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First full tour of the Black Canyon. It was a dreary day, but I thought it fit the canyon better than hot/ cold, sunny/ windy day we had yesterday. It’s a cold fall day in the mountains, let it at least by cloudy, you know?


This next one is for Scu!


We made it to the end of the road through the canyon, but getting there we agreed to pass all of the trails to lookout points and save those for the way back.

Here is Dragon's point:

On the way back we ended up walking a lot more than we had though, and we were down to the last 2 trails, and it was getting really cold and windy now. We were discussing whether or not to skip these trails since they were so close to other lookouts we had already seen when we hear a huge crash! The wind knocked the bike over! Our stuff hit the curb, and it was our worst spill since I dumped it because it was free falling. The times Joe has dumped the bike he has let it down as gently as humanly possible, but this was just wicked hard. We got the laptop off as it was bending the trunk with its weight, and we pushed the bike back over. I left to run down the hill to fetch the helmets when I hear another crash. I climbed back up the hill to see Joe jumping in the air with the throttle handle in hand, swearing something under his breath, and the bike was tipped over onto its other side. I guess he was holding the bike up by the right handle bar when a gust of wind blew the bike over to the left so hard that the soft handle slipped right off the throttle. We decided that this was a sign that we were done walking trails for the day, so we pack up, and put our helmets on. They aren’t good. The visors (especially Joe’s) got really scratched up.

When we got back to the tent I made us a cucumber/ walnut wrap and a yellow pepper/ pecan/ coconut drizzle wrap while Joe checked on his hunting trap he set the other day. Then after dinner we hopped in the tent early and Joe read me this trail guide he really liked, and then we played drinking games with the rum/ coco liquor, and coconut ooze to Joe reading the Laws of Spirit.

Drink when:
1.) The sage wanders off inexplicably
2.) Dan asks a dumb question
3.) The sage says “Traveler”
4.) Green is mentioned
5.) Love is mentioned

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Where's the roller coasters?

by georgi r

oh sweet jesus. I love how Joe says "lean out" in the first vid. Thats a don't touch me moment lol. Awesome pictures as always!

by buddy-JC

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