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Memoirs of a Geisha (American film, Chinese actress)

movie was produced by Steven Spielberg, staring Zhang Ziyi, based on a Japanese story

I had to almost hit Joe over the head with a cub and drag his unconscious body out the hostel door in the morning to meet Mochan! at 9am. Reasons? Absolutely none, just taking his time like the world only exists in his perception. Nobody is waiting for him (an entire bus full of people), and they will just magically appear when he steps out the door, coming into existence because he perceives them to be so at that point in time. But as long as they are out of sight, they are out of mind, and therefore, cease to exist.

"Ohio!" The bus announces to us as we board. "Yes! Ohio is in the house!"

Then we picked up a tun of people! 3 Italian girls who were going to chill with us for 3 days in Kyoto, and then another group of Japanese friends of Mochan!

First stop, the temple of many gates (and they weren't kidding!)



(So many gates, they block out the sun! I have to admit, I got a little claustrophobic, not a lot, but a little.)

Each of these gates was bought by a business or family that want good luck or fortune, and I've been told to walk through all the gates it would take about 4 hours! Each one is labeled with the name of the donors, but its all in Chinese.





Here we were waiting to have everyone catch up with us to tell them not to turn right, because the path to the right will take you another 2 hours to climb, and we were meeting Mochan! in less than one. But then Chris tells us that he saw Joe run up the stairs about 5 minutes ago! "Do you want me to go after him?" "Nope, if he wants to run off by himself, he'll be back, he knows when he is supposed to be back." "Are you sure?" "No, I'm not sure, but if I'm not willing to chase after him, I'm not going to send you." "Fair enough."


This temple was dedicated to the frog. The 3 Italian girls we started hanging out with today:


Then who comes running down the steps but Joe! "See? I told you he'd figure it out. Kids got endurance." Just in time too b/c we were at a shrine where we needed some prayers for Danielle's money! If you wash the money in this shrine's water then you will have good fortune.



Not sure what these kids were doing, but we loved the umbrella fort.


Then we went shopping for lunch in Kyoto's outdoor/ covered shopping mall. My favorite advertisement for cigarets absolutely everywhere:


Sometimes he has different poses, but always flexing something. Some people wonder if he knows he is a cigaret add b/c they think the cigarets may be photoshopped. I'm not sure, but I love the add regardless.

We split up for lunch, Norway, Denmark, half of Holland, some Japan, and me to the Raman store, then everyone else went to circle sushi! I was so jealous when I heard that I would have actually liked the sushi (wtf? I hate sushi.) and that it came on little trains and carts just like in the Pokemon game where you have to eat all the sushi and whoever gets the largest bill wins.



Then Mochan! took us to the traditional geisha area of Kyoto.


Then we saw a parade of geisha's walking by, so we ran and followed after them. Elaina said that they weren't real geisha's b/c some of them had their nails painted, and some of them tripped in their costumes (which a real geisha would never do), but they were dressed like traditional geisha's, so that was at least cool. She said that her kimono that was not even half as intricate, cost $300 just to rent.


(Samurai protecting the geishas)


Then we went and saw the outside of a temple b/c we were too cheep to go in. We noticed when we made it to the temple though that we lost Joe, Eelke and David. "Well, they know to meet us at 7pm at the Wish Bus."


Coolest graveyard ever! And it is true, everyone in Japan must be cremated.


This temple is cool. You put the thing on a sheet of paper that you want to get over, climb though one end, then climb back though, and you can move on from your old relationships. I thought about trying, but I am not ready to let go of my baggage (and yes, I did just refer to Joe as baggage**).


At 7pm everyone was at the Wish Bus except for Joe. David: "Yeah, Joe was with us, but he left at one point and said something about meeting us back here at 8pm." Well, 8pm was now changed to 8:30 b/c some people were going to see a geisha show. It was really cheep as far as geisha shows go, only $30, and it included a tea ceremony, flower arranging ceremony, a traditional Japanese dance by a character actor, a geisha dance, a traditional Japanese music performance, a traditional Japanese puppet show, and a short traditional Japanese play. I was thinking about going, but now that Joe was going to meet us at the wrong time, I wasn't sure. Then Mochan! said he would drive us around a bit to see more of Kyoto, then drop people off for the show. Sophie and Elaina kept trying to convince me to go, and Sophie asked "So, if it wasn't for the money, vould you go?" And I tried to explain that I would do a lot of things were they free, but yes, if money wasn't so tight right now I'd go. "Well thats it then, I am paying for you, and when I come to visit you in New Zealand when you have some money again, you can pay me back." I liked Sophie, and not just because she took care of us with snacks the whole time either. She kept buying way too much food b/c she wanted to try a little of everything, so she would eat one thing in a pack, and then pass it around the bus. This got everyone started, so this whole trip every time we got back in the bus we would get some sort of treat passed around. This time I passed around this famous mochi that Kyoto makes where they wrap some sweet paste inside almost uncooked tasting sticky dough. Its my new favorite thing (and they had it in black sesame!)

When we got back and started walking for the show we ran into Joe and he took us to see the temple he was hanging out in all day.


I explained that we were going to see a show, and Joe asked us where he could get the free samples of the mochi we all bought in the area where we followed the geishas. He agreed to meet us back at the theater after the show was over, and we'd walk back to the bus together, and until then he was going to get some food.

Parts of the show:

Where Joe goes when I'm not around:


Tonight we unsuccessfully tried to hang out with the large group staying at the hostel near the Kyoto train station b/c Joe wanted to “party.” I wasn't too put off by that though, b/c like I've said before, when I'm in a bad mood, I don't feel like partying. They were in a rush the night before because of something, so we all got off the bus together at the Kyoto train station near to where the Scandinavians were staying. But then Joe was taking too long to get all his things together, and they just left. They told me that maybe I could catch up with them when Joe finally got off the bus. I told them, "Yeah, maybe..." but by the time Joe was off the bus, they were long gone. So Mochan! just let us back on the bus and drove us to our hostel. Joe was of course mad at me for not having them wait for us, and I was a bit touchy on that subject, so we spent the rest of the night in silence.

* * BTW, that was a reference to something Joe said about me earlier in the blog, and I figured that only he would catch it if I didn't put this comment in.

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