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On the Road Again

Mochan! woke up at the restaurant and got some pictures before coming to get us:



Shinobu and Adam's place:


Shinobu and Adam:


All of us waiting for Joe:


I think I might be growling a little bit in this picture.


Nono practicing Kendo:


Mochan!'s new club, the Kiss Club:


Then, for the rest of the day Mochan! drove us all the way from Toyooka to Shizuoka. However, good news was, Bjarke was a gentleman and when Elaina asked (even though I told her to play it cool) if he was going to sit with her on the ride today. He said yes, and he gave up his really cool front seat just for me!

People crossing sign:

Yeah... most people who live in these little villages are old. Old, but not without a sense of humor.




Then I really liked what the back of this semi had to say:


The 5 S's:

I'm not sure if this is a lost in translation thing, or if they were going for don't drink sake, but don't begins with a "d" and in Japanese to not do something comes after the subject... but any way you look at it, it was great.

When we made it back to Shizuoka we dropped Elaina off at the train station. I went out to give her a hug and wished we had more girl time to talk about what went on with Bjarke, and then David and Eelke got off to smoke, and Nono had to stretch his legs. I was trying to be inconspicuous while at the same time trying to get their attention "GET ON THE BUS AND GIVE BJARKE AND ELAINA SOME PRIVACY!" But, they didn't get it. Luckily Elaina is more outgoing then I would be in the same situation, and she got her good bye smooch.

This evening, I brought up with Eelke that I was still interested in doing a regression with her. This is where they put you in a relaxed state and you let your subconscious remember your past life. I've had several people tell me in my life that they would do this with me, thinking that I would say "whatever," but when I say "Yeah!" and tell them how I've always wanted someone to help me experience something other worldly... all of the sudden they have to "wash their hair." And what happened? Eelke was too tired. We did nothing but sleep in the bus all day, and I was really ready to do something other than eat dinner and go to bed some more. But, she said maybe tomorrow. I wasn't holding my breath.

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