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Shacking it up

After packing up and leaving our beautiful hotel I went to the post office to mail home my cast (no, I didn’t keep the pins, I didn’t even look at them I was so not in the mood at the time. Now I wish I kept them though. My physical therapist asked me if I was going to make jewelry out of my pins. He was surprised I didn’t keep them. Me too, me too.) Then I met Joe at the grocery store and while we were there the cutest dog sat outside and waited for his owner to get done shopping.


Funny thing, she let everyone pet him as they tried to enter the store, except for Joe. He even tried again a little later, not coming to her from inside the store, but from behind like everyone else was, and she still tried to bite him. I had to call him off eventually because we didn’t need him getting bitten, but you know him, he was determined to get this dog to like him.

We did some laundry at this tanning salon/ motel (all in one!) and Joe added French vanilla creamer (the creamy liquid kind, not that fake power crap with hydrogenated oils) to our U cereal, and omg, if you ever want to make adult cereal (that sounds naughty) like kid cereal, that is how to do it. It reminded me of Rice Crispy Treat cereal (mmmm, I’m making you want some now aren’t I?). Then we drove across the street to a dumpster behind a gas station so he could change the oil on the bike (and yes, we have been looking for places to dump the oil, but every Auto Zone-ish place we go to they do not dispose of oil, so on a trip when we don’t have weeks to keep looking for a place, what are we to do? Also, if you have a suggestion, really to tell us, because we feel bad about not disposing of it proper, and if there is a way we could find dump sites around our rout, we will totally do it, we just don’t know how).

He also added some coolant and other things, and when I say he, I mean he. Not to be ridiculously girlish again, but I’m going to be. I walked over to Starbucks and blogged. Then we headed for the notorious shack!
We started off by leaving the bike under a tunnel under the interstate.


Very Harry and Dudley when the Dementors attack them at the beginning of the 5th movie. Then we climbed up the concrete slope up to the road, and around the fence. Then we casually walked along the high grass next to the interstate until we came to a break in the fence by a path. This path was not a real path, but an ATV could still probably fit on it. Up the side of the mountain we went, through some trees, then up a steep and rocky slope, and there it was.


On the far side of the shack and down about 15 feet you could see the shelter that had been broken down and unused until the builders of the shack got to it. Wood was strewn in front of the shack, maybe it’s still a work in progress, and inside we found a camo hunting jacket that made me think…


“Yes, come and use our shack. We have a fire pit, kick up your feet, make some food, then get some rest.” But then, just like in that short story where the sailors get shipwrecked on an island where there just happens to be a mansion where this expert hunter lives, and he just happens to be nice enough to let them stay, and nice enough to feed them, and teach them to hunt. But then, on the last day before the supply ship was to come them man tells the sailors to run, because he was going to hunt them! And to top this creepy feeling off, Joe decided he didn’t want to sleep on the air mattress inside the tent with the sleeping bag in the main part of the shack. He wanted to sleep next to the fire pit and tend to it every few hours all through the night. So I was cold, alone, and wondering if it was Joe moving around tending to the fire, or someone intending to cook us in the fire!

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The shack is an amazing construction. The note looks like local kids wrote it--great that you caught that in a photo. But still I can see why you might get a creepy feeling of it possibly being a trap--your story definitely sounds like it could turn into one of those horror tales for young adults.

by Sheryl S

OK, Hansel and Gretel, that shack is seriously creepy, think Deliverance, or Tim Robbins again in War of the Worlds - my first reaction to the pictures was an out loud "Oh, My God!"

by georgi r

The most dangerous game, one of my favorite short stories

by BritterBee

pretty awesome shack! though I would definitely be a bit creeped out sleeping there.

by buddy-JC

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