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A Town Where Food Falls from the Sky Like Rain

Roar Means: I heart Van - Corey's signing of my cast (It also came with a drawing of a dinosaur)

The next morning we got up around 6am (sunrise) and headed to the nearest cafe to warm up.

Approximately where we slept last night:

At the cafe I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so I jut inside and told Joe that I would find him at the table. While I was in the bathroom I decided to brush my teeth and wet my hair (hobo shower). An old lady walked in while I was brushing my teeth and cradling by broken wrist b/c it gets creeky in the cold and I was trying to warm it up (she is suspect 1). When I get to the table Joe is sitting there with a very large cookie and a coffee. I smile, and we share the $3 breakfast as we warm up. The plan is to chill here until around 8am when the temperature would be nicer for driving, but not quite nice enough to head out, and then we would hit up a cafe in town with free WiFi until around 10am. I protest the 10am because Joe is always talking about how cold it is in the morning on the bike, but I always have to remind him that it is colder after dark. Then he retorts with "but we aren't going to drive at night," of which I reply with evidence that proves otherwise. We always somehow manage to drive later than our internal thermometers would like, but lately it has been because Perp is acting up and overheating b/c of the hole in our radiator.

In mid argument our waitress came over with 2 large plates of food! I give a big gawking grin to Joe, thinking that he was trying to trick me with the whole cookie to hold me over until we go to a different place, then we can get an egg and toast. But then she said that it was on the house. I am embarrassed, and overwhelmed. Both of us are grinning and trying to figure out what just happened. I thought back to that woman in the restroom who saw me washing my hair and brushing my teeth, and that she just told the waitress to keep it anonymous. Joe goes with the obvious, that the waitress talked to her boss about us and they decided to feed us breakfast.


They even gave us different meals so if we liked something else we could trade. This was the way to do it, like the universe was trying out different methods of feeding us, and it finally got it right.
Attempt 1: ask them directly (thank you but we're fine)
Attempt 2: have a waitress ask them for you (awww, tell them thank you, but we're fine)
Attempt 3: just send the food over (ahm ahm ahm (<- sound of eating), mmmmmm, thank you, ahm ahm)

As we are slowing down our waitress came over and asked us if we would like a box. We didn't have the room on our bike, nor did we have a place to heat it up again, and we told her no worries, we can eat it all (Joe had to finish mine, but isn't that why I keep him around?).

I talked on the phone with Brittany while Joe was in the bathroom and we came up with some really cool ideas for her character in our story. Autumn has become one of my new favorite bad guys, and I ended up coming up with an entire chapter focusing on when my character first meets her called Ireland After the Fall. This chapter will take place after the fall of the martial arts studio we all attend, and after the leaves start changing colors so as to give us an excuse to mention that she was born on the Autumnal equinox and that is why her powers are greatest in the Fall (and why her parents named her Autumn). It also kinda parallels my own situation where my parents called me Vanessa, which means butterfly, and for unknown reasons (unless you know what my name means) I like and have a lot of stuff with butterflies. Its kinda out of my personality, but it became part of my personality just because of the name I was born with. Ok, that was more of a side note for myself than anyone else, than you for listening.

Then we took off for Dinosaur National Park and inadvertently passed through the Uinta National Park that just couldn't be captured on camera. I tried, I really did. But with other sites your own imagination helps make the pictures great, like pictures of waterfalls. You've seen waterfalls, and when you see our pictures of them, you can imagine what it was like. But with these, you have to really try to remember not just seeing trees with their colors changing, but the most breathtaking color changing scenes you've ever seen.


Then we stopped to get gas, and as we pull out Joe sees a sign.


Free popcorn with fill up. So we got a bag of free popcorn. Free breakfast and a free snack, not bad for a days work (and what we are doing is work).

Then more driving, and we passed through a town where there were so many flowers I couldn't believe it! Joe said that when he was in the grocery store here he herd people complaining about how their tax dollars were being spent.

By sunset we hit Dinosaur National Park, and I realize where Doug's dinosaur outside of the Badlands might have come from.


It could possibly be the Sinclair gas station dinosaur. I don't think we mentioned this yet, but this is not the second green brontosaurus we've come by, its the 4th, and Sinclair gas is to the west like BP is to the east; they're everywhere.

And now for the briefest national park stay ever:

Dinosaur National Park.


Dinosaur National Park, sadly, did not have any dinosaurs. In fact it didn't seem to have anything. No people, no animals, not a sound in the whole landscape. We rode in at around 5 and it was an unbelievably quiet peaceful ride. Sometimes I stopped and turned off the motor so we could hear the nothingness. The cliff rock formations were amazing looking. I imagined herds of wild animals roaming the endless lands because this was the first place including yellowstone that really looked like it should have them. Yellowstone was too commercial and had too many people. I thought we had three days till Van's appointment and Perp seemed to be dying. He was running hot and now the radiator was leaking at just about any speed no matter what I did with stop-leak. I thought Wed. to Wed. would be 7 days, but it was six days later.

Now the bad news, today is Monday, and my appointment is Wednesday, and between us are the Rocky Mountains, and half the state of Colorado.

Joe: "The bike can't make it."
Vanessa: "What do you mean the bike can't make it?"

And the fight ensues. We could have skipped over the Rockies had we come straight form Yellowstone a week ago, but we decided not to skip Craters of the Moon and Dinosaur Monument. I was kinda excited too when we got here because the camp site was in the bone queries (whatever that actually means), and I really wanted to see this place in the daylight. I've been pushing Joe to move fast on this trip, and he has been pushing me to slow down. Now my appointment is at risk, and its not even my appointment, its the rescheduling of my appointment since we couldn't make the last one.

Joe: "We are going to have to hitchhike... My parents did it their entire honeymoon."
Vanessa: "Hitchhike. Really.? The day before my appointment over 350 miles away, I'm supposed to hold out my broken hand and hope for a sympathy ride? Your parents hitched rides back in the 70's when it was common and they didn't have any place they really needed to be on a particular date..."

Did I know this about their honeymoon? No. No I did not, but I was just guessing while trying to get across the difference in situations, which I was pretty sure that there were. Obviously we had more words, but you can probably fill in the details. Basically, I wasn't risking missing my appointment again. I needed a sure thing; so I called my mom. This is a strange thing for me to say, because whenever I'm in a bind my first instinct is not to call my mother, I'm just not one of those people. But ever since I broke my wrist, I've become that type of person. I don't know how many times we've called her this trip to check what the weather is going to be like, or find us a place to stay for the night. But this time I was calling her to find me a train, buss, rental car, anything to get me from the Utah/ Colorado border to Denver in one day.

I set up the tent and the air mattress while he made fire and dinner, and then I called my mom back. Brittany and my mom couldn't find a train or buss on such short notice for exactly where I am want want to go, but Brittany did find a rental car place at the only airport from where I was all the way to Denver. It was in a town we passed through about 10 miles back west. I believe this was the flower town we passed through. $44 a day and I could have a nice heated car all to my self! Needless to say, I was kinda excited! Freedom! I could drive again (I used to love driving before gas became the second most expensive thing I paid for next to rent). Joe had said he wanted to stay in one place longer, so he could stay here, see the sights, and then when I came back in 2 or 3 days, he could quickly show me around the cool parts and we could head south. It was already getting down in the lower 30's at night, so we couldn't stay too long, but this sounded perfect. Joe, however, thought it sounded too expensive and that I should just swallow my pride and hitch.

So I called Laura. We talked for a few hours, and she agreed that the rental car sounded like the best plan for getting me to my appointment on time. We also agreed that since we were hitting the first month together on the trip soon, that a few days apart might ease some of our tensions.

So with that, we slept.

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i love vanessa's, what i'm gonna call "YUM" face. she looks so happy to eat. please feed her more Joe! :) i also love all the flowers, wow!

by georgi r

did you guys read Joe's mom's email? they only hitchhiked ONE day on their honeymoon. our comments are not posting. ohh, i love vanessa's face. please feed her more!

by georgi r

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