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Waiting with Rain Near the Badlands


This 12th day of September we did nothing.

The next morning we checked out an hour late b/c we thought checkout was at 11, not 10am, and then we watched Glen Beck while we ate our oatmeal in the lounge. He was talking with a woman who explained that on 9-11 she asked her husband “Why did this happen.” And he jumped up and screamed “Because of you and your liberal friends!” She laughed nervously and then sobered up and said “Your right.” Then Glen Beck asked later on if the atmosphere was about politics, and republicans against democrats, and she said absolutely not, and that everyone there was just very supportive of America and what it stands for. Yeah, she made me cry. How could someone first of all, say (and I’m not drawing conclusions from her words, she talked for a good long while about this) that liberal Americans caused 9-11, and then say that everyone there was just pulling together and celebrating this great country? I do not believe that I am to blame for 9-11, and I think anyone who would dare say that it is my fault that thousands of innocent people were killed… well I think you understand what I’m trying to get across. If anything, since she was a liberal before 9-11, and admits to being the cause of the attacks, then I think we should prosecute her. Otherwise, I think she should think about what she says on national television because she was representing everyone there at that rally, and I don’t think that the majority of those there (while there were plenty of anti-Obama posters) believe that democrats caused the attacks. If anything, the attacks were caused by people the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man talks about. Anyways, I digress.
We ended up spending hours in the Café b/c it was raining in the Badlands that day and b/c we used the laptop w/o it plugged in since the outlet was old and the plug fell out. So we had to stay longer and charge it up. Then we went to a store and bought some rubber cement and duct tape to plug up our mattress, and we drove to the last campground before the badlands.
It was a beautiful night, and it was one of the first nights we camped w/o a forest around us, so I suggested we sleep under the stars. Joe made a half teepee out of our rain tarp around our camp fire to reflect the heat onto us, and we stayed relatively warm by the coals.

Posted by - Rain 22:31

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1. Yay! I finally caught up on your blogs...I have this thing tomorrow and totally haven't had a chance to keep up...so yay hearing all about the trip...

2. awesome camp set up...plus I like the sleeping under the stars without a tent...it looks so peaceful...

3. i haven't had a chance to read the economic hit man yet...but i hate when people blame liberals for 9-11...isn't that just what the terrorist want is for us to fight with each other...and aren't the religious zealots of the right wing more simular to the terrorist then we will ever be...aren't the religious zealots of this country the ones telling us how to live our lives and hurting those who don't?...it just upsets me how much the republicans and democrats fight and the silly topics they choose to fight over...

by CoreyAnn

i love the sunsety campy pics! p.s. most conservatives don't blame anyone for 9/11 except the 19 guys who did it! i was at a tea party on tax day, and a lot of conservatives were there, most-refused to wear or buy anti-obama gear, and there was one guy with a leather jacket emblazoned with the words on the back "9/11 was an inside job" - everyone, conservatives and liberals steered wayyyyy clear of him! the reporters actually interviewed me on tv, i don't know why, i wasn't involved in organizing any of it, just stopped by to let our lawmakers know we are concerned about too many bailouts and the increase in taxes and debt these could cause- and that's what i said on tv. and i think that is what many people really feel and the lawmakers of both parties need to stop emphasizing differences and unite the way Americans felt united on 9/12, and solve our common problems and concerns together. i actually think we need to abolish the parties - they have mutated into nonserving entities.

by georgi r

I agree with georgi, a two party system really doesn't work. But I think people in power like it that way, because it keeps us common folk more concentrated on fighting one another instead of taking this country back. and it's weird calling vanessa's mom georgi. hi georgi.

by Laurr

hi laurr! thanks, glad you agree, i agree with you too. when i was interviewed (they didn't air this part) i also said that we are tired of when one party wins, they go and change everything their way, and then when the other party wins they change it to their way - what a waste - these people need to realize that they are not only serving the approximately 20 - 30% of the people(the ones that voted for them) but also the other 80 or 90% who Didn't vote for them! (how did i get these numbers? think about it- according to Wiki 60% of the population voted in 2004, and 55% of the population voted in 2008 - so let's go with the 60% - that means 40% didn't vote- that means to win the election the candidate needed slightly over 1/2 of the people who voted, which is 30% (or less in 2008) - when will these people (both parties) realize that they need to stop alienating the 70% that didn't vote for them - how do we get them to work together for what most of their constituents want - and, remind them that, oh yeah, they work FOR us!

by georgi r

hi vanessa and joe! you got a thank you card from Jenny - does she know you broke your arm after her wedding?

by georgi r

I dunno, I don't think I've talked to her since, so unless someone else took it upon themselves to spread the good news, I don't think she knows.

by - Rain

i <3 lounge days. Bad politics can ruin a good day. Luckily both of you are good are arguing :-)

by buddy-JC

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