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Flip it upside down and what do you get?!?!?! ............................................................................................................................................... 60-60-60 ... bum bum bum!

So I wake up to Joe opening up the tent from the outside... "Wha?" Then I see his devious grin as he climbed back into the tent with a hot cookie and a candle. Then I realize that the candle is not a candle, but a zippo lighter! I always wanted a real zippo, because every fake butain lighter I ever had died on me after a few weeks. I guess Joe got up early that morning, ran around town going store to store looking for zippo's, deciding if he should spend the money to buy a real one, trying to find a good cookie since I had been wanting a warm cookie for the past few days and had no luck finding one. Then after he microwaved the cookie (my favorite way to have a cookie other than straight out of an oven) at a gas station, he ran back to the tent to get there before it cooled down. Awwww, that's what I thought too.
Then we drove to Starbucks and split a small coffee, and 2 or 3 full cup refills of the skim milk they have for free at the creamer/ sugar station. We wanted to blog, but damn, we are having such problems with getting online with the Starbucks stupid card, its pretty redic. So Joe spent most of the morning calling Starbucks and trying to log on.
I played with my b-day present.

Then we were back on the dreadful roads of South Dakota (no offense SD, OH roads weren't that great either, we just have high expectations after WI). We start seeing the most ridiculous signs for Wall Drug (WTF? they seriously make it sound like some sort of theme park), and signs for the Worlds only Corn Palace! I wonder why... maybe its because no one else wants one? Funny thing, Brittany (my little sister) gave photo with a similar comment.

Well, we had been driving for about 2 hours, and it was time for a quick break, so Joe took me to the Corn Palace for my birthday.
The whole area near the palace was done up country style, and there was a tourist shopping area just before the palace with all sorts of Native American trinkets and wooden statues you could take your picture with. Joe was going to, but I guess I made him feel self conscious with my "really?" look. Inside the palace was a picture museum of sorts with how the palace has changed since it was built in the early 19th century. It used to be really cool actually, and as the years went on the corn was replaced with brick and plastic, and the whole town used to get involved with making the corn pictures, and now they hire outside help and make money by having basketball games in the area that looked like it was once a theater. It sounded cool back in the day though, and the guy who invented it would ride across a zip line on the domes to a gazebo in the center where they would have a huge party every year after they redid the palace. Anyways, kinda neat, but time to move on since they kinda let it go.

We tried to find a local park since I wasn't feeling up to riding again, and the nearest park was a Vietnam War Memorial Park. We figure, okay, that sounds good, but when we get there it turns our to be a graveyard! Its getting late and Joe really wanted to roast the sausage Jim gave us over a fire, so we parked the bike at the Wal Mart about 500 feet from the "park" and we walked to the woods on the other side of the graveyard. Well, the misquotes were out in force! I was bit about 20 times at least as I was only in my red Chinese tank top. I had bites all along my back, neck face (really bad one on my forehead just above my eyebrow that I think might be a spider bite b/c its still there and its been about a week), and some down my pants (my jeans are officially way too loose). Joe ended up making a good fire since the woods were really good, dead and dry. I think I ate an entire sausage by myself with the french bread we bought and some oats, and Joe ate one and a half. Good dinner, but I was miserable with all the bugs. Joe I think had the time of his life. He made a fire for the first time without a pit in the middle of a forest, and he was just basking in the glow of ruffing it. I had my eyes pointed forward, looking to the Perkins Joe promised we would go to for milkshakes and WiFi.

When we finally get back to the bike Joe points out that my thumb is really bleeding, and then I notice that my hand has streaks of blood on the back of it like when you rub you nose after a noose bleed. Well, it turns out that my nose was bleeding really badly, so I ran into the Wal Mart and attempted to clean up. I was already not feeling well, and after seeing the non-stop blood followed by that clot your not supposed to pull out because it will only make you bleed more, I started to overheat and pass out. Immediately I tore off my shirt and pants and took a soaked paper towel and started washing myself with cold water. The light of the room started to come back to me, and so I put my pants back on, and sat down while I continued cooling down my upper half. Probably about 10 min later I was in the stall just going to the bathroom getting ready to leave when a woman came in the bathroom asking if I was okay because I had a very worried boyfriend. I told her I was fine, and I would be out soon, and I was.

Then it was off to Perkins where Joe and I "split" a milkshake. I say "split" because we ordered a blueberry/ chocolate combo milkshake, and instead of bringing out one cup with the residual mix in that silver mixing cup, the waitress brought out 2 full cups, one blueberry and one chocolate. The chocolate was heaven, but the blueberry milkshake blew my mind,, and the combo of both at the same time... bliss. So while we drank our shakes and played Myst IV for a few hours or so. Then I went to the bathroom, and when I get back our waitress brought us out a Wildberry pie with a little yellow candle. It was also amazing, and then Joe gave me my present from my mom. Well mom, thank you so much, but you are ridiculous! I'm not going to get into details, but lets just say that I don't think Joe or I will have to pay for Starbucks for the rest of the trip.

Then we met this cool couple, John and Megan, who were just married and they had their 2 BMW bikes shipped to CA, and they were riding across country back to Virginia I believe. We exchanged stories and Joe and I passed them our blog (as we do with all the cool people we have been meeting) and they talked us into going to Crazy Horse Memorial, which if you don't know, it is like Rushmore, but at least 10 X the size, and it is still incomplete. Anyways, after talking with them for a while about what to look for since we were going in opposite directions Joe and I went back to the Wal Mart to park, and camp in the woods. I was completely against this because I had a bad feeling about the woods, but it was midnight and we didn't have time to look for a new place. So we pulled into the Jahova Witness church next to the woods, dropped off our camping stuff, and then drove back to the Wal Mart to park the bike. We shopped in Wal Mart for a bit, got a new toothbrush since Joe forgot ours at Starbucks that morning, and then we walked back to the woods. The graveyard was filled with little lights of crosses and doves etc. on the graves (solar charged), which I'm not sure if it made it creeper, or if the place was just creeper b/c it was dark.

Then after getting into the woods I heard cars bull into the church parking lot (or so I thought), so we sat there real quiet. Then we started hearing noises. Joe told me later he was thinking it might be a dog, maybe police with dogs looking for the kids in the woods... but then it kinda neighed, so maybe it was a cop on horseback... we were in that kind of small town... then thoughts of headless horsemen or Vietnam warriors coming out from their graves... Well he was freaked. I was just afraid of someone finding us, but Joe was afraid of some sort of rabid creature he would have to battle to protect me (I am rather worthless with this broken arm). So he shoved me out of the woods and was in a rush to get the hell out of there. "Motel" he told me, and I was shocked because we just had a motel last night, and we never go 2 times in a row. "What the fuck was that?" He asked, and I said what I was figuring. "Wild turkey?" The unease in his eyes left, and his shoulders relaxed. I had never seen him freaked like this before except for at the movies, so it was great.
We ended up going back to the woods and sleeping there that night, and we had to get up pretty early because they had mass on Thursdays and Sundays... and tomorrow was Thursday.
We slept alright for the circumstances, and the next morning we rushed out b/c people were already filling into the Jehovah's Witness parking lot 2 hours before the 10am mass.
So we ran out to the memorial, found a close grave, and payed our respects to Mary. We thanked her for her service in war, and in our tactics to make sure the people parked in the memorial parking lot didn't think we were too out of place with our tent, laptop, sleeping bag, and side saddlebag to a purple motorcycle.

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i read the title of this 6 times and now i get it - bum bum bum (being dyslexic would have helped!)
vanessa, let me know if you received the medical forms i emailed you. why weren't you feeling up to riding again? what really happened on my birthday when you blacked out? you ok? love your bloggies!

by georgi r

that would have been scary...I saw this tent on REI's website...but it's like a hammock with moskito netting over it and a tarp that hangs above that...the idea is you never need a ground cloth because you are never on the ground...not super comfy...but all it's for is sleeping...like a back packer's tent...I thought it was a good idea so if you do not want to be found and are ok with climbing, you could pitch it 7'+ in the trees and wouldn't be easily seen...

...but you have a broken arm...so that probably wouldn't work...next time...lol...

by CoreyAnn


and it would probably suck on Joe's back...

by CoreyAnn

Paranoia in a tent is bad news for sleep. Glad you had a good birthday!

by buddy-JC

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