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A city by any other name might not be as sweet!

So we got our free coffee from the Sinclair gas station (the hotel owner also owned the gas station next door), and I took my last picture of the Yellowstone ravens (we think they are making out).

Now we began to head for Craters of the Moon National Park, not Canyon of the Crescent Moon which I had told Joe was next on our agenda the previous morning.
Joe: "Hey V! I looked up what Canyon of the Crescent Moon is, and its the place where they filmed the last scenes in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!)
Vanessa: "Really!? Joe, we defiantly can't skip that! But, I could have sworn that was in Israel or thereabouts."

Yeah... my mind is not what it used to be.

However, it was kinda like a surprise gift, we didn't know where the hell we were going until we got there. Exciting, and very trusting of my grandma who practically planned our entire American trip!

But, as so often, we did not make it all the way there today, so we stopped in Idaho Falls, and unlike so many cities (Strongsville which has nothing "Strong" like statures of body builders, or Painsville which had the name before it had the haunted houses), but this place had the best fountain in a city center every (and this was a small town, smaller than the good old S-of-V). It also had a line of 8' straight line falls that stretched at least half a dozen blocks which I didn't get a photo of b/c we passed it too quickly and it was really easy to get lost in this town b/c of all the construction.


We went to a park and made some dinner next to a really cool skate park that I didn't take a picture of for some reason. But it had a half sphere that someone could hypothetically go up once side, turn upside down, and then come back down the other. This place also had a bunch of shelters with benches, and Joe picked out Shelter 3 for our campsite since it was the one with 3 sides rather than the 2 sided one I found.


So until dark we went to Starbucks where there was some sort of Gay Pride meeting. It was really interesting to see so many gay men all in one room. I never even saw this when I was in college (am I old enough to say that? I guess so).
I didn't get all of them in the shot b/c I didn't want them to know I was one of those people.

Then after dark we drove back into the park, and then pushed the bike into the shelter. Then we propped up a picnic table to cover the bike, and then rolled out a sleeping bag under another table. Joe propped up one more picnic table, but after much debating and loosing (on my side) he finally figured out that one table stood up on end looks different, but explainable. 2 picnic tables stood up on end however says you are hiding something.

This ones for you Corey,
we haven't lost our knack for creative free housing yet:

Good thing too, because all sorts of people were at the park after dark! One was racing himself on the roads, then another was doing god only knows, but it was enough to get the cops to come! I knew there were people at the park, but I couldn't hear what was going on, and Joe just told me to go to sleep, so I did. It wasn't until the next morning that he told me that when the car pulled away and shinned their headlights into the shelter as they pulled away, a cop was right there watching them leave! Luckily, we escaped that morning w/o notice.

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wow, the Ravens from hell (Reivans? spelling) Alfred Hitchcock must have gotten his inspiration for 'The Birds' here!

by georgi r

you shadeballs...

by Laurr

yea good thing you didn't put up two tables. Nifty hiding spot.

by buddy-JC

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