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Dirty Bike

We wake up early and drag everything out to the curb and we start eating breakfast (milk and cereal, got to finish that milk). The manager of the motel who is apparently a neat freak comes by and sees our mess of parts in his parking lot. He keeps just standing there and staring at the mess of parts about ten feet away from us. His look is the most blatant powerful look of disgust you can imagine. He glances at us with a more normal look and then glances back at the pile of parts with that horrified face. I tell him that we’ll keep the place clean and be out of his hair soon. He doesn’t look up from his disgusted stare at the parts and says (in his English manner), “Yes, see that you do.”

Then Jerry (sorry if I one: got your name wrong, and two: if I spelled it wrong), the woman who left 6 Paytex trail packs for me in our room, went to make our room, and he went to inspect it with her (and her chiwawa Chico). Immediately he saw that we didn’t turn the heat off (from 65) and he turns to us and asks us if we left the heat on. Jerry tried to cover for us, but I’m not sure how much ne believed her because he started telling us about how we are wasting energy! All I herd when he said this was Jackie Chan in the outtakes for Rush Hour 2 reprimanding Chris Tucker for leaving his cell phone on and answering it while they were rolling. “What are you doing? You’re wasting all our film!” Except rather than being funny and Chinese, this guy was totally serious and British “You’re wasting all our energy!” Jerry told us not to mind him, and that he was extremely anal. However, not wanting to see his horrified face again, we decided to try and speed things up, so milk aside, we were going to get to putting the bike back together.

I ride V to the radiator shop (piggyback maybe?) and drop her off and she pays the $45 for the radiator clean and fix and she walks back. I pack up and get ready for the ordeal. We start working on putting the radiator back in. Sounds easy doesn’t it.

“The horror, the horror.” The day goes by, and it goes by, still can’t get the radiator back in its spot. And the suckest part, we lost a bolt to the horn (not surprising since we left all the tools and parts just on the sidewalk for 2 days) and we had 2 extra parts. They were these L shaped metal parts that went on the radiator somehow… Also, the reason we lost bolts to hold the horn in place was because the bike was built with the horns right in front of the radiator. Joe had to move the horns to get the radiator out, but the metal they were fastened to was welded to the frame, and getting the radiator back in was not as easy as getting it out. We tried putting the radiator frame inside first, then sliding the radiator inside; we tried putting the frame on the radiator and putting both inside; we tried bending the metal piece out of the way, and it was just never far enough. We still had milk to drink, so every hour or so I would make a new bowl of cereal. Jerry sees our milk and tells us to go ahead and put it back in our old fridge (so nice).

It’s actually getting towards sunset now, and it works! The radiator slips in (we may lose the horns now that Joe bent the metal up so much) and Joe figures out what the extra parts are for! I guessed where they should go pretty closely, but they were backwards and upside-down. Right place though, if that counts since I had no idea what they were for. They are attached to the radiator and part of the frame of the bike under the fearing gets fastened onto them. Since the fearing was off and we weren’t even thinking that the frame at the time, it was hard to see what they were for.

But we got the bike back together and didn’t have to see the mean old British guy again! Now, for the first time this trip, drum roll please… we made it to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison where we camp for the night (very cold).


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its amazing how cold it looks as the sun sets in the valley.

by buddy-JC

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