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THC with TLC

Time to leave. We left the Black Canyon for the last time, and we were going to do our laundry in town before heading to Glenwood Springs, but we stopped to get some groceries first at the City Market (that’s the actual name, like Giant Eagle, but less creative). Then we spent forever there, and then Joe wanted to go to Auto Zone to get some scratch remover, and we spent forever and a day there. He ended up really messing up his visor, so much so that he decided to just drive without one until he had time to work on it some more (things have to get worse before they get better right?) It was almost 5pm before we finally got the hell out of Montrose.

This next one is for Nana (but probably Brittany b/c I don't actually know her friend from Japan)

We made it a few towns over when we stopped to fill the radiator a bit. Joe told me to go ahead and walk over to Taco Time and get something to eat since he might take a little, so I left while he worked with the radiator. But for the first time it didn’t need it! The fix worked! And I saw Joe drive by Taco Time while I waited for my burrito and churo! I’ve been trying to describe to Joe for weeks this squishy cinnamon doe stick that I used to get at carnivals that I’ve really been craving, and it was there as their signature desert! (Churros are so good!) I met Joe in the parking lot and we ate a bit, but then Joe really liked their hot sauce and he sent me in for some more (I kept the burrito though). As I was walking back to the store this guy (I think he was high) started walking up to the bike and talking to Joe about our bike, and where we are heading. Joe told him that we were eventually going to end up in California, and he says, “Hey, you don’t have to go all the way to California to smoke a bowl!” When I get back from Taco Time Joe is in deep conversation with this guy about a campground he stays at that has free wifi, showers, and the store he runs, THC with TLC. Well, needless to say we were sold. It was around 7pm, and we weren’t getting anywhere of any consequence that night. So he jumped in the back of this white car with a guy and a girl I recognized from the line at Taco Time, and we followed them back towards Montrose for about 10 miles to the campground.

Then we entered a place where I could see an entire book being written about. The first character you meet is Bill, and he seems like a really fun, nice, earnest guy. You think that this guy is so interesting, that he is for sure going to be the main character of the story. But he ends up being the glue, holding all the other characters in a kind of circle around him. He naturally attracts and repels in such a manor that weather you agree with his outlandish ways or not, you can't help but stick around to see what happens next. He is an activist for medical marijuana. He has multiple sclerosis, and was bound to a wheel chair before he started taking marijuana. Now he is walking on his own, and as he showed us multiple times, he is now able to do deep squats, no problem. So the fact that he is high 24-7 isn't as negative as some might think since the alternative is pain and physical debilitation.

When we got to the campsite Herb approached us, admired our old bike, and told us where we could go to pay for the campsite. It ended up being the gas station down the street. When we finished that we came back to the RV park where this microcosm of people lived. When we attempted to find the manager, we discovered that he was not a hard guy to miss. Approaching us with keys to the "Lady's" and "Men" room was this imposing ex-marine. He was large, fit, tattoos up and down his rather sizable arms, nice and form fitting bright blue shirt, a bald head and a gray handlebar mustache. He was nice, cordial, and a kindred spirit. Earlier he had driven his Harley to Florida and back, however he made his trip rather a lot faster than our speed of travel. Surprisingly though, he was not the muscle. The muscle lived in the RV next to Bill, and he was his body guard (totting a rifle I believe, Joe thinks BB gun, I think Joe's crazy) when Bill was transferring the medicine from his car to the shop.

We also met another kindred spirit, a Clevelander! He said that it still gets gold in Colorado, but he loves it there. And then their was the little girl. Herb might be related to her, but she loves him, maybe because he turned out to be the heart of the site (or at least the heart of those we met). But if Herb is the heart of the site, then this little girl was the smile of the park, with the most beautiful bond curls, big blue eyes, and ability to make you smile no matter if she was just asking what things on our bike were, or pushing around her Disney Princess car (riding it was a little tough in the gravel).

After setting up the camp we went to watch an informational video in Bill's RV. Here are a couple of things I came away with:

1.) If you are using, you do not have to answer your door for anyone (legal or not, a cop sees marijuana, they see marijuana, not a legal user). How do you know it's the cops? Because your grandma doesn't knock like this: "BANG-BANG-BANG!" If you hear that knock, its the police... and you don't have to answer. If they have a warrant to enter your home, their coming in with our without your assistance.

2.) You have the right to say "I do not consent to search." I got this from the video, but mostly from Bill who repeated it multiple times, and once in the video as well. The lawyer who was speaking at the conference staged a few skits that reminded me of Pinky and the Brain's Good Idea/ Bad Idea. First they show a skit where things all go wrong for the legal user, and then he asks the audience what they could have done differently, and then follows up with a skit where it goes well for them. In the particular skit I am referring to the cops wanted to be let inside this woman's house to search (I believe b/c of a noise complaint). Well, in the skit the woman lets the cops into her home, and things go badly. When they break for questions he asks audience what she should have done differently, and you can distinctly hear Bill scream "I do not consent to search!" This makes the cops get a warrant which gives the woman a chance to get her paperwork to them showing that even if searched, she is a legal user, because legal users get arrested for possession regularly b/c the cops usually ask questions later.

The rest, if you are interested, you're going to have to watch the video for yourself. Now this movement is pretty grass roots, and we meet one of the seeds (too much metaphor?) Bill has been fighting for the rights of legal marijuana users in Colorado, and he has actually gotten some real changes made for the state, so when he said that we didn't have to drive all the way to California to find marijuana stores, he knew because he was the activist fighting for it. He even told us a story about how he was writing back to the president, saying "Sorry Mr. President for taking so long to write back... and yes, I really do want to pay taxes on my shop." Anyways, point being, the video is being sold for $11 to help raise funds for the movement. So if anyone's interested, let me know and I'll email Bill and see if he can send you a copy.

So, very interesting day, and it ended with one of my most needed showers ever (thank you god for beautiful bathrooms and showers with temperature control!)

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