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life sucks, then your bike dies


We wake up the next morning and go for a little hike looking for a herd of buffalo. We only find two and V gets tired, so we head back. We start to pack up and Vanessa notices that there is a puddle of gear oil under the final drive gear on the back wheel. Oil is seeping down the casing of the drive-shaft unit. Shit. I'm hating myself for driving on that bumpy road. I decide to never unnecessarily drive off-road. We call in our AAA tow and he comes in 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, a car challenges 2 buffalo:

Then the tow truck came. His name was Doug, a big tow-trucker with a gruff voice. He told us that we just payed for our whole AAA membership for the year. The tow would have been about $300. Then out of the fire and into the frying pan. I couldn't find my keys. AAAAAAHH! I always lose stuff (loser). I remember taking off the bike and lock keys and putting them in my jeans pocket before the walk. We figure they fell out. We searched everywhere for about 20 min. with the help of Doug and a guy with an RV named Randy. Randy was a funny guy who was talking to us the night before and gave us the suggestion to hike up the hills to see buffalo herds. We figure the keys might have been rolled up in the tent, so we check that while Doug straps down the bike on the tow-truck.

We ended up leaving without finding the keys, and Randy said he'll walk the trail and see if he finds it. We thank him and ride in the truck.

My mood improves quickly and we have fun talking to Doug and getting to ride with AC. He tells us that you can sometimes see a giant animal from this road. He builds the suspense a lot. I'm ready with the video camera.
There it is!

A giant Brontosaurus made of plastic in the middle of an empty field between clumps of trees. We laugh. Doug tells us that its been there since he was a kid and he has no idea why.

We weren't sure where to go, so we told him that we might have found a welder that could do it in Rapid City, but we decided that it might have to be a bike shop, not just a welder, and he told us that there is a guy he knows in Rapid City who will be cheaper than the Honda bike dealership down the road. This ended up being Ross, who if you've seen our pictures in the "More Pictures" link, is the guy standing inside his RV.

He usually doesn't have red Voldemort eyes, he has blue eyes. Not evil blue like Voldemort in the movies, but nice:

'I'm going to fix your bike, get you new keys made for your bike, and offer you a place to stay for the night while we wait for a new final drive (the part that makes the wheels go round... kinda important)' blue eyes.

Yeah, he told us it was going to be tomorrow if not the next day before the bike would be ready. Then we asked him if we could leave some of our stuff in the shop so we wouldn't have to carry it to wherever we were going for the night. He said sure, but then offered to drive us to a motel. So we loaded all of our stuff in his truck, but then he came out again and said that he was just on the phone with his wife telling her about what happened, when it occurred to him that they weren't using their RV, and that we could sleep there while the bike gets fixed. He lived right next door, so we moved our stuff out of the truck bed and into his really nice camper.

After we loaded up we decided to walk to get some breakfast. On the way out we passed Ross, and he said that he was just about to leave to a salvage shop where he thinks he could pick up a final drive for our bike that day, so we might be able to leave that night. Awesome! Joe was upset that once again he only got one day in the Badlands (I guess he didn't get to stay too long when his family visited either), but we were already almost at our next destination (Rushmore), so again, say lavvie (however that is spelled).

I had mentioned that morning that I was in the mood for some "Pizza! Pizza!" as Joe's grandpap called it. So on our way to the McDonalds we saw signs for Joe spotted Godfathers Pizza! This place ended up being awesome. They have an all you can eat buffet (which we missed by a few hours, must remember this place for lunch another time) and free WiFi! We got their special for the day, one large pepperoni, and we ate the whole thing for the 4 or so hours we spent blogging at the place.

When we got back the bike was fixed, but Ross's wife Judy insisted that it was going to be too cold to camp in the mountains that night, and that we should still stay in their RV. She showed us around it again, and taught us how to use their shower (so nice!). We left with a maybe we'll be back, and maybe we'll just camp. Then a few minutes later Joe reloaded the RV with all of our stuff, and we were pretty much coming back to spend the night after seeing Rushmore at night since it was only 40 min. away.

We wanted to see the laser show that they do before lighting up the monument, but as we drove to it I noticed it was already lit! Well, we had the summer hours for the show, and they had just bumped the show up an hour for the fall. Oh well, the place was cool to see at night anyways.

Posted by - Rain 20:03

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Holy crap! I can't believe how close you were to the buffalo...we saw one in our van at Yellowstone and they are so scary up close...when you get there you should see the signs they have of the buffaloes throwing little stick people with cameras around their necks...it's silly...your movies were great though...

...I bet the dinosaur was used to keep the buffalo away from the fields...buffaloes never respect scare crows...lol...

...and I like your Rushmore commentary... pokey balls!...

by CoreyAnn

it sux that yer bike keeps breaking, but at least you go your money's worth for aaa, and are runnig into some cool people. its a good thing i wasn't there for the buffalo because id just want to get up close and poke it or ride it or something and be one of those stick people in corey's sign.

by Laurr

C'est la vie for Christ's sake!

by BritterBee

That doesn't even make the littlest bit of sense.

by - Rain

AAA ftw

by buddy-JC

And I don't know what ftw means

by - Rain

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