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Birth and Pain

A salute to Georgi's birthday and how she was out for her birthday steak dinner and milkshake when she went into contractions unexpectedly with Vanessa!


Get up later than expected as usual. Checked out just barely in time as usual.

Difference: First free continental breakfast. Pastry danishs, froot loops, cornflakes, 2% milk, and muffins- crap never tasted so good.

V called her mom and wished her a happy birthday. She still looks too young to be V's mom according to Jim, the farmer we stayed with.

We hit the roads of South Dakota: The most boring and terrible roads.

Flat as far as the eye can see, but not pretty.

More corn

More soybeans

We pull off to try to cut the boredom with our first try at using the ipod with splitter cords and mini ear piece head phones. As we drive we really start to feel the killer crosswind. The flat lands have no trees or hills to protect from the wind and it just happened to be a really windy day. We're leaning into the wind coming from the south to keep the bike balanced and we also had to lean the bike left and lean our bodies right to find the pocket that wasn't so bad.

My neck!

My back!

My legs!

I had to later spend five minutes doing chi gong and leaning the opposite way to counter-balance. To make matters worse we couldn't get the ipod comfy in our ears and the wind ripped at the cords and broke both headphones. We take them off and continue the crappiest day of the trip with:


Lots of it!

We keep getting sent to the oncoming traffic side of the freeway (not so free anymore). They are redoing the whole road on westbound 90. The crosswind was causing oncoming semis to creat this monstrous wind barricade. Every time we passed one we'd get blown to hell. I started figuring out a couple methods to make it easier. I would either stay as far from them as possible, or I'd swing out and then curve back in right as it passed and cut through.

The winds still beat up Vanessa's arm. I decided that we needed to get past this area fast. I wanted to cut through the wind more and create my own wind barrier. I drove at 70 mph for a couple hours. We ended up driving about four and a half hours that day to make it to a bank in Sioux Falls before it closed at 5.

Yay! Cash!

We find a crappy city campground and a Perkins. While we drove around town after sunset, Vanessa blacked out on the bike going 50. She does that sometimes where she is conscious and can hear, but can't see (usually before passing out because of her low blood pressure). Of course, she thought before this I'm fine. I can keep going.
It was scary as hell. I was shaken up too.
She always pushes herself too far and doesn't know her limits. OH. . .MY. . .GOD. This day sucks!

Now we're all ready to skype with our friends at Perkins and talk about the Assassins story we are writing. We were going to have a big 3-way skype call with Justin in Florida, and Jenna, Danny, C, and Jer in OH.

Skype can't do video 3-way, so Justin is on the phone while we skype, which sucks. We proceed to get in a fight about story order and we feel like absolute shit.

Yay! Happy birthday Vanessa! It's almost midnight and I get the nice smiley Waitress at Perkins to bring her a free peanut putter mouse pie slice for her B-day.

We go back to the little fenced in city campground and pass-out for real this time.

God save us, this trip is Awesome.

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Be careful with the gimp! Watch her lips for color change! Its the first sign!

by Laurr

OMG! Vanessa blacks out on the bike? seriously? get her a harness!

by georgi r

OMG! Vanessa blacks out on the bike? seriously? get her a harness!

by georgi r

yes, and i did throw up through the whole labor! it was only an 8 ounce glass of milk, but what vanessa remembers (from my stories, not from her birth) was that as each shift of nurses changed, the 8 oz. glass of milk story changed to 2 glasses of milk, and finally to a milkshake! i knew vanessa was gonna be trouble! but do want to thank her for turning from breech the night before her birth, what a smart little baby!

by georgi r

well happy belated birthday...I'm glad you got a slice of pie...for in the words of Snow..."pie is happy"...

...I know what you mean about the wind...when I first started driving that was so crappy...my little car would always get sucked under...

...I bet it gets old...but I do remember driving out west and just being amazed by how far you can see...yeah it's the same thing for miles...but in some ways that infinity is awesome...I also liked that you could see the weather for miles...

by CoreyAnn

OMG! Vanessa blacks out on the bike? seriously? get her a harness!

by BritterBee

OMG! Vanessa blacks out on the bike? seriously? get her a harness!

by BritterBee

Riding through heavy winds is hard enough on a bicycle...let alone a motorcycle. Hope that was the best slice of pie ever.

by buddy-JC

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