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Moon Landing

Day 2 at Craters of the Moon

Note: If your liking the Kung Fu videos, I added some to the previous blog (uploading videos takes a good wifi connection)

In the morning we pack up as usual (very slowly), and we say good by to Hayden. Hayden was out neighbor for the night, and he had the coolest walking cane that he said had a natural spiral up the shaft because that was where a vine curled around the wood. He held the cane and stomped his feet as he shifted his weight just like Mr. Allen (our Sifu at Green Dragon). Joe and I both came to this observation separately too, and the strange thing was, it made me kinda warm up to Hayden more, even thought I don't think I spoke more than a half dozen sentences to Mr. Allen in the 5 years I knew him. Anyhow, Hayden was a retired professor who had some pretty good hunting stories, and he just travels around national parks by himself, camping, and doing his own thing for his vacations. He also warned us that he was at Este's Park (Near Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado) for Memorial Day weekend, and he couldn't even leave his car there were so many people there. He wasn't too put out though, because he also said it was snowing there! Now that was a few weeks ago, so you can imagine how much Joe told me absolutely no Este's Park. I am always a bit sad when he uses logic and reason against my want to see everything, but at the same time, I'm grateful not to have gone to Este's Park b/c I was cold in Colorado w/o being in the snow. But, I get ahead of myself. Back to Idaho!

So we leave to go to the Indian Caves which the woman at the visitors center told us is a must see if we are pushed for time.

Here, for something out of this world (I know why people are so cliché , it's a disease that is caught by being exposed to the cliché in the first place, which is almost unavoidable. Its like the first cliché writer was a rabbit, and then the cliché spread like wild fire (or should I have stuck with the original metaphor?) Wow, Joe may take a long time to write about his thoughts or what we really did, but I get side tracked on the most worthless topics.) So, without further adeu, here is what Dan, (our Tai Chi instructor) claims is the original set of Tai Chi:


On the trail a woman approached us and asked if we were the ones on the motorcycle (how does everyone always know? Do we look wind blown?) She wanted to know because she was originally from Medina! Joe checked to see if she had ever heard of the Asian Martial Arts school, or of Master Yang himself (the school is in Medina), and not so surprisingly, she had not. But we hung out with her for a bit and talked about how beautiful it is out west, and she took this picture for us. Notice, she was very adamant about getting the sign in the picture so we can remember where we were (cool). And the next picture is her walking away from us (we were taking our time a bit, and she had dogs waiting for her in the car. Craters of the Moon was very particular about where you walked, and they didn't allow pets almost anywhere).

And then, into Indian Cave! This was really neat, and its basically whats called a lava tunnel where lava once flowed underground before its exit point at a volcano.

Joe and I had a long heart to heart in the caves, so we didn't end up leaving them as soon as we hand planned (are you surprised? We still kinda are. Or at least I am. I don't think much could surprise Joe.)

But when we left, ahh, it was nice to see the sun again (being inside a moon crater is tough. Mynock's chewing on the power cables an all (Justin would get it, ask him, or maybe my mom, sorry mom if I underestimated your Star Wars knowledge).


Then it was really cool because we haven't been allowed to walk off the paths the entire park, but to get back to the path from where the lava tube exited we got to follow these wooden poles that they had in the lava every 20 feet or so. So that was very nice and fun, so much fun we didn't remember to take pictures! We suck! But Joe did take a picture of what we were walking over (just imagine a wooden pole somewhere off in the distance).


Then we left Craters of the Moon for the college version of riding (we are going to pull an all-nighter).

We decided to take a break as the sun started to go down to get me some frigging coffee (Joe is a night person, he needs no caffeine), and to grab some grub. The Flying J restaurant had WiFi, so we stopped in there to get some coffee and blog, and then we were going to head across the street to Subway for dinner. Joe was so excited about driving all night, and the sunset was so pretty over the mountains, that he asked the family in the car next to us to take our picture.


Joe told me that he was going to do some Chi Gong outside, but when he got back, I realized he did a bit more than that. Our waitress came out with the largest slice of Chocolate Lucifer cake I have ever had. There was even a candle. So, as promised, Joe came through with my first free un-birthday cake. It was so big, that even with the two of us going at it, we still had to take breaks. Then, to spice things up a bit (not that it needed it b/c it was really good), we poured my coffee onto the plate and ate it like mush, and awe man, it was the best un-birthday cake ever.

Then we drove all night, making only a few stops to wake up a bit, and to get inside and warm up. Once the bike wouldn't start back up and Joe had me run out to the street and start flagging cars down to see if anyone had jumper cables. Then I hear Joe screaming my name, and I turn around to see him driving the bike with one hand, the other hand swinging in the air like he was riding a horse at a rodeo. I guess he remembered something from a movie he once saw, or a book he read, he couldn't remember. But the important part was he remembered that if your battery is dead, you can get your car started by going down a hill while starting the engine b/c then the battery doesn't have to get the gears moving. This was a bit trickier on a motorcycle, but I'll let Joe fill in the details another time.

Then, the blue in the sky began to peek out of the horizon. It was almost 6 am, and I am losing it, so when Joe asked me if I was ready to find a park to sleep at, I practically bit his head off with my "YES!" So we pulled off and searched on the GPS for the nearest park. When we got there we just took the sleeping bag off the back of the bike, and we set it up under a tree on the other side of the picnic area. The sun was just beginning to rise as I pulled my had on over my eyes. When we woke up it was about mid day, and a few people were trickling into the park, but the great thing was that they didn't care that there were two people napping in the park. Its okay to camp, just not when you'd like to. (Or so we thought!)


I wake up around 2pm to some ambulances off in the distance, and I decide to go to the bathroom. When I finally made it over to the restrooms one of the ambulances had pulled into the Elementary Schools parking lot next to the park we were in. I thought, "Huh, its the weekend." Then when I get out of the restroom I see a cop talking to Joe. Yeah, the ambulance and fire truck were for us. I guess someone called them and said that someone had been lying next to a motorcycle for a few hours, and they weren't moving. That was all the cop knew. We weren't even really near the bike, but that's okay. He took our names down, and said that we could continue to nap there as long as the park was open (until dusk).

Now, I was getting this story slowly over the next few hours of sleep b/c Joe was so groggy, he couldn't even really remember what happened. One of the times he woke up he told me that when the cop approached him he said, "Can I ask you your name?" and Joe replied in his polite/ innocent voice "Yes." Then there was a pause... The cop eventually caught on and said, "What is your name?" I think the cop knew that Joe had no mal-intent, but that he was just not a morning (mid day) person. Anyhow, we finally got up sometime in the afternoon, made some pb&j, and headed out for Salt Lake City.

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NEVER underestimate my Star Wars knowledge! (of course, you spelled Mynocks correctly!)
A very merry unbirthday to you! Lucifer is my fav! Now, I need some.
Also, you can follow the link below, cuz at 7is AM Cleveland time on Friday morning, NASA is going to let a satellite crash into the moon, and you can watch it live here:

it is near the south pole of the moon i believe, and they say you can see ejecta with a good telescope!

by georgi r

haha, yeah its probably not good to sound like a smart ass to the police. The cave looked cool

by BritterBee

The driving-down-a-hill-to-start-the-car bit was done in Little Miss Sunshine (2006)!! That movie is really good and not that old. You guys should have remembered it.

Hey, my law office is getting set up. Give me some White Dragon paraphernalia, and I'll put it on display.

by ndwitkin

I'll have to remember that car starting info. good stuff! Pretty ridiculous that the person that called didn't check on you first.

by buddy-JC

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