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Yeah, now I really can't speak Japanese

This morning when I got up, I really couldn't speak! I avoided the baby as much as possible afraid to get him sick, but they didn't seem to mind. I wasn't coughing or sneezing, and I didn't look ill, I just had no voice!! Chemi was a bit worried about me, but I told her I would be fine. She had school to go to, so she "abandoned me" for the day, and felt really bad for it. I told her as best as I could squeeze out that I would be fine, and I know the town well enough that I would be able to figure out where to go to see places at my own pace, nice and relaxed, no running! She smiled and wished me luck on her way out the door, and I followed soon after. Now to revisit the free temple that we saw, and maybe grab some more of the really good street food we got at the markets, and look around the city a little bit slower.


Then after this I grabbed some lunch, and then proceeded to get myself completely lost walking around town! I spent several hours in and out of shops, and then I finally found the water. The day was cold, dark and rainy, so there wasn't much to do at the waterfront, but there was a few crazies wind surfing:


Here I contemplated my depression, and fretted over my inability to talk. In silence I sat here until the need for warm and sleep overcame and I grabbed some dinner, then headed back to Chemi's where she reprimanded me for staying out so late.

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by georgi r

I like your poem

by - Rain

I love that picture of the parent and child in front of the pond. excellent shot!

by Laurr

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