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To the Wish Bus!

In the morning I was feeling better, so instead of feeling drugged, I only felt drunk. I decided to take a bath while Joe went downstairs with the computer to see if they could get the internet working. The next thing I knew after running the bath water was that there was a very helpful sounding Japanese girl in the bedroom with Joe. This went on for at least a half hour. I couldn't really hear what was being said, and that was annoying enough. Joe and I were fighting, I go to take a bath, he hangs out with a Japanese girl in the bedroom for over a half hour. I couldn't leave the bathroom either b/c all I had was my towel. My clothes were on the bed. The only furniture in the room actually. Do I care? No, of course not. They aren't doing anything in there with me right next door. Did it bug me? Hell yeah it did.

When she finally left I was grumpy, and my fingers were all wrinkly. We left on the shuttle bus back to the airport b/c our hotel was in the middle of nowhere. The staff actually thought that this was where we wanted to go naturally, and said that they hoped we had a nice stay in Japan (they picked us up at the airport last night... I was confused as to why they were confused). We spent the rest of our 24 hour internet we bought at the airport, and then we started figuring out the bus schedule to get into central Tokyo so we can hop another bus to Shimizu to meet Mochan! (His name naturally comes with an ! at the end.)


In downtown Tokyo we got our first mini loaf of 100% whole wheat bread since the USA! Joe almost wet himself.


Then we grabbed some lunch while we waited for our bus.


Our bus ride was going to be about 2 hours, so they told us that we would have a 15 min. potty break half way through, and then we were off.


The bus dropped us off near the train station where Mochan! said he would pick us up, so we walked to the train station and gave him a call. At the station there was a short brunet woman with a tall blond guy right next to the phones, and they seemed to be listening in on my conversation with Mochan! which kinda bothered me a little until I realized that they were probably waiting here for him too. Very cool like I hung up the phone with Mochan, turned to the woman and asked her if she was also meeting Mochan at the train station. “Ves! Hou did vou know?” I'm not sure if my spelling gives off the proper impression, but this was Sophie from Germany. “Muy name is Chris.” His accent also said German, but his was much sharper. She rolled a lot of her vowels, while he attacked them. Not that it really matters, just an observation. Neither of them sounded like Luna. Ahhh, Luna, hope she is doing well.

Joe was watching some kids practicing breakdancing, or so he claims. When he brought the three of us over to see, they were gone. I think he just got lost.

Mochan! arrived in a small hatchback, and his eyes opened wide when he saw the 4 of us with all our luggage. I guess I would have been cooler if I had asked Sophie if she was meeting Mochan! while I was still on the phone with him to give him a heads up that there were more of us. We all fit though, so it was all right, and he didn't live too far from the station.

“WELCOME! WELCOME! WEL – CO – CO – CO – ME! TOOOOO – aaaaa – my home!” he announced as we crossed over the threshold. Inside there was already a decent group of backpackers at his Japanese styled kitchen table who all made room for us to squeeze in. “I WILL BE MAKING DINNER SOON, so, ahhhh, no worries.” I sat down next to a group I thought were from Finland, but it turned out that only 2 of them were, and they had also only met the other guy a few minutes ago. Awkward... well, he was from Denmark, so they told me that they all really did look the same, so I was cool- well, at least in that situation I wasn't uncool. Joe went out to the 7-11 to buy some beer since it seemed that all the Europeans were drinking, and when a couple from Norway came and said they were going to head out to do the same, I asked them to keep an eye out for a lost looking guy with long brown hair and a long sleeved red t-shirt. They found him in the 7-11, and said that they only found him b/c of the shirt and the hair, not the lost look.

Anyways, Mochan! made us all really good Japanese food. He had rice (of course) with all sorts of stir fried veggies and what not. It was delicious. And he also taught us how to eat Japanese pees in a pod. They are really big, and you can't eat the outside its so ruff, but they just pop the pees in their mouth like smarties, and its actually a really great snack food. Then, when everyone showed up for the evening, we had the Wish Club famous (the name of his traveling group), “INTRODUCTIONS!”

After this Bjarke said that we had to do new introductions, this time we had to introduce the person next to us! I got paired with him, and then we had 3 minutes to learn everything about that person, and then they had 3 minutes to do the same, and then we would reintroduce the person next to us to everyone else. Joe was supposed to be keeping time on my watch, but we all agreed that he wasn't paying attention either.

[will insert video if Mochan! puts it on youtube]

But since he hasn't yet, let me say that Bjarke is from Denmark, and he works at the embassy in Beijing writing speeches and takes photos. He hasn't graduated college yet, but he has lived in New Zealand going to school and coaching their first hand ball team to the finals, and he has hiked Kilimanjaro, and he plans to hike Fuji. I went on for much longer than this, but its been a while, and I can't remember everything.

After introductions we hung out pretty late meeting everyone, exchanging travel stories, and eventually we all passed out.

Eelke and David found Mochan!'s hat collection:


Joe was first to go BTW. Mochan! spilt us to couples and girls on the second floor, and guys on the first. So the guys had to wait for us to clear out of the dining room, since that was also their sleeping place. But, it wasn't so bad b/c it seemed like most of us fit in Mochan!'s second floor anyways since the entire 2nd floor was just blankets and pillows and Tatami mats.

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