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high on relaxation we just shit around

We wake up on our stoop.


We get out of there before the builders come. It's freezing at 7:00 am. We get our butts inside this awesome little store. We ask the lady behind the counter where to go for breakfast. Well there isn't anything in this town.

There was however... a Raven Grill! (Too bad it was closed :( )
(on Ravenwood Ave. (or at least that's the street sign above the front door) which is Marion's last name in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Arc as well, not the ave part, but Ravenwood. (last parentheses I swear, but that is the root of one of my fascinations with the name Raven, that, and sailor Mars who's name was Rei).)
(There were so many raven's in Yellowstone it was crazy! Joe couldn't believe how big they were, or how noble they looked. I have a big thing for raven's so I was delighted when I herd their cooing (because they rarely caw), and we found at least 2 - 4 ravens at every stop in Yellowstone.)

I guess breakfast is here. She has a big counter of interesting chocolates. We get an almond turtle that costs $1.50. She tells me someone left some quarters in the change tray so we get it for a buck. It's this awesome melted collage of chocolate peanut butter and caramel with little almonds for arms and a head plus almonds on the bottom (healthy breakfast). It actually looked like a turtle. We talk to the lady about all the older people in Yellowstone. She says that this is the time of the year when all the retirees come after the family season. She said, "It's nothing but the newlyweds and nearly-deads." We stay there and have coffee at this cool place. There are little tables and we make ourselves some food from our stash.

We go shopping for gifts. The store is filled with cool outdoor stuff, Yellowstone stuff and art. There is a stuffed taxidermy bear. We find a Christmas present for my uncle and his family and a Christmas present for Ross and Judy (the couple that saved us by fixing our bike and then giving us a place to stay) as well as a Wedding, bridal shower present for our friends Corey and John. I can't tell you what they were, but they were tasteful, authentic, and perfect for each of them. We wrote them each post cards and we mailed it all including a post card to my personal training client and buddy Cliff.

Yellowstone West entrance:

Now that we have time I convince V to go swimming for real in the boiling river and that's all we did for that afternoon. It was peaceful and wonderful. We sat soaking in the boiling water and talked and talked. Then we just sat and enjoyed the silence and the sounds of the rapids and the waterfalls.
Goodbye boiling river.

We haven't had an entire day that was nice and peaceful, so you know what happened next...

Back at the bike I realize that I had the motorcycle keys in my other pants. I had walked back a 1/2 mile from the boiling river with those pants draped over my shoulder. Those keys could be anywhere. I start calling hotels pack up the bike and V returns as usual saving the day. She had found them off the path in a spot where we had stopped to put on our dry clothes. She's awesome.

We get the last motel in Gardiner and we willingly fork over the ninety bucks after the previous night.
We get our own separate little cottage and a shared hot tub where we soak our feet next to the Yellowstone River.

There is a great view of the river as well as a border of Yellowstone where we can see a forest fire.
All we see is smoke. I am tired and sprawl on the bed.

After a nap we get to go back to The Loft and have a real meal. I have this great idea. Me n V almost always split meals. We can't split all you can eat, but I can have the all you can eat soup and she can have the all you can eat salad. The waitress is game and we get the most amazing milk and honey brazed walleye fish and I have clam chowder.
V has tons of salad and we have a side baked potato. Vanessa keeps tossing some of the salad makings into my soup making it even better with semi-raw veggies.

Back to the motel.

Good night.

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Joe. Stop using "Blue Steel" in all your pictures. Seriously.

by Nate

Joe. Stop using "Blue Steel" in all your pictures. Does anyone else see that?! He uses the same face every time! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!

by ndwitkin

I can't imagine sleeping in that tent! Cool that both of you got at least a little sleep out of it. "It's nothing but the newlyweds and nearly-deads." thats priceless

by buddy-JC

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