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Electric Town

So, I should leave Asakusa for a bit

After spending a few days just wondering around my part of Tokyo, getting to know the place, and finding out the only part I found truly interesting was the Temple (as it is what this part of the city is famous for, this was no surprise), and this awesome organic nature store just down the main road that my bridge is a continuation of, and that the temple is on. So anyways, being brave, I got out my little map, and decided that this week I would check off every interesting place on it. Luckily this was a picture book, so the map of Tokyo was only major train routs and attractions labeled in pictures, english, and numbers, leading you to small Japanese/ English explanations of the place. First stop, a place I've actually heard of from my anime friends, Electric Town. I still have no voice, but I no longer feel like I'm constantly tired or sleepy, so, Electric Town it is!

This is the exciting place where all the shops are like at an anime convention and all the eating establishments are themed with waitresses and waiters in costumes, and well, it sounds like just the thing to lift my spirits for a little fun right?

OMG where is this place? - cool statue though


I'll know it when I see it has been the answer, so I wondered around for a bit, and then, I think I found it:


Those girls get mad when they notice you taking pictures of them, so you have to be crafty about it. See this one:

Thats her doing the usual, "NO PICTURES!" Except they say it in Japanese. I was tempted to tell them "Watashiwa, nihongo o hanashimasen deshita, sumimasen, demo, wakarimasen." (I don't speak Japanese, I'm sorry, but I don't understand you) Because I thought it would be hilarious... but I opened my mouth and remember nothing happens after that... she thought I was strange standing there, pretending to talk, so she left.

Cute backpack.



Here there were a bunch or arcades, man the Japanese love video arcades! And gambeling was all intermixed with the kid stuff, so at one machine you pulled a lever and win or not win money, and then right next to it was the claw machine to try and pick up stuffed anime characters. I guess in the end, arcades are really just a kids gambling place, so mixing in some real gambling doesn't sound to strange. Why not?


I was seriously contemplating going to see the movie flowers because I had seen so many previews for it, and it didn't seem like a movie where you would really have to know too much about the dialogue. Also, I think there are cinemas where you can get the movie subtitled in english, which it pretty cool, you just have to know where to go and how to ask for it...

Electric town was kinda boring when you don't read the language and you don't really speak it either, you are just kinda lost, wondering around, knowing that there should be a lot to see and do, but just being completely unaware of how to go about it. I needed a friend with me to show me around, but without a voice, making friends was really hard. I was fucking depressed, lets just go out and say it. I wanted nothing more than to make a bunch of world friends like the Wish Bus, and have us all run around looking at toys and going to anime bars and ordering fun drinks and well, just partying... but I am alone, and unable to make new friends, and feel a bit sick to top it off. So, browsing it was.

OMG anime pillows! Boys actually buy these in Japan to snuggle up to at night... GROSS! And there has been a documented case of a boy actually marrying one of these pillows legally! I don't know how true or stretched that rumor is, but, it gives you an idea of how these things have taken off. (And apparently the pillow wasn't all underwear like these, you buy cloths for them like dolls, and you clip them on the pillows! He fell in love with the anime character watching her on tv, then bought her pillow, dressed her in a white gowned, and then got legal documentation, she gets everything in the case of his death... or so the rumor goes... ps he probably doesn't have much.)


Yeah, those are anime boob toys... and the shops just kept getting kinkier.


I went around some of the shops and looked at mangas and action figures and cosplay costumes, but I felt like the stuff we had at our conventions was just better than most of this stuff, and it just wasn't concentrated the way I need it to be to keep my attention, and less creepy as sexual shit. I actually liked walking around the town outside of the main touristy bit better b/c it was so pretty with trees.


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i love the angel crepes place! i think i saw these girls touring italy!

by georgi r

omg creepy pillow things! oh well. let the sad boys have their pillows I suppose. Its better than raping someone or killing yourself out of lonliness. you were a creeper yourself van, you totally gave the girl the full up and down shot in that video. =)

by Laurr

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