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Arc(h) to Arc(hes)turus

Joe: Awesome blog title, huh? The reference? No idea. V wrote it.

From the Black Canyon, Arches is almost directly west, but there are only a few roads that cross horizontally over the state of Colorado. So from Montrose we followed the pointer stars on the Big Dipper NW to Grand Junction, then W on I-70 until we arched S on 128 heading to Moab.

After camping on Colorada National Monument for the third time we had become regulars. We finally got our notice that we had to pay stuck to the ignition of the bike, so we packed up. We had actually left our tent up for two days and it was so relieving on our workload (strap, unstrap. tent up, tent down. Mattress up WIIIRRR, mattress down WHOOSH). It's a lot of work, but we've become pros.


I naked tan at the overlook, seeing that beautiful sight one last time (wait, butt naked?)

You can see me really small from where V spied on me (it was cold! Ok, not really.)

Vanessa: When Joe says ok, not really, do you wonder what he is referring to? Yeah, he is referring to just ab out everything he said since the series of pics before. I think he might be a bit punchy. Also we have a video of me doing Yang's 32 Tai Chi form, but I cant get it to upload for some reason, so just picture spires of rock behind me as I move really really slow.


Then we ride. I come to a crossroad at the top of the monument and slowly come to a stop. The little brown aged wooden sign shows Grand Junction to the left, which makes since because that would be East. However, the GPS says go right, which must be the fastest way. V raises her voice in my ear, "we went the quick way yesterday. Let's go left and follow the sign." Right, I think. Screw the GPS! We speed off on what ended up being an unbelievably scenic ride along the edge of this great rift.

We twisted and turned through three seasons because of different rainfall in different areas. There were hot desert rocks that reflected the Sun's heat sharply, and lush green forests. We came to autumn and saw small oaks with their leaves golden and orange lit up by the Sun. We only captured one lone golden leafed tree on camera. So the three seasons aren't obvious. The pics we got kind of blended evergreen and rock. But, I remember the feeling of the scorching heat rising off the yellow rock and sand; the cool air as we dropped into valley's of evergreen's. The pictures are stunning nonetheless. Try to find the rock formation called the hand:

So many pictures...


This next picture is a honest to god reminder that falling rocks do happen!


And then we were almost out of the park when "ERRRRR!" Stop means stop. An old man park ranger at the exit hailed Joe back from the exit.
"Do you have your sticker?" Sticker, sticker, they give you stickers here?
"Uhhh, yeah, I should still..."
"You have to let me see it before I can let you go."
"Ahhh, it's really hard for me to get this... errr, to back, ahhh, up" Joe said as he struggled to pull Perp backwards. Still pulling, the car behind us reves its engine with disdain. Joe raises his arms up in a shrug, which delays us a little longer, and then he is back to struggling.
"Where you coming from?" the ranger asks
"Ahhh, from back there." Joe says as he points back to the Colorado National Monument, confused as to where else we would be coming from. Then he sees our AAA sticker just barely as Joe hasn't gotten the bike back far enough to read yet.
"Alright, I see your sticker, that's all I needed" the man said as he waved us on.

"These arn't the droids you're looking for."
"These arn't the droids we're looking for."
- Great

Then as we were heading back into Grand Junction we passed all of these pueblo-esque houses, and they were strange and nice while at the same time looking like we should have to pay to even pass their places.

Then we stopped at Walmart and got an entire half gallon of Heavenly Hash ice cream, drove it over to the Starbucks that we've been to 3 times in so many days now. There we got a coffee and drank it while we watched the Daily Show and ate the ice cream. While doing this, I got a phone call from Mike.

I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but my mom and I set up a test drive for the Hybrid yesterday, and today I was going to wrap up a possible sell. So in mid Stewart he gave me a call and an offer. I countered, and he countered again. This dance didn't talk long, what was long was our stories. My mom has already told me part of his, and I feel for him, and now I'm trying to get him to feel the same for me. $1,000 less than what I was asking for, and $200 in interest free loans until mid December, I sold my car!

Speaking of interest free loans, I still need to get money from people for my moving sale. Remember people, money might be tight for you, but at least you have jobs. Say its not your fault Joe and I quit our jobs, and you'd be right. But we sacrificed all our belongings to go on this trip, no so our friends could have mementos to remember us by.

Moving on, we headed for the AAA office to get a new Colorado map, because ours was destroyed by rain, and look at what we found!


Inside they immediately asked for our cards, and we told him that we didn't have any, but we met Bill Hewett and we were wondering if anyone here knew him. Of course they knew him! And when he found out that we were friends of Bill's, he gave us a little tour and showed us where he and his patients have pool tournaments.


That guy was the owner, and he said he had been all over California, and he never saw anyone using the marijuana leaf with an American flag, and so he made it his symbol. Really nice place, and he is even planning to add a tanning booth for his patients.

Now right down a few stores from them on the other side from AAA was a Christian Book Store, and next to that the VR store! She even signs her initials like I do. And the dress in the front window was one of the prettiest dresses I've seen. It reminds me of Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant.


Now that the sun is setting, we are finally ready to arc to Arches.


And we get to our first camp ground outside of Grand Junction (we had a lot of driving into the sunset through great sights, but nothing even so much as a gas station for miles and miles). This camp site was cool b/c it was next to the Colorado River where a bridge from 1918 was being restored as a historical site. Joe asked why something that's relatively new (historically speaking) needs to be kept for historical purposes. I explained that if we just got rid of everything within the last 100 years, than in 500 years when people are in awe of when people used to be bound by gravity, there won't be any bridges for them to see. Just what they see in books and replicas b/c we got rid of everything that wasn't useful b/c we couldn't think to the future when bridges would be seen as an ancient form of travel.


We ended up kinda sharing a camp site with Scott and Lauri from Aspin. We actually camped in the grassy area in the center of the circle the road made, but we parked our bike with their RV b/c all the sites were taken.

It was a big loop driveway, so we weren't in their way or asking much of them. I decide to change that by asking them if I can cook on their fire. I know...it sounds brash, but we had cold food and I put it in our portable mesh cage cooker. I had seen there fire blazing and I knew I just had to break the ice and we would have some friends and some warmth (which are one and the same).

They're down with it and we get into talking, while our food cooks. Scott says, "Sidown. Make yourself comfortable," with a soothing drawl of an accent that comes from who knows where (I think it was just his own thing). They are nice people and they tell me about their pedal bike trip and their home in aspen where it's snowing. I tell them our story, and by then V gets over her shyness and comes up and introduces herself. The couple is so nice, offering all sorts of things. We say, "We're ok," and, "Time for bed," and we stuck to the plan, which was to lie in the tent and have a drinking game to ipod music. We drank strawberry orange banana rum with chocolate liquor and creme of coconut (don't ask me the name of the drink). We drank every time the words love, hate, baby, and any curse word came around. It was perfect. Sometimes we'd just listen. Some songs we'd drink a few. Then, we hit a kenyan love song courtesy of Brittany's friend Susan who is from Kenya. There were so many loves and baby's that we totally got drunk. We finished soon and went to bed supremely happy.

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I knew that AAA sticker would come in handy Obi Wan Joenobi!

by georgi r

Congrats on selling your car! Hopefully that will put an ease on expenses.

by buddy-JC

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