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Off-Roading on a '82 Silverwing

Not a good thing...

Perkins for breakfast! I used the awesome X-celerator hand dryer (all day... loved it) while Joe worked some more on our faulty radiator. You know the ones I'm talking about? The dryers that you can see your skin being moved by the air pressure. Well, dunno if I mentioned this... but the night before after getting out of the hot tub when I took a shower, well, I was so upset that I forgot I had a broken wrist. So, yeah, I totally submerged my arm under the shower for only a few seconds before I realized what I was doing. But for the rest of the rather chilly in my arm night, the padding felt like cold silly-puddy (Ick!), and every bar we went to had either paper towles or nothing to dry your hands off at all. Yay Perkins and your industrial hand blowdryers! They are good for the environment, and for my soggy arm.

We had our usual egg and toast while we blogged. Then our waitress came over to us and asked if we wouldn’t be offended, but the table in the corner wanted to know if they could buy us something to eat! We told her the same thing we told the woman at the gas station, but still, how incredibly cute! Then our waitress came back latter on and told us that she isn’t from around here, but when she moved to Wyoming she noticed that people just do that. She said that they are just so nice and caring around here that it wasn’t out of the ordinary for someone to offer to pay for a stranger. And for the 3 cities we stopped at in Wyoming (I’m not including national parks) it was true. We had free food offered, and the woman at the first bar we went too accidentally pored us too much of a Washington Apple we ordered, so she just gave us two drinks for the price of one. Damn awesome people!


Ride up and down one mountain and you've seen 'em all. It's just the same ol' amazingly awesome views and feelings (deep happiness). I never stop smiling on these roads. I'm just a regular person, so distracting thoughts bubble up, but I can't help imediately letting them go and enjoying the moment.


Roads… not so awesome. The view was great as we headed into Bighorn National Park, but they seemed to be taking some of the bends out of the roads, and making a straighter path through the mountains, but before they even started paving the new roads, they took the paving off the old ones! So on the bike (like we promised we would never do to Perp again (Perp is the name Joe gave to our bike. The full name I won’t mention b/c I refuse to acknowledge it, but you are free to guess) we drove on rough ass roads up sharp hills and ridiculous numbers of turns. Joe eventually asked me (whose hand was quite upset at this point) if I wanted to walk while he drove to the lodge ahead, filled up gas (running low again), and got a room (b/c it was cold in the mountains), and then he would come back for me. I said sure, but after walking only a min. I saw Joe waiting for me on paved roads. We gave up just before the rough roads were done. There was still construction, but only cones and single lanes, still paving.

Then we thought we found the lodge, but it was a skiing place with no lodge, and then we stopped at a Christian youth camp where the adults seemed to not be very Christian to a couple who were just looking for a place to sleep since it was getting dark in the mountains with cows and other livestock walking on the roads. Joe was thinking about asking the actual owners of the place to see if we could sleep in the room filled with bunk beds, but I talked him out of b/c I was sure the 3 school buses had children who would be filling those bunks, and they wouldn’t want some free loading adults sleeping with them… and the adults there weren’t offering.

Good thing though, b/c we finally found the lodge and we got our own personal cabin (w/ public shower) for $36! We even got 3 beds! 2 on the ground floor and 1 in the hideaway (guess which one the girl with the broken arm slept in… yeah, climbing was a bitch). After plugging everything in Joe made dinner and tea in our fire pit, and then we went on a night hike. When we got back we headed for the bar and split a pitcher of beer before heading back to the cabin for a bedtime story (Laws of Spirit).

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Yay, Wyoming! I'm glad some other states have people as nice as Ohio, especially Cleveland!

by georgi r

I'm glad they're nicer....people in Cleveland suck.


by tzimmer

I LOVE THOSE HAND DRYERS!!! not just because they are good for the environment...I love that they move your skin...I can watch that for days...that sounds so gross...cold puddy stuck to your arm...

...those cabins are sweet...and ten times better than staying with christians...no offense...but if they are 'not so christian' christians...doesn't sound like fun at all...

by CoreyAnn

Yeah, and the dryers worked like Joe's apostrophe about getting things wet, and then drying them off really makes them bone dry.

by - Rain

GAAAAHH CHRISTIANS....they're no fun ..
those farking bastages!!!!!!!!

by tzimmer

i disagree with tony (as usual - sorry, tony, i like to think of you as the brother i never wanted ;) tee hee- jus kiddn)
anyway, i think people in cleveland are great - i dropped my gloves, my cell phone, my hat and my umbrella (the gloves i dropped 3 times) all in the same day - and people picked them up and ran after me to return them each time! oh, yeah, and when Brittany was stuck on a layover in JFK and even the guards wouldn't help her- people from Cleveland did! yay CLE!

by georgi r

p.s. i'm talking downtown Cleveland, not just Strongsville - (i love strongsville too!)

by georgi r

thanks george,...I've always loved you like the illegitimate step sister I never had. d'oh..lol

...they were probably just visiting Cleveland.. :P

by tzimmer

i hate boys! ;) cept depp

by georgi r

...i'm ok with that.......

J.Depp.....dunno, he might be gay....(rofl)

by tzimmer

1.) Giving someone their gloves back after seeing them drop isn't a mark of a good person, it just means they aren't assholes.
2.) Nobody in Cleveland would ever offer a few strangers into their home for something to eat, let alone spend the night.
3.) Cleveland is not the only city that fits into the category of having alright citizens.
4.) I know I'm not here yet in the blog, but nobody has ever bought me or anyone I've ever heard of 2 full breakfasts, coffee and a cookie at 7am in a cafe.

by - Rain

that lodge is pretty awesome. I love the log cabin feel and the loft bed.

by buddy-JC

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