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(Rock) Garden of the Gods

(Joe needed that clarification since he was disappointed that I wasn't in danger of being stung by bees, I however, really enjoyed the feng shui)

Continental Breakfast! Our alarm didn’t work, so I woke up with only an hour to go, and I left Joe in the hotel room for the lounge. He came about 5 min. later, but I wasn’t waiting a minute of free breakfast, because I need breaks when I eat a lot, I can’t just scarf for an hour straight like Joe. Then I paid for one more night at the motel so we could get the bike fixed, but then the bike seems okay! So we went to Garden of the Gods again and decided to just enjoy the leisure at a park with a motel in the future.

(This little girl was so cute! We were seeing cute kids all day, but this one was my favorite. She was rolling around on the ground, giggling with the puppy rolling around with her. I wish I had a video of it, it was great, but as you can see, we didn't even have time to get a good pic of it before they stopped playing.


Joe was just messing around on a rock about 10' up, but this guy was really climbing the rocks connected to the ones Joe was on.


Then nearing the end of the day Joe asks if I could put more stop leak in the radiator, and I do while he goes on a walk. Then he was going to change the oil while I went on my walk. But, just after Joe got back and asked if the bike was ready to be turned off, I said naw, give it one more minute to run the stop leak though the system, and then all went kaflooy! The bike exploded in steam and ooze. “Turn it off!” an older man yelled at Joe, and so he did. I’ve never seen Purp ooze like this, it was everywhere, just puddles on the ground of coolant colored liquid silver Animantium. The guy said in his thick southern accent, that our jug’s seals were shot and we wouldn’t be able to drive it anywhere. Call a toe I guess, and I got on the phone to do so. Then we decided not to. Yeah, we are going to have to stay one more day in Colorado Springs to really fix the bike this time, but we agreed that we would try to drive it back to the hotel, and if we need a toe, then we would get the damn tow.

We ended up making it back to the hotel and we watched North by Northwest.

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YAY North by Northwest. I love the name you christened the bike by the way.

by BritterBee

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