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The Answer Blowing in the Wind

This day we drove all the way across Minnesota. Nothing happened the whole day. We hit a few curvy roads, but they quickly straightened out into nothing. Farms forever.
Then we saw the first lone windmill: A towering, beautiful modern construct of renewable energy. We came to a whole line of them right by the road. I had never been so close to these types of wind turbines. I don't believe they marr the natural beauty of the land because it's just fields of corn and soybeans. I think they give a sense of awe and purpose. These turbines are good for the earth and therefore when I see them I feel their positive energy.

We start seeing more. . .

And more. . .

The camera could not capture what our eyes were seeing. The sky was overcast with low clouds. The video doesn't do it justice either. The fog gave the area a sense of the unreal.

There were so many that I was overwhelmed. I was smiling and loving every moment. The turbines were all spinning so fast and they were so close together. My eyes were filled with constant movement as far as they could see. It was very windy, but it wasn't at all the windiest part of the trip. I couldn't believe how much this part of Minnesota was on the ball for renewable energy. South Dakota was much windier and we never saw them.

I slowed down and started counting quickly how many I could see at the greatest point. I stopped counting at 200.

It was one of the most amazing scenes of the trip.

Then we made it to South Dakota and we didn't see a campground, so we got a motel where we got a king size bed upgrade,
did our laundry for the fist time this trip, and we opened up the sausage from Jim and Joe made the best sandwiches ever!
I kid you not, I really hate sausage, and this stuff was delish! The WiFi didn't work here though b/c they were redoing the roofs and they had a huge garbage dumpster in front of our room,
but we had a chance to blog at the lounge the next morning.

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There's a turbine like that at BG and one time Chrissy took us up close to see it. It was amazing being so close, because they're so big up close, and you can hear them working, ahhhhh renewable energy.....it pisses me off that there aren't more of them. This country has its head up its ass sometimes. Most of the time.

by Laurr

they have newer ones that work better and you don't need as many like the standard three blade towers...they are cylindrical and rotate around the column...but I don't think they are as pretty...that must have been gorgeous to see all the pretty ones in a field like that...

by CoreyAnn

The sausages do look good. I'll have to recommend them to my carnivorous friends if he sells them this far away (which i doubt).

by buddy-JC

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