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My First Mac Desktop Background

The next morning, I couldn't even bother with Joe. "I'll meet you on the bus!" I told him as I left him to do whatever it is that he does and I got on the bus. "Every thing alright?" Ida asked in her Norwegian accent. I was speechless. "I don't even know." "Don't even know what?" Now she was getting really concerned. Whats up with that anyways? Why are Europeans so much more sensitive to peoples feelings than Americans? "I guess Joe just has to be the last one on the bus, as usual." I tried to give her a smile, she didn't buy it. "Is that a problem?" She had a point, I looked at her, a little confused, but getting it. "No, I guess not, as long as everyone doesn't mind waiting for him. "NO! Not at all, we can wait for him, no problem, don't worry about it, okay?" The tension eased out of me, maybe they had a talk about last night and how it put me in a awkward place with the whole not being able to wait for us. I smiled for real this time, the grin making it all the way to one eye, "Okay. Thanks." "Anytime..." she trailed off.

Joe was running to the bus with my shoes. I was still wearing the hostel's indoor slippers. Fuck! Then I calmed down. I would get off the bus, change into my shoes, and then be the last one on the bus, and nobody would care. They would all wait for me. I wonder though, would they be so patient after years of having this happen? I wonder if I was ever this patient. Yes, I think as certain points I've been more patient.

First stop:

The Golden Temple (for all you mac users, this is the Japanese temple that comes as one of your desktop backgrounds)


Then, ambushed by school kids. Still Bjarke was attacked the most, but instead of girls, it was the boys this time.


Then Mochan! drove us out ofthe city a bit over to the river and let us wonder around for a few hours.


First place we walked to we all got ice cream. Joe got sesame seed ice cream! Bless his heart! (We always share everything, so that's why I was so happy he got an awesome flavor!) Then some of us got lunch while the rest of us headed out into the bamboo forest.


That last picture is of a girl pulling the two people in the carriage. (so cool)


Then we walked out back into the little down and headed across the river to the monkey park! At this point we lost another part of the group, and we were just left with the Germans, Italians, Japanese, and Joe and I. (Yeah, I thought about that too. What do you think, too soon?)



At the top of the hill they had all the monkeys just running around, not bothering anyone. Then they had a building where you go inside and you can feed the monkeys through the windows with cage bars. The monkeys think that only people inside the building have food, so outside they are calm and leave you alone. Much better than what happened in China at a monkey park (Joe was walking around with a friggin banana! A Chinese woman had to get out her stick and shew the monkeys away from him b/c the were grabbing and forming an attack formation. There you are only supposed to feed them the peanuts you can buy, and hide all other food. Yeah, that monkey followed us around the rest of the time, giving Joe this constant stink eye. And yeah, Joe was a little freaked out. He made us go back to that park to face his fear of these monkeys, but that's another story.)



This is the queen monkey (according to this British girl who knew how to speak some Japanese):

Joe was freaking out in love with how the monkeys groomed each other. I have like 30 minutes of video on these 2 guys with Joe commentating the whole time. Here is Sophie's video:


Then we hung out at the playground in the monkey park next to the nature center where, yes, Joe played with the bones of an animal to make it look like it was talking. (I didn't tape that one. I try not to encourage foreigners to mess with things in other countries.)

I'm not sure if you can see these videos or not, but they are just me on a rope swing and Joe on a slide.

At the Park - me

At the Park - Joe



This little kids shirt says "Lover"


Then we walked to the river and tried to find some food, but weren't too successful, so we just soaked our feet.



When we all met up Mochan! told us that since the Norwegians had to leave in the morning, and we were also loosing the Germans for a day or two, that it was group picture time!

First, Everybody!


Then, the Italian's!


The Scandinavian's!


The Japanese!


The Holland and German group!


Finally, the North American's!


And of course, people hooking up pictures, thats right, we all have seen the ay you to are.


(Notice I'm not in this one, just Joe and his true love.)


Then we all went out for dinner at the only place where Mochan! could park the bus. Joe and I ended up not having too much money, and I wasn't really a fan of any of the menu, so Joe decided he was going to get the all you could eat dinner. This left me with bout 4 bucks to play with. I decided to get the lima bean peas the Japanese like so much. Then, it ended up that Joe couldn't order that meal unless everyone else at the table did too (maybe they just made that rule up b/c we are foreigners. Japanese people are mostly really trustworthy.) We couldn't figure out what to do for the longest time, and I was in a bad mood. I ended up ordering the same thing, even though now that Joe wasn't spending all the money, I could afford something more. Then he talked me into these potato things, and they turned out to be french fry wedges. Everyone else had these amazing looking plates, and I got peas and fries, and I couldn't eat the fries, b/c they were fired, and I don't know if you've notice, but I've kinda exploded my body on fired food. Needless to say, I was not happy. Then, to further put me in a bad mood, the 2 other tables were in mad talks having a blast, and my table, maybe brought down by me, seemed to be in a sort of rut.


Mochan! dropped us off all together at the Kyoto train station b/c Joe set up plans to "party" with Elaina, Bjarke, Ida, and Jorn since it was Ida and Jorn's last night with us. First we went to get Ida and Jorn's bus tickets, and that was a mess! Jorn, Bjarke, Joe and I all ended up waiting at an internet bar (it was too expensive to use their internet), while Ida and Elaina went to figure out the tickets. It turned out that the place they bought the bus tickets from was so cheep that they don't have a person paid to deal out the tickets, not do they even have signs for where to go to pick up your tickets. Luckily Elaina was with us, so she spoke to enough Japanese people to get the tickets from somewhere, and then we all argued for about 10 minutes about where to go. Ida "I just want to go to a cafe or something to wait," Joe and Bjarke "Lets find a bar." Finally Elaina came up with an idea to go to the restaurant across the street that would have drinks of every flavor (good job Elaina, way to take control!) The night was fun, but the drinks were expensive, so I couldn't get drunk. It was nice though. I talked mostly with Elaina and Bjarke, and Joe talked mostly with Ida and Jorn. That thing gets me really confused most of the time, but for some reason I was able to handle it. Maybe it was because my brain said okay, lets not have a nuclear melt down tonight, lets give her a break and let her hold a separate conversation from other people at the same table.

When it was time for Ida and Jorn to catch their bus we dropped them off back at the station, and then dropped Elaina and Bjarke off there too. Elaina stayed with this creepy guy her first night. I guess he has a reputation for only inviting female CouchSurfers over, and then watching them sleep and things like that. Mochan doesn't like this guy. So the next night she stayed with a different guy, and he has a whole house just for CouchSurfers! So since Bjarke didn't pay for his nights in advance, he got to go and stay at this Japanese guys's second home! Then Joe and I tried to follow Mochan!'s directions to walk back to our hostel. I was still hungry, so I told Joe to just go to the hostel, and I was going to hit up a 7-11 for dinner. Yeah, I was getting tired of convenience store food, but you can never find a grocery store, and you can never order something properly at a restarunt.

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