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I go and get the motorcycle at the Wall-mart and let V cool off from her fuming (kinda like motorcycle maintenance). We pack up like pros and we haul ass out of that little corny town (corn palace). We ride happy on easy roads; rolling hills framed pretty farms with nice variety. Trees dotted the landscape, matching the clouds that dotted the sky. . .Well you can see it for yourself.
I'm never bored on the motorcycle.

We stop at a great little diner with nice prices and internet. . .


But the best part of Ditty's Diner, was the Indiana Jones style car being towed in the parking lot.
The diner was pretty awesome though. JFK, Elvis, Marylin Monroe, etc. posters lined the walls; and the prices were actually really cheap. Joe and I still did our usual: 1 sunny side-up-egg and 1 order of wheat toast with one coffee (unlimited refills for 2!). The order got messed up in the kitchen somehow, so we got 2 eggs and 2 orders of toast for the price of one, and that was about it.

We wanted to have an early camp day so we could relax some and get the tent set up in the daylight, and get a fire going before it got cold in the evening to once again eat a Jim dinner. The nearest place, the American Creek Campground, turned out to be the most amazing camp ground we had been to!

This, as I understand, is the Missouri River.


Earlier Van told me, "I'm am tired of this sneaking to a camp spot in the middle of the night. I want a camp early get in out of the mosquitoes and take a shower!"
That's just what we did. It was perfect. We were right on the water.
I set up early and V relaxed on the picnic table (her arm hurt and she was tired). She went and got her shower that she loves so much. Myself being a man, I'm not so into them (stinky!). I got super dry firewood based on a great principle that I've discovered this trip. To make something really, really dry all you need is water and then sun and air. Water is the key. When I want to make some paper tender for our fires I take napkins, maps, paper towels, and assorted papers and use them as a towel. Then I put it in the mesh pouch on the backpack. After a day of sun and riding wind that paper is bone-dry (funny saying). I can apply this idea whenever I either want something dry or want something not dry (like my face).

I digress. We got super dry wood that had washed up from the river and dried in the sun. I climbed a tree right over our camp that had all sorts of dry dead branches hanging (another great source of dry wood).
I hooked my machete into my painter's loop on my jeans and had my 4-inch folder blade on my belt. I used a rope from the bike as a harness. It was fun.
We took some pics of the pretty little beach right outside our campsite.

Heat, for one of the fist times this trip, it was rather hot, and the lake was so welcoming. All I wanted to do was jump into the lake and swim… but broken arm can’t get it wet. I tried to take a cool shower to calm myself down, but there was only one temperature… scalding. On top of that you had to push a button every minute to get the water to start up. Needless to say, I was still feeling a bit tired and un-refreshed when I found Joe setting up the tent and chopping down firewood.

When all the wood was broken up and set on the table we walked on the beach and took pictures on the dock. It had been days since we had plenty of time to relax, enjoy the views, and goof off. I had fun testing my waterproof boots. I could completely submerge them up to the laces.
V didn’t want to jump to the dock because of her arm so I carried her and sloshed through the water.

Joe and I laid there on the doc for a while and tanned,
but when that got hot and hotter, we decided to wade into the lake. Exasperated after trying to gracefully get into a swimsuit one handed, I was so ready for the chilling waters (or so I thought). It took me a while, but we eventually submerged ourselves all the way to our necks, and the water was great! I could feel a lot of the tensions I had been holding about being hot, sticky, and tired just wash away. To relax Joe let me use his shoulder as an arm rest to keep my left hand above the surface, and we just held each other as we watched the sun begin to set.

We made a big fire with lots of extra wood. I prepared well, so it started easy. Everything was good. I tend to be to controlling with my fires and that annoys V. She already knows these things from Indian Princesses and I’m learning to let her take care of the fire and do her own thing. I’ve been a teacher for years and it’s very easy to become controlling. I’ve learned from V that it’s best to lead by example first and only teach when asked questions. We all know these things, but we just don’t do it. I know my years spent with Vanessa will help me be an amazing teacher.
I whip out the giant meat log (1 lb. garlic flavored beef sausage) from Jim and we start cutting and roasting sausage rounds with the bakery bread, oats, and sesame seeds. V hates sausage and she thought it was the best meal of the trip. We downed the whole pounder. Thanks Jim!
As the fire went down we got pics of the sunset and went on the pier again.

That night Joe was out sharpening his knife while I prepared and turned on the air mattress. Then I noticed as I laid there that my shoulder was beginning to hurt. I rolled over to find myself half on the ground. There was a hole in the mattress. I found it rather easily since it was the size of a dime. It wasn’t on the seam either, meaning we punched the hole stuffing it into the side saddle bag. So, not having a patch kit on us, we slept on top of the flat air mattress. Then the next morning, Joe’s hobo belt (the 2 bungee cords we strap down the laptop with) punched a hole in the mesh door of the tent.

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oh no! the accommodations! not good! but the picture of both of you leaping and the story of you both enjoying the water and wonderful...I'm going to print it out...it's a great one of the both of you and you both look so happy in it...

by CoreyAnn

the missouri river looks bigger than the mississippi! that campsite looked amazingly sweet.

by Laurr

Hopefully Joe's back was okay! Having no squishy mattress sucks.

by buddy-JC

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