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Denny's Night Out!

(the kid doesn't get out much)

We wake up in the shack together the next morning (yeah, my bed is irresistible). Then, after seeing that we lived through the night, Joe decided to run back to the bike and get some breakfast. On the way a bag got caught on the fence as he was heading down the cement slope from the tunnel and fell. It was a pretty epic fall, but other than that we made it out of the shack in one piece. I thought for sure this looming water trap was going to spring on us at any moment, but it held.


Then after leaving the shack rather late we headed back to the Starbucks in the next town west (out of our way) to get those hiking shoes I saw the day before my appointment! But when I looked at the shoes I swear there were more on sale. The guy who worked there said no, so I really only had one choice because the ones on sale in the guy department only came in size 9 an up (I am a size 6). But I liked the girl shoe that was on sale well enough, and the guy said he’d give them to me for $44 rather than $49 (and they were $85 originally). So I got them, and I strung my Van’s onto the speakers of the bike hoping to find some sort of clothing/ shoe donation box.


Then we headed for Colorado Springs back towards Denver.

(look for the waterfall, no wait, now look for it: )
(now look for the possible owners of the shack waving to Joe as we pass them by on their way to the shack: )

But once we headed south for an hour or so it started to get dark, so Joe asked if there were any cheap motels around, and they told us that there was nothing cheep south, but back north into the town we could find some. So we tried to find these cheap motels all the way until after dark, and failed (we did find a shoe donation box though, yay us!). So we did the only sensible thing we could think to do in the middle of a town we didn’t scout for camping before dark, we decided to pull an all-nighter at Denny’s.


We started the night at 8pm by having breakfast for dinner, and then we blogged a bit (and it was the frigginist cold Denny’s I’ve ever been in). Then around 10pm we bought an entire pecan pie (only $7.99). This would hold us over for the rest of the night, and then we were going to buy something for breakfast. Around 11:30pm it was time for Joe’s shift, so I lay out on the booth and had until 4am until it was my shift to stay up. Joe, thankfully, told the manager about the temp, and it got warmer. Even so, it still wasn’t easy to sleep, so I woke about every hour, but the sleep wasn’t as bad as the really cold nights outside when I’d just never get to deep sleep. Then I got up around 5 till 4am, splashed some water on my face in the bathroom, and it was Joe’s turn to sleep.


I didn’t get much blogging in, because unlike this night, I was going to find a motel ahead of time, so I searched motels.com and found a motel 6 miles from Garden of the Gods for $44 a night and I booked it. Unfortunately, around 6:30 one of the waitresses came over and told us that he had to sit up, so he didn’t get very much sleep that night. But after we got breakfast we boxed (or cupped b/c it was the only thing with a lid) or last piece of pie and headed outside around 9am to take a nap at the park right next to the Denny’s.

Joe found some attack ducks. It was pretty funny, as we walked past the lake all the ducks started swimming at us in attack formation. For details of what this looks like, Joe suggests you watch the preview for the Avatar movie. Look for the Fire Nation ships, and replace them with ducks, and you'll know what we are talking about... right?

And the neatest bank called C Bank, and the building is kinda in the shape, I guess, or a C.


They had a really nice view from their back into the park/ lake. We slept here until around 11am.


Then we headed out again for Colorado Springs. The bike was messing up big time now, and Joe was losing pressure in the engine, and oil was spraying out along with coolant. It was leaking so bad I have one tan shoe and one dark brown shoe (nothing golden will ever last). We stopped by a farm to get some more water for the radiator, and we decided that it was time to take the bike to a shop. We made it to Garden of the Gods rather late because of the bike trouble, so we planned to only stay a little since we were going to be here tomorrow too getting the bike fixed (and yes, Joe was going to get to hitchhike back here tomorrow while the bike was in the shop).


We walked a few trails and sat down to make some dinner right next to where a wedding was taking their bridal pictures (we weren’t the only ones). And they weren’t the only wedding taking pictures, a woman told me that she had already passed another one a few hours ago, and while we were there for only about an hour and a half, I saw 2 more (and all the brides were blonds, it was kinda strange. The whole town was either blond or Hispanic. I felt out of place, and a minority. Not terribly so, but I did feel like I needed a tan or a bottle of Scandinavian blond hair dye.)


That night we stayed in a really nice motel, even if our door wasn’t a nice as the ones on the front of the motel.


Hey, at least they gave us an Outdoor Adventure Pack!


(Just what every rugged man needs, sugar trail mix bars and tampons). Joe watched our Free HBO (Fred Clause), and I took a bath. Then, early night sleep (since we still weren’t working on even a half night’s sleep), and b/c North by Northwest was going to take like a day to download on my laptop, and for the first time, we had a day to download.

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wow, all blonde brides, sounds like Stepford Wives! North by Northwest is perfect, just what you guys need to watch. Watch out for cropdusters though.

by georgi r

Well at least you can say you called Denny's your home once! And ever rugged man needs trail mix and tampons (for the nose bleeds). :-)

by buddy-JC

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