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Okay, so we spent a few more months in China that I haven't blogged about yet... now you know.

The day we went to Taiwan started off something like this:


We were farther away from the Guangzho airport than we expected. Everyone who we asked where the airport was just seemed to point in the direction we headed for the hotel, and seemed to have a vague air about them that let us know it was not too far away. So we came out to the main road from the alleyway our hotel was on and hailed a taxi. I watched in nervous horror, well, maybe horror is too strong of a word, how about dark foreboding, as the price on his meter kept rising higher and higher. We did not want to have any extra money from China left over to exchange because the charge for money exchange is usually more than we have, so I was pretty sure that this taxi ride that was already over 30 minutes long was going to break my wallet. Luckily, just as he was hitting the end of my bills, I started to see airplanes!

We ended up having extra money still to spend before getting on the flight (no charge for checking all our luggage!), so after we made it through the boarding pass line, we hit up McDonalds as our last Chinese meal. Then we got on the plane, and headed over the ocean.

Leave China!

Enter Taiwan!

Green! Trees! Lakes! Clean!

Beagles that sniff your luggage!

Shops with people sized shirts!
And yes, that line of clothes are called MiniChe (I wanted to get one, but then remembered being questioned about my Che knowledge by a kid from South America, and I thought better of it. Speaking of, what are your thoughts on Che? He was saying that we are all basically only fed what the US government wants us to think, so our opinions on the subject arn't really our opinions at all.)

Your thoughts:
[You're just going to have to settle for adding a comment at the end of the blog, so for anyone reading this and curious as to what other people think before you fess up yourself, see the bottom of the page.]

Now that we are here in Taiwan, we have to try and contact Master Yang's Kung Fu brother Master Ma. As in China, we had no luck getting a hold of him. And by the tone of the message, I fell like his phone is disconnected. It didn't even ring, it just went straight to a Chinese woman speaking a message every time. So, next step was to try and find Channa who we told we would like to Couchsurf with in case of just this situation. # on the agenda: find internet! I was so worried about this, because in China there was no internet. But almost first thing out of the airport and onto the subway we found Starbucks! And Starbucks in Taiwan not only has wifi, but the most amazingly wonderful green tea/ black sesame frapachino (I really am addicted to black sesame).

First we tried emailing Channa through Couchsurfing, then we tried to skype with her, and then we tried to google map her location. Then we took a break from that and emailed my mom's Taiwanese neighbor's sister who lives just outside Taipei. She was online, and we were able to skype with her and set up a time tomorrow to hang out with her.

Eventually we were able to get ahold of Channa, and by night fall, we met her at a Burger King (Taiwan has fast food other than McDonalds and KFC! Not that I eat Burger King, just noting the differences, which are many) near her place. Wondering through the Shida night market (so many shops!) we dipped behind a strange T-shirt kiosk next to an awesome jewelry kiosk to her apartment door. They literally had their shirts hung up on a cloth draped over the entrance to her apartment, and the whole neighborhood was like this!


Channa was ready to go out and party, but Joe and I were exhausted. However, I was at that point where I am so exhausted that I thought a drink would be a really good idea, so Channa and I left Joe at her apartment and we headed out to Roxies to get our 2 free beer tickets. It was Wednesday night, so this bar gives the first however many people free beer tickets. But Chana thought it was too early to end up at Roxies, so we waited in line, got our free beer tickets, then jumped back out of the line into the bar and headed to the 7-11! At first I was thinking that this was going to be kinda a weird thing we were doing to be cheap, buying beer at the 7-11 rather than at a bar. But when we got there I saw about 30 foreigners drinking outside the store (in Taiwan you can drink outside)! We went inside and got some beer, and then headed outside the store to hang out with some of her friends. Most of them were British, but later on an American and a Chinese kid came to hang out with us. The Chinese guy didn't speak any English, but the American guy spoke Chinese (they do that in Taiwan too, speak Chinese that is), so he would translate for us.

They both really wanted to hit up Roxies to get their 2 free beer, so we said good bye to her friends at the 7-11 and we went back to Roxies. This place was packed full of people and they were playing the most American songs and all the Taiwanese kids were singing along while crashing into one another during the White Stripes, then head banging to Led Zeppelin, and then dancing like crazy hippies to Across the Universe. I tried to get it on tape with Joe's camera, but I forgot that his camera doesn't have sound... so the video is kinda lame.


Halfway through the night Chana mentioned that the Chinese kid isn't Chinese at all, but a Japanese guy named Mokoto! So, I, way too drunk to only have had 2 beers, attempted to circle communicate with him. At first we spoke alright Japanese to each other, but then I would occasionally add some Chinese (I just spent 3 months there, my mind is a little confused with my languages), the occasional English, and then we whipped out my note pad. I would write a slue of Romaji (Japanese written with English alphabet), Hiragana (Japanese Japanese), Katakana (English in Japanese), and Kanji (Chinese) as the 3 of us would spin the note pad around the table (me: English/ Japanese, Mokoto: Japanese/ Chinese, Branden(?): Chinese/ English). It was really fun, and I think we eventually got our points across, but I think that was mostly due to Channa's friend Branden(?) who spoke Chinese (and of course English) fluently.

Branden(?), Channa, Me, and Mokoto's girlfriend:

After drinking Channa and I head back to her place and stop at the fruit counter for some Buddhas head! Its not what they call it, but the woman told Channa that b/c it was her nickname for the shape of the fruit. At first it looked like an apple, but then when you bite it it has the consistency of a gooey pear (in other words, delicious). You just had to be careful of the gargantuan black seeds.

Then we headed into her room, and she continued her earlier rant about how much she hates Branden(?) b/c of this that and the other thing. I feel like even though I only just met her, that I kinda saw right though her words. We talked for maybe 3 hours or so about what its like living in Taiwan, the number of good men you can find, and how the ones who come up just short of perfect can really piss you off, but at the same time, you can be hurt by loosing year long friends as they travel back to their homes. We also discussed how I take Joe for granted. When you are with someone for so long, and you are always with that person, sometimes they drive you ridiculously crazy. She told me that even though he can be a dope sometimes, that I have to remember that I love him, and that sometimes what I consider as joking side comments can really be seen as hateful jests(sp?). That evening, after being reminded how lucky I am to have someone like Joe (goofy yet sexy... nice to look at without a shirt), I woke him up on the sofa, told him that I loved him, and apologized for taking him for granted. Then I took my place on the floor, and fell right asleep.

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