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Painted Walls

And Siamese twins

We get up late (because we can!) and I sent out the texts about skyping (I also sent one to Joe’s Mom’s old cell number, and they called us back! I guess a guy’s girlfriend picked up his phone and was all “Who is this?!” and he wanted to know the same, clear is name I guess. I get people into the worst trouble. Remember Bob? Trying to call Heather at 0128, and he called 0127, and we talked b/c I was just driving to Kung Fu and was board. He did it a few more times until I called him on it, then like a week later Heather called and left me a very angry message about having an affair with her husband. I called her back and explained the situation, and she didn’t seem all that surprised. Just think, 2 more numbers off and he could have called my father.)

Joe asked the housekeeping if we could get another sample pack of Tampax (Playtex Joe, not Tampax, but she knew what he was talking about). Then since we didn’t have a bike to go into the Black Canyon with we decided to walk into town and hit up the grocery store for some more milk (we finished off the whole quart last night drinking coconut/ coffee/ chocolate liquor/ milk mixed drinks to Juno).

When we make it to the downtown area we peeked in a few shops and all over the place the walls were painted with murals.


I also found the SheShe Boutique! This is really cool to me because it’s now time to pick on my little sister Brittany. When she was little she would always jump on the trampoline saying “SheSheShawny, SheSheShawny!” We never figured out why. She would always say something was hooy if something was pretty. That she might have picked up from a song, but the first, who knows how her mind works (and yes, I said works, not worked).


I also found a skirt there that I think she would love! Unfortunately it was an outrageous $34 (and that was half off). That topped with shipping to York England = I did not get the skirt (sorry kid, and it came with a packet of 100 different ways to wear it… should have got it just for the packet alone). Then we stopped into the Daily Bread Bakery (Joe’s insisting… again, he’s becoming more like me every day). We tried to pick what to spit for about 10 min. and when we finally did (almond bear claw donut thingy), I tried to pay with credit card, and the woman behind the counter wouldn’t let me. Not wouldn’t let me use a credit card, but wouldn’t let me pay at all. She said it wasn’t worth charging the buck fifty, and when I tried to give her cash, she wouldn’t take it! (Thank you lady from the Daily Bread Bakery! A name that stands up to its title.)


Then just outside the shop we found PAX art! And it was of a raven (the hat is just that, a hat of feathers, it’s a raven I tell you!) And around every corner there was some sort of great painting on the walls of the buildings.
Then we found a Massage and Yoga store, and we wanted to stop in but it was closed. Just as we were leaving the window a woman walked up to us and was asking if we were interested in a Massage (I think Joe was more interested in getting a Massage than doing Yoga, and I’d have to agree since I still can’t really use my left arm), but we told her we were just looking, and she invited us in! The place was really pretty, but she said that she had a friend decorate, so she couldn’t take all the credit. We got to talking, and she said that she couldn’t stay long b/c she was just coming in to go over her lines for the play she was in. It turned out that the dress rehearsal was that night just down the street and she invited us to come (free theather! We were so in!)

So we went to the grocery store and got some things, and then walked back to our hotel. When we got there we chilled, ate some lunch, showered, and then we put the bike together well enough (radiator-less) to drive back to town. Joe said that as long as it was cool outside, the bike really didn’t need the radiator, and we weren’t going very far. It worked.

So, we get to the theater (Holiday Inn conference room!) The play was awesome! (V didn’t think so) And, it was for free.

It was supposed to be a night of one act shorts, but the first was an HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES. Sorry, I’ve been blogging really loud lately. Ain’t it great!!!!! It was about choices and the way we react and change because of traumatic situations. A couple is pregnant and they aren’t quite ready and it ends up being twins. Then, they find out that they’re conjoined (Siamese). Shit. Then, they find out that the smaller baby has a weak heart and is relying on and killing the other. They will probably both die unless they are separated. The little one will die for sure if they are separated. Tough choice. Can we decide to do a surgery that we know will kill one baby. It reminds me of the late abortion for the health of the mother debate. I’m not sure what I’d do. V didn’t like it because it was an early dress rehearsal and they were often reading their lines from band music stands. I thought they were great actors so it made up for it. (Usually free Holiday Inn theater is full of crappy actors).

There was a short one act about baseball umpires, a funny skit about a mom handing down her eating and sleeping disorder to her daughter along with the family pearl necklace (V: the mother in this was the woman from the Yoga studio, and one of the conjoined twins from the first play (she was my favorite actor all night, and the two of them together was awesome!) This was my favorite play of the night), and a crappy monologue about a depressed woman whose husband left her (V’s 2nd favorite, of course).


We pass out on our big beautiful bed for the second night. It’s so nice not having to take everything you own and pack it every day.

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I wish more places in ohio were dolled up like this one. Especially lakewood, I think it would fit the community perfectly. The murals and sculptures were gorgeous. I can't wait to get my own place and cover it in murals!

It's cool you got to see the dress rehersal. It seems like you guys have the best luck when it comes to meeting the friendliest people, who will also not let you go hungry it seems... you guys must look needy to people out there. Everyone is feeding you for free, and joe is being mistaken for a runaway...weird.

by laurr

ps you looked hot in that skirt. brittany missed out.

by laurr

worst present ever! Thanks for the pic! And SheShe Shawny emmmm el bownie keewkeew lawny gahoney frew

by BritterBee

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