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Joe and I got up way early in the morning and headed down the street to the metro... which was closed! Wow, that would have been a good thing to know about. What to do, what to do, the metro was closed, we had no idea how to get to the bus now that takes you to the station... TAXI! I saw a taxi, called it out to Joe, and he ran into traffic (at this time in the morning, he ran in front of the one taxi). We loaded our stuff and I gave Joe the pamphlet with the bus schedule on it. Joe explained to the taxi that we only wanted him to take us to the airport bus, not all the way to the airport itself, and the guy was surprisingly understanding, helpful, and really nice. Then when we got to the bus station I had just enough change to pay for 2 tickets on the bus! But the info Carla gave me was about 20 cents off. “20 cents?” Joe started asking the people behind us. They had the 20 cents, and let us use it. Things were panning out, the day was looking like it was going to be pretty good!


At the airport we got in without a hitch, we even checked all our bags without having to pay extra!


Now all we had to do was wait. Then I notice something in my pocket. We had about $4 extra bucks. So what do we do with our time? I hop on the free computers they had out and Joe popped into the prayer rooms. I hope nobody tried to come in there while he was doing his stuff.


I told Joe that it was about time for us to head to our gate, but he said 5 more mintues, so I ran to spend my $4 on a beer since that seemed to calm me last time I was on a flight. When I got back I really told Joe that I was getting on the plane with or without him, and the two of us practically ran to the gate. We were the last ones to board! And when we got to our seats, they were taken! “Sumimasen,” I got the attention of the stewardess and showed her my ticket. She took Joe and I to my beautiful window seat and there was a family of 3 already there. I guess one of them had the isle seat, and when they saw that Joe and I weren't coming, the mom and the toddler came to sit with the dad. “E-A” I told the stewardess as she was splitting the family back up. “Watachitashi” ummm, yeah, all I had at the moment was “no”, and “we.” I started shaking my head, and pointing to other empty seats, then to myself and Joe. “Ohhh, Arigato!” She figured it out, and they put Joe a few rows back, and me on the other side of the middle 5 seater row. Then a Japanese girl came over to me and pointed to her seat directly in front of Joe's seat. All and all, everyone was moving around, but we all ended up in good places I guess (but I didn't get my window. Stupid toddler.)

Abut 30 minutes into the flight while I was disliking the movie about the end of the world (maybe b/c the airplane was in constant turbulence and I realized how close I was to the same fate), with Denzel Washington, The Book of Elija or something, anyways, the food came out. I got an omelet thing, and gave Joe all my meat. I thought I was stressed by the movie, or maybe a little air sick, so I switched movies to that Leonardio Dicaprio movie Shutter Island. Maybe about halfway into that movie I realized that it wasn't making me feel any better, and the shaking of the screen was not making the shaking of the plane any better. I was sick, and I think it had to be b/c I was scared with how terrible the pilot was navigating the wind currents. I tried to relax, accept my death. I had done a lot in my life. I was in a pretty good place. It wouldn't be like Lost, if we hit the ocean, odds are it would just be over. No drowning, no freaking out, just dead. I played the scenario over and over in my head until I was calm while experiencing it.
Now my hands and feet were tingling as if they had lost circulation at some point. I took in deep breaths and attempted not to think about throwing up. Joe tapped me on the shoulder occasionally to ask me something, of which I usually replied to with a brush off my shoulder and a wave of my hand. Something funny, I needed something funny, I turned on a aromatic comedy with that girl from Veronica Mars. After 2 minutes I couldn't take it anymore. They were ripping her apart to make it so much better when she gets put together latter, but I just wasn't in the mood. I switched to music. No good, I needed something visual to keep my mind off the heat flashes I was getting. Now I was dizzy. Now I was having moments where my eyes get dark with black spots. This was more than a fear of crashing or some air sickness. Something was wrong. Now I was worried.

I wanted to hold Joe's hand, but I couldn't find the courage to move around in my seat to ask him. The plane was landing soon. I could hold out. I stuck my head into the aisle and watched the plane move forward through the 50 seats ahead of me. The tube shook with turbulence, this did not help. I got the barf bag out from the seat ahead of mine. I attempted to discretely rip it open to not alarm the person sitting next to me. Land already!

shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, CRASH, shaking, shaking, shaking, CRASH, JERK SIDE TO SIDE AND UP AND DOWN, evening out, slowing down...

The nausea had really settled in, but once I stood up I felt I was in control of it. I leaned my body over my chair back and turned to Joe. "I'm not okay." was all I could manage to get out. He tried to talk to me about it, but I couldn't seem to gain the ability to tell him anything without the possibility of opening my moth for something other than words to expel. I got out my notebook and pen. First I would write the word phonetically in Japanese, then I would write the English word next to it. Byo-in = Hospital, "E" tie = Hurt, Me - ru = See, I was just about to teach him how to say "Can't see" when he stopped me. "Whats going on?" I very quickly explained to him that I was possibly going to pass out, and only get me to a hospital if I do. He nodded and helped me off the plane. Then things started getting really dodgy. The room was not spinning, but I felt drugged. The world was not as stable as it should be. My head hurt tremendously. I needed to lie down. We came to a resting place, but no chairs. "Lie down on the ground right here." "You lie down on the ground!" I told him as I kept walking. I did not want to make a scene. I would find a bench to lie down on and pretend to be relaxing. Joe caught up with me and helped me stand on the one way people mover (escalator w/o stairs). At the end of the path there was an entrance for people to get their temperatures taken if they had a fever before boarding the plane. I didn't want to go b/c I thought it might keep me from entering the country, but when Joe said lets go, I couldn't help but feel relieved.

The doctors and nurses didn't speak much english, so I found myself bursting out with words when they would get stuck with Joe. Now I was lying down, and feeling much better. My sight was coming back from the little black circles it was plagued with before. The doctor took my temperature, and apparently I didn't have one. He seemed to be saying that I could take a wheel chair to the hospital next to the airport. Hell no! I was feeling better, not good, but not wheel me past customs to the hospital sick. I stood up and left. Joe protested and kept asking the doctor if it was okay if I just took a few minutes more time to recover, but in my opinion, they didn't want me there. I wasn't their problem. They weren't real doctors. They were only medical staff placed there to take peoples temperatures. They took mine, and now they wanted me to move on. I moved on.

Joe helped me through the line, but made sure I was ready to walk on my own, answer the questions I had to answer coherently, and get through customs all on my own. I did. After that we picked up our bags and Joe took me to lie down at the nearest row of seats. "I am going to go see if I can get my citi card to work." He saw that Japan has Citi ATM's, so he was going to give it a try. I hooked one leg around our cart with all our stuff, and I closed my eyes.

An hour later I finally felt like standing again, so I went looking for Joe. When I found the Citi ATM's I sat back down and called him over. He was having no luck, and I needed out of this airport. "Lets get a hotel!" The airport had Wifi, but you had to buy it, so we paid $10 with a credit card to have 24 hour access, and we booked the nearest hotel with a free airport shuttle. "Do you need the internet?" Our hotel may not have internet, so we decided to do everything we needed at the airport. "Yeah, I could check a few things before we go." Then he left to go do some kung fu somewhere for some amount of time. After an hour, I started fading again. I leaned my upper body over on to the seat next to me, and I tried not to move. Things seemed better that way. Next thing I know I have several Japanese people over me asking if I was okay. I dropped the laptop on the ground. I think the base now has some screw issues. "Diejobu des, ano, nemui." I think I told them that I was okay, but I wanted to sleep. They seemed okay with this explanation, and moved on.

After all the people left, I burst into tears. I was so tired, so sick, and I had no way of finding Joe. Why would he leave me alone for so long? It was over an hour ago now that he left. Why wouldn't he check up on me? Check in every 20 minutes at the lest? He seemed so concerned before... I felt so alone.

Finally when Joe came back we left to find some dinner since we weren't sure where the hotel would be in terms of food. I also purchased a Japanese - English picture guide that turned out to be very handy.


We ate some food we bought at a bagel shop near the fountains, and then we searched for the busses. The shuttle to the hotel came about every 30 minutes, so the wait wasn't bad. The drive was also amazing! Houses, real 2 story houses, speckled everywhere like a real urban city! I felt almost like we were back in the USA, except for all the roofs being traditional Japanese style, and most of the windows looking like paper sliding doors.

We checked into the hotel, and I promptly passed out. It was now 8pm, a far later bed time than I had hopped for. We agreed that in the morning, depending on how I felt, we would decide if I needed to go to the hospital. For now, sleep.

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