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Blue Skies

And boys in blue.

We ride down the mountain, past a golden brown landscape of smooth hills covered in small bushes and occasional small green trees. Considering how dry the place looks it’s funny how all we saw here was rain.


We ride into the small town of Montrose, chased by rain. The frost and ice on our tent that morning convinced us to get a motel (Blue Sky Inn). It also convinced us to go to Salvation Army where I bought a new black down jacket (most of the down has fallen out of the armpit hole) and an orange scarf (brand new) for $3, and Joe got a scarf and hat for the same (my jacket was really cheap b/c the front zipper was also broke). And I found the stitching that is above my mom's tv that she said was hand stiched by someone, but come one, this is like a replica. Maybe its like a stich by number.


Yay chill day! After such a chilly night it’s nice to just chill all day in a motel. We check in right on time at 2 in the afternoon at the Blue Skies Motel. We unpack and start calling places to see if we can fix everything on the bike; the radiator hole, the leaky water pump seals. I called around and the place we had set up ended up being a bust.
Our experience is that Honda dealers, just like any corporate dealer, is going to lay off all the older experienced mechanics and hire young guys for low wages. These younguns don’t have much stake in the quality of service, so they don’t tend to care. We got that idea from experience and from the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Some of the older mechanics will also go and start there own business down the street. That’s who we need because our bike is an 82 Silverwing 500 and the younguns have never even seen one of these babies. (V: and mind you, when Joe says younguns, he still means someone probably older than him.)

The guy we found ended up not being down the street from the Honda shop and he was going to charge us an arm and a leg to ship these tiny little parts. The Honda shop not only didn’t know how to work with the bike for the water pump seals, but they actually said that they didn’t want to do it. They told me to take it to Grand Junction Honda because that’s an old shop that might have someone who knows what they’re doing.
I also asked them to price a new radiator. $380 after taxes!!! I thought… shit Now V’s gonna be pissed that we’re stuck here and we won’t even fix the bike. Surprisingly she was cool. Awesome! I suggest, “Why don’t we call Grand Junction Honda and get them to order the parts stay here a couple days get the guy at the radiator shop to plug the hole with epoxy see the black canyon for a few days and then by the time we get to Grand Junction our water pump seals will have their week to be shipped for free!”
V says, “…Sure.”

That’s what we did. I pulled off the radiator (God! Take forever!) just in time to see Juno on HBO at seven. Awesome movie. I never saw it and have just missed being able to watch it, like four times. We had a microwave and minifridge, the two greatest things, and I bought perishable food and we perished it. I got alcohol too. As we watched Juno we got drunk to the best mix drink: Fresh ground coffee wrapped in a piece of gauze dipped in a mix of pure coconut sauce, skim milk, liquor of cacao, and rum.

V: and for the whole movie, we just left the radiator and all of his tools and random bike parts strewn along the sidewalk going to our room b/c Juno was literally just about to start and Joe did not want to miss the movie again.

It’s almost 11 and I’m walking down the road with the radiator in a bag just wearing a sweatshirt. The radiator shop ended up by luck right down the street even though we were in the middle of nowhere just outside of town. They told me to put it in a box behind the building.
The GPS was wrong and I got a little lost. On the way A Sheriff in a huge SUV stopped me and made sure I wasn’t a runaway kid that matched my description. I said, “He doesn’t have long hair does he,” showing my ponytail. The cop said nope and left.

I’m walking back through railroad tracks and pretty roadside flowers beds doing my Kung Fu. I figure out some neat principles of the Dragon and Tiger styles and am in the middle of some violent thrashing movements when the sheriff SUV pulls up. Oops, sorry officer but I’m not crazy. It was two other cops making sure I wasn’t the runaway. These guys checked my soc. (V: because he didn’t have his ID on him… Joe) and made sure I wasn’t a crazy kung fu killer(This is just an average day for us).

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I stitched the picture over the tv! and yes, it wasn't 'stich by number' but it was a kit, and had the outline of the wheat, and then i had to follow the stitching instructions to create the picture (and yes, the yarn was included)

by georgi r

haha, Joe got confused for a kid

by BritterBee

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