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Gawd Dam Mongorians

They broke my schitty market

We awoke together, but as usual I rolled around stretching on the inflatable mattress for a while. V probably did her secret Xiao Kai Men practice and Tai Chi Yang’s 32. She told me that the awesome view is up by the higher bathroom where she sat for a bit mesmerized by the mountains in the distance.


I went there for a minute and then my sense of adventure kicked in I started running through the campground and out into a thin wilderness of scraggly short evergreens amidst the red rock and slate formations. I ran down past the 2nd bathroom and down nature’s staircases and waterfalls of slate. There was no water up here, but the rock flowed down these curvy paths. Jumping from rock to rock, I felt strong and energized; excited about the view I knew I would find.


I slid to a stop at the appropriate distance from the drop-off. Aaaahhh. I could see the winding road we came in on last night and I knew what we had missed. Colorado National Monument was beautifully unusual. The cliffs seemed to flow as if shaped by an enormous sea and a river waterfall riding smooth steps down into it. The rock faces didn’t look mean like other cliffs we’d seen. These cliffs were smooth as Tai Chi and their color changes were painted smoothly making designs that pleased my eyes and left me as smooth as the rock.

“This is where I’m having my lunch.” I run back to the camp and drag V along with me for my new all time favorite snack (a half a poptart with baby swiss cheese). She’s a little resistant (nicer than usual), but she comes and we sit and eat and the mountain takes a picture of us together.


It’s time to go into town and get my tire replaced by the old mechanic who used to work for Honda. We take pictures of our favorite balancing rock and ride the smooth rock faces down like a surfer; taking the 15 mph turns like switchbacks on an ocean wave.


We come to the gate and I see that they check your ticket to make sure you paid for the park, even on the way out (seriously who does that). So, I ride up looking oblivious and smile and wave at the white haired lady. I stop at the stop sign and then I speed off. She seems to quickly forget about us. (V: probably because Joe needlessly tied a bunch of ropes across our license plate, so short of running after us, there wasn’t much she could do.)


In town Joe shows me the Garden of Eating place that he wanted to hit up, and it really was just down the street from the shop we were taking the bike to. Alright, this plan sounds like a good one. When we get to the shop his credit card machine was down, so for about 5 min. Joe and I discussed the merits of going to the ATM Carl told us about down the street (b/c Joe left his wallet in the tent), or just writing him a check (I didn’t have enough cash, but I did bring my purse/ camera bag). Carl, feeling bad for our inability to decide, tried to make it easy on us by giving us a discount for using a check the same as the discount he was giving us for using cash (the beginning of the dilemma). Eventually I paid with a check, and when we were finally ready to leave, Carl said he can’t recommend Garden of Eating. I guess the manager is a huge ass who came into the Honda shop he worked at before, and made a scene when they couldn’t do what he wanted when he wanted and for the price he wanted, and now Carl has banned him from his own shop. Ok, food made not with a smile (Joe cannot abide), and we ask Carl what he does recommend, and he says Ghangis Grill.

On the way to the Mongolian BBQ we passed a Boarders (our first one since O-H-I-O, the hyphens simulate the feel of an Ohio State Game). I'm excited, and I tell Joe that after the buffet I want to go read some of the books I had started (if you remember, Boarder's is my library away from home... and at home too, but that was only because we never had the heat on high enough in the winter and reading at home was just not as homey as reading not at home). We get there, we order, we eat; or waitress gets off work; we watch a silver space balloon fly away with a 6yr old across the state of Colorado, we find out that he kid was inside a bucket beneath the balloon shaped like a UFO, but the basket has never been in any of the videos, a big dumb ass reporter who I would like to punch in the face says the "kid" has probably met his demise (how does one say that knowing the family is probably watching?); Joe leaves to pick up the bike, the bike is okay but Carl didn't notice until he already had it done that the tire was for front use only, Carl test drove the bike and checked our breaks etc. and said everything was fine, Joe saw that the weight load for our old back tire was the same as this one so we are going to see how it works.

Joe: I went outside the Ghanghis Grill and did some linear Pa Kua, but stopped when I could no longer take the Ford Explorer with its alarm going off in the parking lot. It went off three separate times for no reason, lasting about 5-10 minutes each. I never wanted to key someone's car before, but there it was. My recent philosophy and belief that all things living or inanimate have souls, made me want to key the truck because it was EVIL! I didn't want to piss off the owner, so I didn't.

we find out the kid accidental got his parent's weather balloon caught in an updraft and lost it to the wind, so he hid in a box in the attic and his brothers told everyone that he was in it; more food, more dirty looks from waitresses thinking leave already; Boarders closes in a half hour; we leave and head back to the campsite.

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sweet road in the video! Damn Mongolians!

by buddy-JC

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