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Drinking Away Sorrows

So we woke up with one of the coolest views ever!

Then we went up to the tower and met some people who were about to climb up it! How cool were they? Well, cool to do it, but not so cool to get the chance to do it. All you have to do to climb the tower is leave your name with registration and tell them what rout you plan to take up the tower. Anyone can do it… yeah… stupid broken wrist. Joe said that we wouldn’t make it to the top since I’ve never climbed before, but I don’t need that victory, I just wanted to say “I climbed Devil’s Tower,” I don’t care if I can’t tack on “and I made it to the top.”

We took a video of Joe doing the Crain from the 5 Animal Exercises.

And then we took a video of another group on the other side of the tower climbing. It’s crazy, because the acoustics were so good that we could actually hear the guy leading his group (by a good bit) talking to them at the bottom of the tower!

Then we took off for Yellowstone. At a pit stop Joe and I were apparently wandering around the gas station’s eatery looking sad and pathetic. Joe had asked earlier how much coffee was, and if there were free refills (49 cents, and no). I told him that it’s not worth it, and we should keep driving so he doesn’t have to have the afternoon sun in his eyes. Well, short story short, a woman came up to us and asked if she could buy us some food! We told her that it wasn’t necessary, and we were just pinching pennies, and that if we really needed something to eat, we could afford it. (So sweet!)


Then radiator troubles. We have been having to use the stop leak for the radiator, but now we needed more water b/c it was spraying out. So Joe pulled off the next exit and we stopped at the first house we got to. When I knocked on the door all I had was an empty orange juice bottle and a pathetic smile. The woman wasn't even weirded out when I asked if she could fill my water bottle since my bike was having radiator troubles. She immediately said "Is that going to be enough? I have jugs of water in the basement, why don't I get you one of those?" But what she brought out was a really nice 2.2 L bottle with a sippy lid and a handle! I thanked her and told her that I felt bad taking her nice water, and she said that it was just water. Then she offered to bring me up a second one, and I told her that I don't even think I can use the entire first one since its only a motorcycle. She told me that I could bring both with me, and I said that I wasn't even planning on keeping the one she gave me, and that I wanted to bring her bottle back to her. She almost laughed at me as she mimicked her water statement with more enthusiasm: "Its only a bottle!" She was great, and today is September 27th, and we are still using her bottle that we have strapped to our rear speaker with Joe's belt (yeah, his pants fall down all the time).

We ended up driving to the next exit where there was a "otel" (the M was out) in a little fishing lake where we got a peanut butter and cinnamon milkshake and campers were allowed to use the motel’s sauna and hot tub! The woman at the café told us about a music/ flee market thing goes on in the next town over every Thursday night, and we thought about going. But, we wanted to cook some dinner on their fireplace, and do come laundry, and hot tub, so we weren’t sure. But, Joe and I got in a pretty good fight, so after the hot tub and showers, neither of us were feeling like sleep, so we went to the town to see if anything was still going on at midnight. Yeah, construction was, and nobody seemed to know what we were talking about when we asked them about the “festival” main street has on Thursdays. We stopped at a bar and had a drink, and were redirected to a blues bar where they have Thursday night live music, but they were closed. So we ended up at the bar next to that one where they had Karaoke and a bunch of people just coming of a wedding, so things were rambunctious and fun. Joe and I both were hit on too. Joe’s man was older than mine though.

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lol, Joe's man was older than yours! ha!

by georgi r

hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I'm checking in every couple of days and keeping up with your travels. It sounds like the occasional situation is very frustrating, but you seem happy, and your pictures are gorgeous!!

Have fun and stay safe!

by BritterBee

Also that was Lo, not Brittany...sorry.

by BritterBee

So everyone's picking up...that's hot...lol...

...again...I love that everyone's so nice...they should make 'regain hope in humanity' tours through the midwest and great planes...lol...

by CoreyAnn

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