning we went to the lake with our hobo fishing kit.
Met some people and talked about riding. I was turning over rocks to find a worm when a cricket jumped right under the rock and got squished. He was alive and I tried to use him as bait because live bait works better. I grossed out Vanessa and she was not happy. She said worms are different because they don't feel. I said everything feels and worms and crickets both squirm when you hook them. "Fine, then I'm buying you a little rubber squiggly because I've used those and I came right up with fish!" Fine. I'll use what I've got.
I found a worm and tried again, but no fish. It was fun doing two person casting and swinging the line like a grappling hook in movies. We went to leave and the girls at the front desk said that there's free ice cream at the swimming lake for free. Well. . . that will liven our mood so I go back to the bike where V waits with her helmet on. I say, "Free ice cream," and I point back to the park. So, we go and sit and enjoy
double scoop

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Love the poem at the end and also the photo of fishing in which Joseph looks as though he's doing Ba Gua or tai chi.

by alan w

ice cream solves all the worlds problems

by BritterBee

in all my survival books they tell you how to fish, snare, and skin/prepare small animals...I always wonder if I would be able to do it...Joe I think I've heard crickets and grasshoppers are better for fishing...but I definitely believe that everything kills...you should use either the strings from bananas (they use this in land of the lost) or french fries (more processed the better...you'll get the fatter fish)

by CoreyAnn

not kills...I meant to say feels...wow...I hope that wasn't Freudian...

by CoreyAnn

Fishing is fun. I could never grab the fish once i caught it. On the up side at least I have a good excuse not fish now. :-)

by buddy-JC

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