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The End

My journey into the West to discover the Far East ends with its final quest today

Today, I said goodbye to my favorite little grocery store, bought snacks for the plane, and my last breakfast red bean roll. I also got a wallet for 100 yen (a buck), and I still use it to this day, my favorite little wallet with a coin purse on the outside and the perfect size for the little zipper since my new purse. It also says "Synapse Japan, High sense creation, we would like to hand our goods to you. You must be satisfied with it!" And I am. At the airport after checking my luggage in, I waited to go through security to a wonderful show where they really wanted to get me into a Kimono. I told them no thanks, and I watched other poor tourists get roped into having their pictures taken with the musicians.

Really wonderful show, especially for an airport:


It was fascinating watching them take appart their instruments as well. They literally take all the strings off, and have to put all the bridges away.

Then, I waited a little longer, and then it was time to get on my flight. Joe had contacted me from Sydney. He told his couchsurfing host Chiu that I was coming, so I already had a place set up. I don't know how excited I am about seeing Joe again right now, but in his emails he seemed insistant that I stay with him while I was in Sydney. My work visa for Australia still hasn't come through yet, so I was traveling there on my visitor visa, and would have to leave the country and come back once the work visa went through. So now the plan was to go to New Zealand first. While I waited in the airport I got on their internet and put through my application for a working holiday visa in New Zealand, and it was not only free, but they didn't even want me to get a health exam. Oh New Zealand, how I like you already.

And besides me buying about 3 tall cans of beer for the flight to Australia (I do better with my claustrophobia if I'm buzzed) as I tried to get rid of the rest of my Japanese change, and then having to finish all 3 before the flight! (I ended up giving one away and throwing out the other half of the second), thats about it for my story. I end this tale a bit dazed with Sappuro beer, but hey, is there really a better way? Now I leave the east, and I am very happy to start my life away from travels, with a job, and a bed of my own, and even bills. Oh how I can't wait to have to pay phone and electric bills!


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that flight sounds like the vatican tour!

by georgi r

what a cook freakin show! you'd never see this at Hopkins!

by Laurr

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