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Newlyweds and Nearly-Deads


It's timed to leave Gardiner. We head down the other loop in Yellowstone and see some waterfalls.
And new forests growing out of the dead ones (yay! -V)

This loop seemed to have nothing, but it ended up having some cool things that the popular side didn't have.


When we hit Norris we got a preview of Old Faithful with mini geysers. We came, saw, and moved on to the main event because like I've said before, Yellowstone is friggin huge! As is the GPS was saying (and no, we didn't need it for directions, there are only so many roads, basically they make an 8 through the park, but we use the GPS for time estimates), anyways the GPS was saying we weren't going to hit Old Faithful until almost 5pm as it was, so cold weather impending, we moved onto the main event.

We and had to head back to Canyon Village (where we slept the first night) b/c the bridge to Old Faithful was out from Norris. So we made an infinity symbol here rather than a circle (if that makes any scene) back past Yellowstone Lake. This worked out well though (not for time, but for what we came on this trip for, experiences), because we got to pass that great site we saw the first day with all the buffalo herds!


We rode up to a heard of Buffalo. I pull off and decide to do Cat Snake and Crane. I wanted to do that one in a cool animal environment. We're in a rush to get through the Tetons before dark (for temperature reasons rather than doc. appointment since that was moved back a week) and I'm frustrated with the video. We're about to leave and I tell V that I wanted to do it again.

She was understanding when I explained my feelings. I didn't just want to do these videos as a neat reminder of all our material. I also don't want to just impress my future students with Kung Fu in front of neat places. I felt like I was doing some of these videos wrong. We were rushing them and it became like a movie production. It's hard to have depth and feeling when things are broken and rushed. I told her that I wanted to stand and meditate on each scene because I'm doing this to inspire everyone especially myself. I want each form to be inspired by each scene. I want to feel it and connect to it.

I stood and meditated on the ancient past of the buffalo. I thought about how most Indians hunted the Buffalo respectfully and with honor. It was a battle and the spirit of the Bison was strong and enjoyed the fight because it made him strong.

I connected with these buffalo and I felt them and who they are. I felt the loss of their honor in the loss of most of their predictors. They seemed somewhat caged, but happy enough watching these disconnected beings pass by and ogle. I felt like some of them remembered their fierce spirit. They were staring me down because I was pretty close.

I moved back and did the form Cat Snake and Crane to honor the hunters and the defenders. I did the form well with a lot of animal spirit.

If you watch to the end (or just FF to the end) you can hear one of the park rangers telling us to get on the other side of the road. Pretty cool that we were on our final take so we were done there anyhow, and it shows the feel of the place I think more so than if someone wasn't yelling at us for being too close to the wildlife.

Then we drove past the lake up to Old Faithful! (We actually made it this time)

It looked like we had made it just in time to see it go off, however, everyone in the benches were getting up and leaving. Really? After we kinda sorta almost maybe broke our necks to get here? We sat there for a while, ate some snacks, and gave into the fact that it was probably going to be another hour before it went off again. Joe, being the person that he is, went inside the lodge and asked when Old Faithful was due for another show (7ish), if there were any vacancys (hell no, are you crazy? not in the whole park), and if we were rushed for time (getting cold here even during the days) where we should hit. Well, the Grand Tetons were having road construction so bad that they have one way traffic at parts, so we would defiantly have waits. And she said that the Tetons weren't as good as Yellowstone, so if pressed for time, skip. She might have been biased since she worked in Yellowstone, but I find it hard to believe that someone has loyaltys to a park. Then she sent us to 2 more locations on the way to the West entrance, and said that if pressed for time, we could hit one before Old Faithful went off again, so we did just that.

On the way we called motels outside the West entrance, and we pretty much snapped up the first place we found a vacancy (at the hotel I really wanted). Westward Ho! (Laura, do you remember Westward Ho?)

Laura and Beth found a food stand at Disneyland that said Westward Ho in Frontier Land, and they of course took it the wrong way, but I really digress.

Then, back to Old Faithful where Joe did Naw Leek Kuen (the strength set I didn't get).
Go ahead and FF from min 1 to min 4, b/c Joe is just sitting there in a horse stance waiting for Old Faithful which is known to be 10 min plus or minus. This was our 3rd take too, so Joe's legs were in that stance almost constantly for about 10 min.

Don't mind my camera work, it was my fist time at Old Faithful, so I wasn't always looking into the screen, but just guessing as I watched it go off for myself (Joe's idea and mine).

Then we stopped at the last place the lady told us about, but it was too dark to see anything, so we rushed off to get to the hotel before it closed.

And, just like in Disney, there was a movie car just out front (totally the car from American Graffiti, or the owner's sons mid life crisis).
And the interior of the office was themed too. It was nice.
The rooms weren't all that themed, but they did have the coolest (or warmest) heating coils.

Posted by - Rain 04:49

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Joe, i think your bison video was awesome and your comments almost brought me to tears - very nice. i saved the pic of the yellow car as "piss yellow" - definitely Harrison Ford's car from American Graffiti - i named it that as soon as I saw it, glad you agree! the old faithful video is amazing. i saw it at midnight, and it didn't really do it justice. thanks.

by georgi r

I was about to say...THAT GIRL LOOKS JUST LIKE LAURA! But...I guess it was Laura...

by BritterBee

wow, blast from the bast, I haven't seen that picture in awhile. And come on, how can you not take it the wrong way?

joe's gonna get mauled by a buffalo if he's not careful...that park ranger yelling at you guys was hilarious. you'll have to edit that out with some music or something...

by Laurr

"piss yellow" - definitely Harrison Ford's car from American Graffiti
mom, you disappoint. Ford was driving the black car, the main character had the piss yellow one. shame on you!

by - Rain

whats the fun in Westward Ho if its not taken the wrong way?

by buddy-JC

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