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Salty with a Chance of Lake

Driving to Salt Lake City we passed a Cedar Point -esque park called Lagoon (I even saw a Power Tower, Top Thrill Dragster, and a Gemini), and it had billboards for their October weekend special Frightmares! (HalloWeekends, ahhh, now I can say Ohio did something better). Then we hit the city, and I can say that the name was misleading (unlike Idaho Falls, I only wish I knew of this example sooner). With a name like Salt Lake City, you'd figure there would be a great big salt lake that you could see from the city. But yeah, you really couldn't.


They should have called it Mountain Valley City. But I guess we might have missed the part of the city where you could see the lake, but we did drive pretty high on one of the interstate bridges. Anyways, not all disappointing. We searched out a Starbucks and ended up in a very ritzy outdoor mall area with the coolest Disney-esque dancing fountain.


And there were a bunch of other fountains that pooled as they flowed down the stairs.

And every hour music will play and the fountain will dance along with the music! I was blogging at Starbucks when Joe saw it happen, and his was a classical piece. Then he sent me out the next hour and it was Leann Rimes singing America the Beautiful. Then when we were getting ready to leave Joe realized that it was almost time for another show, so we decided to buy a pint of Ben and Jerry's (Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road) to watch the show with.

And the icing on the cake,
Joe found flat screens on all the urinals at the sports bar he stopped in to take a leak.

Then we took a quick tour of the city to see the Mormon's.


And then we drove into the mountains. It got really cold at night really fast in the mountains, so when we stopped for gas we geared up with extra pants and shirts (we've even been known to use the hand towel we stole from one of the motels as a scarf). Then we drove through the next major town and found an RV camp just on its outskirts. This time we played it smart and parked all the way in the back boonies away from the bathrooms. Strange thing about this park though was the white (I kid you not) picket fences around the not very mobile looking homes. It was basically a permanent community that also had extra space for RV's to park in. I was really cold and excited for a shower, but when I got to the really shady looking bathrooms a guy in the RV over couldn't stop staring at me, and I got nervous that he actually recognized that I was an outsider who didn't pay. I tried to act as nonchalant about it as possible, but I don't think I pulled it off very well. Then when I got in the bathroom I noticed that all the hot water nozzles had been removed! So I disappointingly brushed my teeth and then left through the shadows away from that guy's RV. This ended up getting me very lost, and when I got back to our spot behind someone's spare trailer I was moody, cold, and a little freaked. So we just tried to go to sleep very quickly and warm up.

Posted by - Rain 21:36

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awesome video of the fountains, i actually cried when the dad kissed the head of his little son in the wheelchair, still crying - that was so awesome! goosebumps!
just picture brittany there about 15 years ago, or 15 minutes ago - she would have loved it! also loved the kid in the diaper and black tennies!

by georgi r

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, sheryl, i'm with you, i commented on the last 3 blogs and they didn't show. i love the fountains, I actually cried, for awhile about the little boy in the wheelchair, especially at the end when his dad kissed him on the head. and i love the diaper kid with the black tennies.

by georgi r

The town looked really cool, was that a cathedral I saw in the distance?

by BritterBee

This is my fourth time trying to post to this one. I love the wheelchair kid, he and his dad made me cry, especially when his dad kissed the boy's head!
And the flat screens in a sports bar bathroom, hysterical, guys are weird!

by g

This is my fourth time trying to post to this one. I love the wheelchair kid, he and his dad made me cry, especially when his dad kissed the boy's head!
And the flat screens in a sports bar bathroom, hysterical, guys are weird!

by georgi r

The "Cathedral" in the distance is a Mormon Temple.

by - Rain

yikes, they all posted!

by georgi r

tv's above the urinals is pretty amusing. I saw that the speedway at prospect and royalton has TV's at the pumps now. Playing CNN so we can all stay up to date with our paranoia.

by buddy-JC

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