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Girls Night In

Early continental breakfast, then more skyping wth my mom and Citi Bank. When it was time for check out, the deed was still not done, so Joe allowed me to have the laptop, check out, and then sit in the lobby wile using my computer, and he continued to work with my mom on the computer upstairs (pretty snazzy place to have personal computers on every floor with internet). He came down to ask me questions every now again, but then he headed right back up stairs where I had no way of reaching him b/c we weren't smart enough for us to both log onto skype or gmail so we could chat (whats wrong with us?) He ended up buying our plane tickets out of Japan, one for him on the 25th of June, and one for me on the 7th of July. We were thinking it would be good for me to get to spend more time in Japan, and for Joe to spend more time looking at colleges, so we tried to give me an extra 2 weeks, but we had to go with when the cheep flights were. Also, we thought the time apart would do us some real good, just like when he had his week in the wild in Arizona when I toured around New Mexico.

When we were finally ready to leave it was raining really hard, but I didn't mind too much b/c but my bum did start to hurt from sitting too long. I really couldn't believe that Joe could keep going so long either, b/c usually he is the first to poop out from a long day of lounging. Yesterday Channa send out an emergency couch request to her friends for us, and we had one response. We could have stayed with him last night, but we had no way of knowing that w/o a phone or internet, and if we stayed with him tonight we would have to leave his place at 7:30 am the next day b/c thats when he has to leave for work, and he couldn't host us the next night b/c his work was out of town. We only had 2 more days in Taiwan, and we were desperate, so we told Channa that we would stay with him Today, and maybe we could stay with her tomorrow? “Crappers guys, I have another couchsurfer coming in tomorrow, you remember, the one bringing me lush?” Channa had gotten a request from someone coming straight from the US, and Channa's face cream line Lush just stopped being sold in Taiwan. She needed its amazing organic goodness, so she told the girl that she could couchsurf, but she did have one request.

“But, if you guys don't mind both sleeping on the floor, you guys should totally stay with me tonight and tomorrow night.” I guess Sunday didn't really count as the weekend anymore, and, that settled that. Yay Channa! And in celebration the 3 of us went out for pizza dinner (very yummy, but expensive, and all 3 of us had to order something or they were going to kick us out of their half full restaurant). Afterwards we ploped down in front of the television and started watching Spiderman 4 (thats the one with the sand guy right? I can't remember a 3, so maybe this one was 3, whatever, it sucked), then on commercials which cut out really suddenly so at first you think your still watching the movie, we changed to In Her Shoes. I was the only one who had ever seen it, so I had to keep filling them in, and then Joe would struggle with the remote to turn off the twaddle, but Channa was hooked (what can I say, she was a girl, and it was a chick flick). The funny thing was that Channa isn't what you would call a chick flick kind of a girl, so the whole time she just kept calling out how lame it was, but at the same time she couldn't look away, and she couldn't stop asking me really interested questions. “So are they going to do it? They are aren't they, they are going to get it on tonight! Right?” “I'm not going to tell you.” “Look, just tell me so we can get over with it quicker.” “I don't really remember,” “Yes you do! Just please! Tell me! Do they Fuck!” “Yes, I know they do that, but I'm not sure if its this montage of dates or not.” “Okay then, thats all I asked.” Then True Lies came on, and we of course couldn't stop watching that one either.

The whole night we 3 were all bickering like old men. It was a blast! (BTW, I think the term is old women, but for some reason it just rolls of the tongue better this way.) Channa was freaking out on Joe for being a remote controller, I was freaking out on Channa about how she always says I should be more patient with him, then Joe was freaking out on Channa for asking too many questions, and I was freaking out on the movies about how I don't think Christin Dunst is pritty, only after Joe brought it up, and then moved onto how replacing Katie Holms with Maggie Jillinhal in Batman was a way bad idea. “You are beautiful!” Heath Ledger says to her as he circles her like a predator. “Yeah right! Maybe if you slept for a few months or got Opra's makeup artist to fill in those bags under your eyes!” But the worst of all is by far the mom in Tue Lies, I just hate that actress. Sure, she has a great body, especially for her age, but I just think there are way more talented and good looking people out there who would die for some of her roles. And thank god for Elisha Dushcue, who was also in True Lies, so I could say that I thought someone was talented and beautiful, even though she was still only like 13 at the time. And side note, “Did you know that she had a show called True Calling? Coincidence?” Whatever, it was a total girl night, and yes, I count Joe as one of us.

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