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We wake up (cold but dealing) to a nice sunny day. Joe even stripped down to a t-shirt (but since he sunbathes when its 30 outside, it’s not too surprising). And we spent the day at the Black Canyon.


You can see Joe doing his Leopard form on the walkway here.

Here is Joe, continuing to freak you out, doing Improv Crane:

I wasn’t feeling well that day, but Joe loved every second. But by mid day I was losing all my energy, and I think I might be coming down with the flu. Hot and cold running chills, head ach, hunger but nausea, the works.
Sad thing was, this was the day we panned on going to the Chinese Buffet. Joe had been talking for weeks about going to the next Chinese Buffets with a Sushi Bar, and low and behold there was one just between the downtown area and the Blue Sky Inn. Joe was worried that I needed to at least east something, but I just laid on the sidewalk and tried to hide from the extreme wind. Joe suggested that maybe we could go to a café in town and just blog tonight, but we weren’t sure if the buffet was open on Sundays, so we decided to just get me out of the windy mountains and see how I felt.

Getting onto the bike I immediately felt better. I think the helmet really warmed my head that I hadn’t realized was freezing. And when we got down into Montrose I was feeling more of myself now that there wasn’t any wind, and we decided to go to the buffet. Joe, however, wanted to change to the Himalayan Buffet we passed on the way. So we left the Chinese Buffet to go back to the Himalayan one, but they weren’t open yet, so it was back to the Chinese one, and I was completely ready by the time we sat down to eat something since I hadn’t had anything since breakfast, and I need little snacks during the day, especially when I feel sick coming on.


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black canyon!!!! beautiful!!!!! was that campsite just up for grabs, free off the side of the road? if so, thats amazing.

by laurr

No, none of the camp sites we have been to are free. Most of them are self registration. You put your money in the pay slot and the ticket stub with the dates you paid for and your license plate on the main board (showing people what sites are occupied) and another stub at the numbered post at the site. We basically try our luck. Sometimes a park ranger will drive by and leave us a notice to pay, but as long as we are inside the tent when they drive by that's all that happens. If we are outside when that happens, they talk to us and we explain that we wanted to scout out what the sites looked like before we picked one, and that we would be happy to pay him right then (which he was pretty much not leaving until we did... free loaders!)

by - Rain

I think Joe needs some adult supervision!

by georgi r

Getting sick while camping is the worst. That does look like another great camp site.

by buddy-JC

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